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35 Beautiful DIY Plant Stand Ideas Is A Treat For You


Are you a DIYer? Do you have plants? If you have answered yes to both questions, this post with 35 DIY plant stand ideas is a treat for you.

Indoor plants bring natural vibes to your home. But that’s not the only thing you would want from them. They should also be aesthetically pleasing and look part of the whole theme.

You could keep their pots at window sills or you could place these pots beside the entrance. But would this option align them with the ambiance?

If not, you can choose to decorate their position with plant stands. Depending on the number of plants you will keep indoors, here are some plant stand ideas for every combination.

You will also find the best grouping options for outdoor plants as well in this post.

Let’s enjoy it!

1. Ladder Plant Stand

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: goodhousekeeping.com

For those of you who love plants and lots of them, this is a ladder stand for plants from The Merry Thought, is the perfect idea that not only stores lots of plants but also saves space beautifully.

If you are going ahead with this project, get yourself equipped with some basic woodworking appliances. Pine boards make the only material you would need for it.

2. Tiered Plant Stand

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: foter.com

Again for those households who want to group many plants in one place, this is the perfect stand from Hearth and Vine. You can keep it a free space indoors or you can place it in the corner of your garden.

This simple project uses Cedar lattice and pine board with a few hinges.

3. Plant Shelf

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: architechturedesigns.com

This is definitely not for those who want to keep their plant stand indoors. Instead, this shelf from Handmade Weekly can decorate your driveway, your small balcony garden, or your tiny garden. The good news is that it can hold heavy plants and pots without damage.

Beware that this one needs lots of planning, cutting, and hard work but the result is worth the effort.

4. A Stand for Mini Plants

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: interiordesignideas.com

These decorative stands from The Lovely Drawer use only a few materials and even fewer steps from you.

Use balsa wood strips to easily cut and indent the stand and thread it vertically to give a beautiful pattern.

Unsurprisingly, you would keep these mini plants indoors.

5. Hanging Plant Stand

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: pinterest.com

So, we’ve started talking about mini plant stands! This one follows the same genre but with a twist – it allows you to customize its appearance according to the ambiance.

With a few materials of lumber boards, paint, and painter’s tape; you can finish this project in a short time.

6. Plant Hanger

Plant Hanger
Source: etsy.com

At Place of My Taste, they call it a floating plant shelf because the plate that is at its base can hold more than one plant. Yet, it’s just a hanger made with ropes to elevate the plants.

Drill three holes in a sturdy wooden round and tie yarn around them to make the hanger to make this hanging plant stand indoor.

7. Make It Rolling

Make It Rolling
Source: freshmommyblog.com

This garden shelf from Fresh Mommy Blog is a complete garden with enough space to hold more than ten plants at a time. What’s best: it’s sturdy, compact, portable.

You would use wood boards, iron pipes, rolling casters, and PVC risers to make this big lots plant stand.

8. Rolling Plant

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source; pinterest.com

This is the whole garden rolling around in your backyard. Instead, it’s a single plotted plant that is big enough to demand a portability solution like this.

You would need a wooden plate for it. If you can’t get these plates or if you want to deviate, wood slices should have equally appealing aesthetics. Drill four casters to it and put down the casters before placing the pot on its top.

9. Or Make It Standing

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source; bobvila.com

Wood slices are easy to obtain and need little work to become a viable handmade DIY indoor plant stand. If you are not a fan of rolling plants – or if you have already used the previous idea or want something different, you can simply replace the casters with dowels.

You can also just let the slice sit on the floor as it is.

10. Another Rolling Plant Stand

Rolling Plant Stand
Source: gardeners.com

Sometimes, it becomes necessary for us to relocate our plants. That can be because of weather conditions or because the plant belongs to another room.

To respond to such needs, you may want to keep bigger, heavier plants on rolling plant stands. This idea from By Brittany Goldwyn is simple and efficient.

11. Another Tiered Stand

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: amazon.in

Tiered plant stands work best for grouping the plants. They are more popular for outdoor gardening but if you can twist the concept to give it an indoor feeling.

This tiered stand from Anika’s DIY Life is sleek and sophisticated. Thankfully, the instructions are easy and you only need lumber boards in materials.

12. Simple Shelf

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: thesprucecrafts.com

When we plan for indoor plant stands for multiple plants, we have many things to consider from style to color, to simplicity and alignment. Most homes welcome those designs that are minimalist and appear a part of small space.

This simple plant shelf from Girl Just DIY uses only boards and paints as raw materials.

13. Plant Stand with IKEA Twist

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: pinterest.com

If you want to create the plant stand from scratch, starting the project with IKEA supplies will help you. This particular plant stand uses the IKEA PS plant stand and Acacia wood plates.

Glue the three plates on the stand and you get a stand with places for three pots.

14. Tiered Outdoor Plant Stand

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: pinterest.com

This stand from Charleston Crafted is best for your tiny garden or areas adjacent to your entrance. Don’t let the finished product intimidate you. It only looks difficult to build but it’s quite easy with lumber planks and a few power tools.

You can use this corner stand to host five or more plants.

15. Stack of Book

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Thinking about giving your mini plants beautiful footings? There can be nothing more magnificent than books of different colors and sizes. Use those books which you can afford to lose.

It’s better if you get them from a thrift store so they have the least emotional value to you. Paint them in appealing colors and, once dried, stack them on top of one another.

Voila! Your stand is ready to host your potted plant.

16. Use Those Hair Pin Leg Plant Stands

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: pinterest.com

This method is just as easy as the last one and looks chic and modern. You only have to upgrade an existing plant stand using a rope. Get that hair pin-legged plant stand and give it a varnish of your liking.

Then, weave the rope on the sides of this top to get a beautiful pattern.

17. Mid-Century Plant Stand

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: beautifulmess.com

For simpler procedures, you can use this mid-century plant stand idea from A Beautiful Mess. All you will need to get the chic look is some wood boards, paints, and your efforts.

18. Low Plant Stands

35 Easy and Stylish DIY Plant Stand Ideas
source: craftycub.com

If you are looking to save space, you wouldn’t want those stands whose area is larger than that of the pots they hold.

These stands from A Beautiful Mess align with your quest to save space without distorting beauty. You need to get the lumber boards and cut them into circular – for plate – and rectangular – for stand – shapes and glue the pieces together.

19. A Fairytale Planter

source: youtube.com

If you think your entrance deserves a fairytale planter, you should give it a similar, classic plant stand. This plant stand from Shanty 2 Chic can keep your place lively and inviting. And it’s easy to make as well.

20. Concrete Plant Stand

source: lilyardor.com

You can’t ignore the beauty of these innocent-looking tiny plant stands. I say tiny but you can mold them any way you want.

This is a pure DIY technique using clay to create the stand from scratch. And you have to mix the clay yourself. Get instructions from Fall for DIY.

21. Start-from-Scratch Concrete Plant Stand

source: pinterest.com

You may ditch the beautified mold for a simple, yet attractive, concrete plate. Like the previous idea, this one needs work from the basics. The good news is that you wouldn’t have to find the right mold for the plate – or plates if you wish!

Support it with some dowels. I would color these dowels copper.

22. Get a Marble Effect

source: pinterest.com

This plant stand looks exactly as though it’s made up of marble but it’s not. Its raw materials include wood and dowels with lots of supplies to keep these materials together.

Okay, I was being dramatic when I said lots of supplies. It only needs the usual supplies any DIY project involving woodwork would need.

Get the detailed instructions from Lily Ardor.

23. Copper Plus Wood

source: pinterest.com

You don’t want to start from scratch for the plant stand nor do you want to use power tools. If you are looking for something beginner-style, try this plant stand from Live Free Creative. It only uses a few dowels and a lumber board.

You can give it any shape you like but a circle would be hard to cut. I would go with a square or a triangle. Use is for mini-plants that would stand on a window sill.

24. Use a Lampshade

source: flutter-shop.com

Want a quick tip that is super easy to follow and will give you a complete plant stand in minutes? Eliminate the hard work and get a lampshade.

All you have to do is to stand the shade at the place where you want to place your plant stand and place your potted plant on it. The only problem is that you have to make sure that the pot fits the lampshade.

You can add personality to it by painting it in the color of your choice.

25. Upcycle a Tomato Cag

source: plantsupportsupplier.com

Just like the lampshade plant stand, this one doesn’t require lots of effort. Get a tomato cage, turn it upside down and fill it with your potted plant. You can choose to spray paint it as well.

Get a larger pot to place on the cage, by the way.

26. Use Your Trash Can

source: valeaston.typepad.com

Any boring trash can will work for this idea. All you need is a plain, simple, and bland can and decorate it.

This tutorial from Homey Oh My uses trim to decorate the can and it’s overly easy and simple but gives off the personality of the owner beautifully.

You can choose to decorate it will painting or other combination of trim or fabric.

27. Hexagon Planter

source: ubuy.com.pk

This plant stand will please those homeowners who collect unconventional shapes and styles at their homes.

It deviates from the traditional styles of a square, circle, and triangle in plant stands and uses hexagon to form a long cylindrical planter.

Don’t be fooled by the ready-made materials used in its tutorial at Ugly Duckling House. For this one, the devil is in the detail!

28. Vertical Planter

Vertical Planter
Source: ana-white.com

As an outdoor plant holder, this plant stand works well. It has room for three pots and you can group a few more green friends beneath and around its feet.

The colors are amazing with a combination of white paint and wooden shade at the board in the middle.

Get its easy-to-make tutorial at Angel Marie Made.

29. Another Plant Shelf

source: amazon.co.uk

This shelf uses some dowels and a round wood panel. Screw these materials together as is detailed in this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess to get your indoor plant holder.

30. Out of Drawer

source: pinterest.com

Do you have a drawer at your home that’s wasting away and you want to know how to use it? This plant stand is your best idea.

The best thing is that it doesn’t require prior woodworking knowledge and you use mostly ready-made objects to create this masterpiece.

31. Rolling Pin Stand

Rolling Pin Stand
Source: myrepurposedlife.com

Want an easy, modern plant stand? Make one with Dollar Tree rolling pins and a round wood panel. All you have to do is to glue four rolling pins with the panel to get a stand.

Add another shelf to it by adding another unit – of rolling pins with the wood panel – on top of the first unit.

See this tutorial from Bargain Bethany for detail and decoration.

32. Concrete Copper Stand

source: camillestyles.com

Are you looking for ideas to display your plant stands indoor? Maybe you don’t want to do lots of planning and want an idea that you could apply to all the indoor plants you have.

This plant stand is easy to make using copper pipe and cement. Get more information from Camille Styles.

33. Use a Piano Stool

source: pinterest.com

This super easy DIY tip uses a piano stool and places the plant on top of it. You don’t need to put lots of effort into it unless you decide to paint it or decorate it otherwise.

34. A Cube Planter

Source: earth-anchors.com

This is simple when you have twelve square wooden dowels cut in equal size. You will glue them together to create a cube that will hold your planter.

But before you go ahead check out the dimensions of these dowels from Vintage Revivals.

35. Paper Towel Holder Plus Wood

Paper Towel Holder Plus Wood
Source: zxzxsell.com

All this plant stand needs is a round wood panel, a paper towel holder from IKEA, and some screws. Attach the four towel holders at the bottom of the wood panel as is told in Craft Berry Bush’s tutorial. And paint the wood panel – or keep it in its natural hue – to get your stand ready.

Wrap Up

This article lists 35 DIY plant stand ideas for your indoor and outdoor plants. Some of these are small and will only hold your mini plants.

Others are best for larger plants. Some ideas include an element of rolling to make transportation of bigger plants easier.



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