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20 Best Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Winter Decorating


It’s the time of the year to let your imagination run wild and design new ways to decorate your outdoors for Christmas. The 20 outdoor Christmas decorations ideas given below are affordable, fun, take a few hours to complete and are an excellent way to spend some fun time with the family and to keep children busy during the holidays. You can try as many as you like.

1.  Pine Cone Wreath

pine cone wreath christmasImage Source: Pixabay

A very simple yet beautiful DIY winter decorating ideas, a pine cone wreath is very easy to make. All you need is some pine cones, woolen string and white paint. Take out some white paint on a paper plate and dip the tips of the leaves of each pine cone. Wind some string around the bottom of each cone and tie the ends to make a pine cone wreath.

2.  Santa Porch Decoration

santa porch decorationImage Source: Flickr

Take three wooden logs of varying lengths and tie them together with red ribbon. Then, use red and white paint to create Santa faces on the top end of each log. This will make an excellent entry porch display outdoor Christmas decorations ideas.

3.  Hanging Basket

christmas decoration hangingImage Source: Pexels

This is one project where you can exercise your creativity. Take a plain wooden basket and drill three holes at equal distances on the mouth. Pull some jute string through the holes and tie the ends in a knot. Fill the basket with some evergreens and Christmas decorations or fairy lights to hang it on your porch.

4.  Porch Lanterns

porch lanternsImage Source: Pixabay

To make these simple DIY winter decorating ideas, all you need is a lantern fixed to your outside wall. Fill in the space between the wall with some red berries and evergreen leaves.

5.  Welcome Sign

welcome signImage Source: Pixabay

Welcome signs for Christmas make amazing outdoor Christmas decorations ideas for kids. Simply take an extra plank of wood and sand it nicely. Apply black paint as the background and paint WELCOME in large white letters. Add a snowman face to make it more fun.

6.  Decorative Bucket

christmas bucket decor

If you have an old bucket lying around, clean it up and fill it with some logs, pine cones, and evergreen leaves. You can even place a few candles and fairy lights for extra effect. Place these on your front porch to create a warm welcoming sight.

7.  Pellet Christmas Tree

pellet christmas treeImage Source: Pixabay

Take a spare wooden pellet if you have one. Cut the biggest triangle out of it for your Christmas tree. Paint it green and fix a big felt bow on the top. String some fairy lights around it and place it outside your house for simple outdoor Christmas decorations ideas.

8.  Wood Slice Snowman

wood slice snowmanImage Source: Pixabay

For this great family DIY winter decorating ideas, take four slices of logs of different diameters. Paint the surfaces white leaving out a narrow edge around the circumference. Fix these using nails one above the other to create a snowman. Paint some buttons and the face. Wrap a scarf and place a hat on your wood slice snowman.

9.  Birdcage Decoration

christmas birdcage Image Source: Pixabay

To make a DIY Christmas decoration, clean an old birdcage and spray paint it. When dry, fill it with some red and golden Christmas tree balls. Cover the top by tying some evergreen leaves and a bow.

10.  Train

christmas trainImage Source: Pixabay

You need 3-4 empty wooden crates for some nice outdoor Christmas decorations ideas. Paint them alternately in red and green and decorate them with some holly boughs. Make the wheels by cutting out wooden discs from logs and painting them. The train will look lovely on your front lawn.

11.  Hangings

christmas ornamentsImage Source: Pixabay

If you are left with some extra Christmas ornaments or a pair with a lost member, simply tie a ribbon at one end and hand them from the porch ceiling to make an interesting Christmas porch decoration.

12.  Sled

christmas sledImage Source: Flickr

You can take an old sled, clean it up and stand it on your front lawn. Kids will love this simple DIY winter decorating ideas. You can embellish it with a wreath or some lace.

13.  Hanging Stars

hanging starsImage Source: Pexels

Use coloured or glitter paper to make paper stars in different sizes. Tie them to one end of a string and hang them from the porch ceiling.

14.  Paper Garlands

paper garlandsImage Source: Pixabay

Paper garlands are fun outdoor Christmas decorations ideas that can be made to fill up any empty walls easily. Use strips of coloured paper to make chains. Embellish them with some lightweight ornaments and fairy lights. You hand these on walls, doorways and even around pillars.

15.  Christmas Cushions

christmas cushionsImage Source: Pexels

Instead of buying expensive Christmas cushions, simply cut off the sleeves of an old red or green T-shirt. Sew the bottom together and fill it with some stuffing. Now, sew together the open end and you have your own DIY Christmas cushions.

16.  Firewood Holder

christmas firewoodImage Source: Pexels

An excellent DIY winter decorating ideas to place outdoors, place an old wooden crate with its open mouth towards you and place firewood inside it. You can paint it any colour you like and decorate it with a lantern or candle holder.

17.  String Art

string artImage Source: Pexels

Make some funky outdoor Christmas decorations ideaswithstring art. Fix some nails on a blank fence or wooden wall to create a shape, such as a tree, Santa or reindeer. Wrap the string around the nails to create a unique art piece.

18.  Faux Christmas Presents

christmas presentsImage Source: Pixabay

This is an easy one. Take wooden blocks of different sizes and wrap then in Christmas-themed paper as if they were presents. Tie them up with gauze or jute ribbons and place them near your doorway.

19.  Bottle Decoration

bottle-decorationImage Source: Maxpixel

Use old bottles lying in your kitchen and paint them in a single colour. Wrap red or green ribbons around their neck and place some dried branches in them. You can leave them natural or paint them in some warm colours.

20.  Fairy Lights

fairy lightsImage Source: Pixabay

You can do a lot with fairy lights to perk up any dull part of your porch or front lawn. Simply drape them around your lawn furniture or shrubbery to create a warm feeling with some outdoor Christmas decorations ideas.

Creativity has no bounds, so feel free to adapt new ideas to these craft suggestions depending on your budget and the time available to you. Use the most of these ideas to spend some fun time with your family.

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