Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Dining outside in the open is fun but what’s more intriguing is bringing the whole kitchen outside. Cooking meals in the open is so enjoyable that you would never want to get back to your indoor kitchen. Set up a kitchen in your backyard or on your roof, work on little details, and design a gorgeous sight to make your cooking experience more pleasant. Check out the following amazing outdoor kitchen ideas and get inspired to do something similar in your backyard or on your roof top.

1.  Blue Cabinetry:

 outdoor kitchen ideasImage Credit: housebeautiful

Check this gorgeous kitchen in the open. Cabinets with Nantucket-style doors and the Caesarstone kitchen top give away the perfect water-like impression. Do something similar to your outdoor kitchen if you like. It would look attractive if you paint the ceiling with Benjamin Moore’s Blue Springs.

2.  Salvaged Materials:

kitchen-2Image Credit: housebeautiful

This is a simple old school style. The use of salvaged and earthy colors will give the kitchen some maturity. You can use antique styled tables and chairs for that too. Buy some old-fashioned pots and vases to decorate your outdoor kitchen.

3.  Stained Oak:

kitchnImage Credit: homestratosphere

Build the ceiling of your kitchen using stained oak to give your kitchen a very warm and cosy look. Use a drop-down metal gate to keep your appliances safe in case of rain.

4.  Terracotta Hues:

kitchn-2Image Credit: blogkitchens

This stunning kitchen idea is a mixture of earth and sky colors. Arrange wicker chairs around a sandstone table for seating. The Fogazzo 1050 pizza oven is just the perfect addition to this kitchen design.

5.  Repurposed Shutters:

kitImage  Credit: pinterest

Make your open kitchen’s cabinets using old cypress shutters. Outdoor dining and cooking are all about natural environment and surroundings, and these cabinets would give your kitchen a closer to nature feeling.

6.  Barstool Seating:

seatingImage Credit: tripadvisor

An outdoor kitchen is incomplete without a bar area. Set up a backsplash with a counter in your kitchen to serve as a bar area. While you cook and serve, your guests can sit around the bar and entertain themselves.

7.  Built-in Beverage Cooler:

cooler-freezerImage Credit: newair

I love this idea. Simply ask the designer to convert one of your sinks into a built-in beverage cooler with a teak top. This way, you can not only keep your drinks cool but you can also save a lot of space.

8.  Garden Walkway:

gardenImage Credit: housebeautiful

An outdoor kitchen without a dining area is incomplete. Design a beautiful walkway that leads to your kitchen’s dining area. Arranging flowerbeds on both sides of the walkway will further beautify it.

9.  Cosy Fireplace:

fireplaceImage Credit: housebeautiful

To give a homey feeling to your kitchen, build up a fireplace just like this. This is perfect if you like old-fashioned architecture. Set up an array of potted plants just above the fireplace.

10.  Wine Racks:

wineImage Credit: pinterest

Add wine racks like this in your outdoor kitchen as a beverage center. You can also keep a keg tapper nearby.

11.  Tranquil Outdoor Dining Area:

dinning-areaImage Credit: hgtv

If you like your dining area to be elegant, set up a two-tiered iron chandelier just above the dining table. A Zinc-topped table and antique chairs are sure to complement the flowery and green surroundings.

12.  Recycles Fountain in an Outdoor Kitchen: 

fountainImage Credit: housebeautiful

Set up a fountain like this in a corner or against a dull painted wall. Ask your designer to make this fountain using lavabo and a horse trough. You can also add plants above and next to the fountain.

13.  Soft Spot for Sitting:

soft-sittingImage Credit: housebeautiful

There should be a comfortable place to lounge next to your outdoor kitchen where yours guests can sit and relax while you cook. Use a curtain rod to hang a cushion. Use colorful cushions and pillows to give a warm look to your lounge. You can set up this lounge next to the fireplace.

14.  Rustic Accents:

Rustic-AccentsImage Credit: novehome

Small details and decorations matter a lot when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen. Put a lamp made from a barn vent on top of a shelf above the icemaker or freezer. You can also use rope handles on the cabinetry.

15.  Table Setting:

table-sttingImage Credit: housebeautiful

This table setting is one of my favorites. Arrange Vietri’s Paprika dinner plates on the Dining table. Simple flower vases with fresh or artificial flowers can be arranged on the tables too.

16.  Hidden Storage:

hidden-storageImage Credit: housebeautiful

This storage idea for your outdoor kitchen can save you a lot of space. Keep your grilling station organized with this hidden drawer. The utensils will be out of your way hanging inside until you need them.

17.  Wood-fired Oven:

ovenImage Credit: pinterest

This multi-purpose oven is just what you need in your outdoor kitchen. You can not only make pizza in it, but also bake grill steaks and smoke salmon. Get a mason to set this up in your kitchen according to your kitchen’s decor.

18.  Braided Ropes Cabinet Knobs:

knobImage Credit: housebeautiful

Use these braided ropes instead of regular cabinet knobs, if you like the decor of your kitchen more natural and earthy.

19.  Creative Counters:

extra-sittingImage Credit: housebeautiful

For extra seating, build such counters in your outdoor kitchen. Set the counter under an extra-wide window where you can keep your crockery and cutlery. Put these Tolix Marais stools next to the counter for seating.

20.  Stone Varietals:

Image Credit: housebeautiful

If you prefer stone shelves, table tops, counter tops, this outdoor kitchen design is what you need. Use “super strong” paving blocks to build up a terrace. Top the island with bluestone. To give the architecture a lighter look, use stainless steel for the base of the island.

If you want to build an outdoor kitchen, there is so much to take into account. The 20 outdoor kitchen ideas that I have shared above demonstrate perfectly how to set up a kitchen outdoors. If you are on a budget, employ budget-friendly ideas only and improve the decor gradually.

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