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Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: 13 Budget-Friendly Ideas


Want to revive your front yard landscaping without spending a fortune? You are in for a surprise inside our list of BEST cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas.

Did you know that a nice-looking landscape can add ton of value to your home curb appeal? Not only does a well-crafted front yard give the first impression of your house to the visitor but it also shows how thoughtful you are about your outdoor design.

We know that landscaping is a costly game. Only wealthy families can afford to fancy their backyards with expensive material. But what about families like ours?

Of course, you don’t want to miss out on incorporating your creativity into your home’s outdoor. Using cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas is your only way through it!

And we are here to equip you with enough low-cost, low-maintenance front yard landscaping ideas for inspiration.

From inexpensive little plants and adorable garden wall décor to ambient lighting, we have made it easier for you to landscape your front garden or front yard without going broke.

However, what’s more important is that you have a few things already clear regarding backyard or front yard landscaping ideas. Before jumping to the list, make sure you go through the coming section.

Is It Possible To Carry Out DIY Backyard Landscaping On Budget?

DIY backyard landscaping isn’t an as daunting task as you may think. This is totally something you should confidently take on yourself.

In fact, it gets a lot easier when you take the matter of landscaping your front yard or backyard in your hand. DIY methods empower you to use your own creativity in your interior design using your preferred materials like plants, chandeliers, and more.

Is There Anything To Consider For Low-Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Project?

Undoubtedly, so many plants and other great features play a huge role in beautifying your front yard. But they may take longer to maintain throughout the year. This is why you need to consider a few things before working on landscaping front yard ideas.

  • A little Research Won’t Hurt Before Buying Plants!

Look for the varieties of plants that need edging only once or twice throughout the year. Make sure you steer clear of Myrtle or Stonecrop.

They get out of hands relatively fast. Being on the safe side, you must research suitable plants. You will find many in this post.

  • If Possible, Plant Perennials

Plant Perennials
Source: youtube.com

When it comes to glossing up the flower bed, annual flowers are the best. However, they take only a few months to last.

On the other hand, perennial shrubs and bushes last more than a year. So, it’s always clever to plant perennials for veteran landscapers.

  • A little Effort To Maintain Your Garden Bed Edges

A little Effort To Maintain Your Garden Bed Edges
Source: readersdigest.ca

Of course, you don’t want your time and effort to go in vain after investing in landscaping your front yard. How about you maintain its beauty and nice texture by using a simple edging shovel.

All you need to do is just align the texture and maintain clean edge lines of your garden bed. If you don’t do it properly, your front yard will end up looking like a mess rather than a sign of beauty.

Finally, 13 Budget-Friendly, DIY, Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Add Serious Curb Appeal To Your Home

A point to notice – you don’t have to hire a landscape designing company to make your outdoor appealing. All it takes a little time and effort with a bunch of simple backyard landscaping ideas to choose from. And we have got you covered with that.

Go through our list of impressive yet cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas. At the end of this article, you will have enough designing and DIY inspirations to spruce up your front yard.

Try one, two of them or even all; you will end up with a mesmerizing front yard. After all, beautifying your front yard is always a fun and exciting activity.

Here you begin!

1. Garden Bed Landscaping Ideas Around Your Mailbox

Garden Bed Landscaping Ideas Around Your Mailbox
Source: marthastewart.com

Every house has a mailbox standing right in front of it. Why not display a little creativity with it? Consider planting annual flowers or creeping jasmine next to your mailbox.

You can use a simple mulch border to contain the flowers. For about $75, you can achieve the whole look and add color and personality to your driveway.

It’s that simple. They are really that simple when we say cheap, simple front yard landscaping ideas!

2. Garage Door Makeover Idea

Garage Door Makeover Idea
Source: decoratedlife.com

Not every home has a garden built on its entrance. Some have a garage door as well. If it’s the case with you, then this front yard idea will do the job for you.

Your garage door should look attractive all year long if it faces the street since it affects the overall curb appeal of your property.

Sun rays usually damage the surface quickly, causing the paint to fade away or the plastic to turn yellow.

That issue can be quickly remedied with this DIY garage door makeover idea featuring gel stain. There are a variety of colors to choose from. Go with the one that matches your home’s outdoor design and create one appealing color palette.

3. Ground Cover Landscaping Idea

Ground Cover Landscaping Idea
Source: boulderhg.com

Again, not every home has the same front design. Here are some really appealing and time-saving sloped front yard ideas on a budget for you! Use grass covers to mask the unusual and unpleasant features of your yard.

Growing grass in all places isn’t always possible, and not all yards are flat. If there are areas where grass doesn’t grow well because of shade or slope, you can add greenery and color with ground covers, like Pachysandra.

Maintaining your ground cover can keep it neat and professional without obstructing the view of your grass and other features.

4. Chandelier Planter Landscaping Front Yard Ideas

Chandelier Planter Landscaping Front Yard Ideas
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

DIY landscaping ideas are certainly the best! Especially if you have an extra chandelier and plants at your disposal.

The DIY planter elevates patio decor to a whole new level. Rather than throw away a vintage chandelier, repurpose it as a ceiling planter.

To add color and fresh scent to the air, tiny terra cotta pots replace bulb holders with seasonal flowers. You can easily change the color of this chandelier planter to fit your taste and interior – the easiest way to do this is to spray paint.

That’s all. You see how easy it is to upgrade your front yard with cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas.

5. Boxwood Borders Front Yard Beautifying Idea

Boxwood Borders Front Yard Beautifying Idea
Source: surroundslandscaping.com

Low-maintenance landscaping ideas are always quick and easy to make your home’s curb appealing while being on a budget.

Easily maintained and fast-growing, boxwood is a very low-maintenance evergreen shrub. Since ancient times, people have been using it in their backyard landscaping ideas and projects to outline ground areas and give the outdoors a royal appearance.

This front yard idea provides inspiration on how to edge outdoor stairs leading to the front door with boxwood.

In contrast to the black mulch, the green color of the boxwood really stands out. Furthermore, it serves to distinguish the stone stairs from the backyard.

6. Front Porch Planter DIY Landscaping Idea On A Budget

Front Porch Planter DIY Landscaping
Source: hgtv.com

Give your front yard a warm and welcoming sight for your visitors. And, there is nothing that could make the ambience more friendly and inviting than flowers.

To create the desired impression for your home and yourself from the moment your guests step through the door, you should place a planter outside the door.

It won’t take you more than a few hours on the weekend to build an attractive and well-maintained handmade box planter.

You’ll need only wood material for less than 8 dollars. Planters with the interesting alignment of wood pieces have an enhanced curb appeal because of their dimension and texture.

With this DIY idea, get yourself a weekend hobby along with a splendid front yard idea!

7. Lighting As A Front Yard Landscaping Idea

Lighting As A Front Yard Landscaping
Source: voltlighting.com

There’s nothing that nice lighting can’t beautify. Glow your front yard using this landscaping idea. Landscaping lights are cheap (as cheap as $20), and many are powered by solar energy.

Essentially, you just have to choose the color lights you want, stick them strategically in the ground along a flower or garden bed or your walkway, and let them power themselves so your front yard will look aesthetically pleasing at night.

The landscape can also be enhanced with features like lanterns, lighting that hides behind a walkway, or even faux rocks with lights that blend seamlessly into the landscape.

8. Cedar Cube Landscape Lights Idea

Cedar Cube Landscape Lights Idea
Source: peakpx.com

There is always a need for outdoor lighting, no matter how large or small your backyard is. In addition to providing comfort in the night, it also seems to add a whimsy touch to the decor.

You may go all creative with the lighting part. An attractive, eco-friendly, and most of all inexpensive cascading light feature for outdoor use.

When upgraded with cedar blocks, the cheap solar lights’ outer look transforms instantly.

9. Rock Features In Landscaping Front Yard Project Ideas

Rock Features In Landscaping Front
Source: gardendesign.com

Yes, even mere rock features are enough to glam up your front yard. Our cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas are that versatile.

Let’s see this one now! Adding rocks or stones to a garden bed border allows you to break up the profile for an understated natural appearance of your front yard.

A rock spillway for your rain gutter can keep your front yard from becoming too muddy in many cases, too, so that front yard landscaping ideas with rocks can serve multiple functions.

You might also want to break up an existing bed or add pea gravel borders to your walkways. Depending on how much surface area you cover, you will only need to spend around $20 to $50 on this project.

10. Bed Border Upgrade Landscaping Idea

Bed Border Upgrade Landscaping
Source: eandjconcrete.com

No, you don’t have to take a whole project under your belt. A systematic and creative upgrade is enough to gloss up the front of your home.

And, if you simply upgrade or refresh the border on your flowerbeds, it will dramatically change the appearance of the plants and features already there.

Depending on your home’s style, pavers, pre-made blocks, and natural stones can be retained with a $30 plastic lawn edge kit.

11. Inexpensive Trellis Front Yard Upgrading Idea

Inexpensive Trellis Front Yard Upgrading Idea
Source: southernliving.com

There is something appealing about climbing plants! Did you know they can actually be used functionally? Rather than painting the sides, try covering the defects with plants.

How about planting a trellis plant to achieve both – glam and purpose. Vine trellises are essential for good growth and proper spreading of vines.

12. Floating Watering Cans Front Yard Idea

Floating Watering Cans Front Yard Idea
Source: pinterest.com

Do you enjoy finding creative ways to repurpose weathered and useless items into unique landscape elements? Check out this DIY water fountain.

The position of the watering cans ensures that water drains descendingly into the containers without any spillage. Not only do you repurpose the worn-out items, but you also make your front yard stand out!

13. Lightweight, Antique-Style Birdbath Front Yard Idea

Lightweight, Antique-Style Birdbath Front Yard
Source: curriculumnacional.cl

It’s possible to get an antique-style birdbath for under $40. A birdbath adds a water feature to your patio or garden without the hassle of installing water lines and maintaining them. Having beautiful, winged visitors will make your inner birdwatcher happy.

Take Away

That’s all we have on budget front yard landscaping ideas. Revive your landscaping and blow a new life to your home’s curb appeal by implementing our suggested cheap landscaping ideas.

We hope you find enough motivation to start working on your landscape front yard project today. Bright side, you don’t need to spend a hefty amount to stand out from your neighbors. It’s just a set of perfect designing ideas to get you through!

Let us know in the comment section below if we missed anything in our list of 13 cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas.

Good luck with renovating your front yard! ☺


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