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24 Trendy & Super Cute Dorm Room Ideas Every Teenage Girl Will Obsess Over!


Wondering how to spruce up your dorm room in the smartest way? Get inspiration from our list of 24 cute dorm room ideas.

Moving into a college dorm room is a wholesome experience every freshman is excited about. Unluckily, campuses usually have a very bland and boring room that might be a big upset for young girls to settle in at first.

Forget it! How about you transform it all using your creativity? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The best part about moving to your small space is forging trendy dorm room decorations into your dorm that sit perfectly with your personality.

While you see the internet with a pool of cute dorm room ideas, it might be a daunting task to finally decide what theme you should go for.

Ease up, young girls! We have put together some trendy and super cute dorm room ideas right in this article to make things easier for you.

Read on as we walk you through super cute dorm room ideas.

Cute Dorm Room Ideas You Should Go For!

Freshman girls go above and beyond to choose a trendy cute dorm room idea to motivate themselves to live on their campus for an entire year.

We have got tons of cute dorm room ideas for you that will inspire you to decorate your dorm to perfection!

Too girly or Boho? Solid or tom-boy? What would be the best for you? Don’t panic. Select the ideas from our list.

Here you go with the list of most-anticipated cute dorm room ideas. Pick your favorite ones to have the prettiest dorm on your campus!

1. Cozy Dorm Room Ideas

Cozy Dorm Room Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

After a long tiring day, any teen would want a cozy space of theirs to loosen up a little. That being said, you can also transform your dorm room into a complete oasis.

Pick up warm tones such as deep red and pretty browns to paint it all cozy. Working around these two colors is one of the best dorm room ideas for girls. When are you planning to implement it then?

2. Purple Paradise of your own

Purple Paradise of your own
Source: onedio.co

Want to maintain a glamorous vibe in your dorm room? Purple and luxe textured accessories with sizzling purple dorm wall décor would be a bold yet cute transformation for your room. Create your purple paradise with a little DIY and cute room accessories.

3. Wall Monogram Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Teenagers love personalizing their stuff to tell the world “Ya! It’s mine.” A stunning monogram lit up on your wall would be a brilliant dorm room idea for girls.

Moreover, wall monograms come usually very cheap but successfully add up a personal flair to your room.

4. Bed Lofting Room Idea

Bed Lofting Room Idea
Source: umt.edu

Lofting your bed isn’t only a great space-saving idea but it actually makes everything look cute and organized.

Set up your TV or a small kitchen under the bed. You better make the most of that little shoebox that’s going to be your home for your campus life.

Also, lofting bed services come with a slight fee and then you would be able to set up your little heaven. Just imagine, your own small heaven decorated right according to your wants.

5. Pink Is Forever Pretty

Pink Is Forever Pretty
Source: pinterest.com

Another trendy and cute dorm room idea is here! Every teenage girl dreams to color their life pink. While it seems like an impossible job, transforming your tidy space into a pink paradise can be quite easy.

All you need are pink pretty string lights, light-up signs, pink wall paint, and a pink bed sheet. Your room will give a view of nothing but a pretty pink heaven!

6. Floral World Of Your Own

Floral World Of Your Own
Source: homedesignlover.com

Girls aspire to be nature queens so why not transform your small dorm room into your own cute little floral space? All you would need is the Monstera Deliciosa plant, a natural wooden bedside table, and a floral bed sheet.

Set them up as per your wish and enter your dorm room like you are entering a garden with a floral Tiara on your head!

7. Get A Cute Rug For Your Room

Get A Cute Rug For Your Room
Source: rugs.com

Give your boring room a spark and pop of decoration by adding a stylish rug. Make it a centerpiece and place it covering your linoleum flooring.

Not only a rug is easy to clean but it adds a bold statement of your organized personality. You could place it wherever you want (preferably center) and it will leave a mark on your class!

8. Use Bins To Fit Under Your Bed

Bins To Fit Under Your Bed
Source: culturemap.com

Dorms are sadly very less spacious that it gets hard to even breathe out open. Here works an idea of fixing bins, bins, and more bins under your bed.

Make bins for the allocation of your sweaters, shoes, and other accessories to compensate for a tight space. Not only will it save your dorm a great space but will also appear classy and organized, just the way you want!

9. Push Your Desks On A Single Side

Desks On A Single Side
Source: pinterest.com

We usually ignore it but desks take up too much extra space in your room. And when it’s already a dorm, you hardly even pass through your desk without bumping your feet.

How about you align all the desks aside strategically to get your dorm room in order? Not only would it make one of the best cute dorm room ideas but will also be a space-saving banger you would love.

This set-up will also assist in group study with your dorm mate as she will sit next to you, going through the same notes.

10. Add Some Driftwood-Esque Accents

Driftwood-Esque Accents
Source: vox.com

Wondering about what color to go for? Well, nothing beats the deepness and royalty of ocean blue color to cram in your room.

You can also get the instant beachy vibe in your room by adding authentic wood-esque accent-based accessories in your dorm room. This dorm room idea isn’t only cute but will surely make your dorm room the talk of the building.

11. Submerge Complementary Colors

Submerge Complementary Colors
Source: collegefashion.net

Are you stuck in deciding what two colors will go pretty yet unique together? You must go for the orange and blue combination. Together, these two colors would bring the best out of your dorm room.

Blue bed sheets and orange pillows, blue curtains, and orange wall paintings… as much as they sound exciting, they will present an even welcoming look in your room.

To sum up, orange and blue and pink and purple would go perfectly together. Pick any one combination that matches your vibe and personality.

12. Lights Hanging All Around Your Bed

Lights Hanging All Around Your Bed
Source: ledholidaylighting.com

Apparently, nothing beats the idea of hanging warm, glowing fairy lights all around your bedroom. String lights would look insanely cute in your room.

From your bed to the dressing table to your study desk, everything just starts making more sense when you surround it with string lights.

13. Add Soft Lighting Lamps

Source: hgtv.com

Campus dorms usually don’t give you lamps. Instead, they welcome you with harsh lights that are disturbing for your eyes.

Here comes another cute dorm room idea of adding softer lighting lamps. You can place them on your side table, over your study table, or anywhere you want. Get the milder and softer light and save your eyes from the wrath of harsh dorm lights.

Moreover, if your dorm mate wakes up early while you are a night owl, a milder lighting lamp would easily keep things at peace between you two.

14. Wall Hanging Ivy Vines

Wall Hanging Ivy Vines
Source: pinterest.com

Wall hanging ivy vines are one of the most efficient accessories to glamorize your dorm room. If you have a floral bed sheet and curtains, ivy wines hanging straight would add a good look to your room. Moreover, it is one of the cute dorm room ideas for girls who want a boho theme.

15. Hanging Removable Wallpapers

Hanging Removable Wallpapers
Source: thevogueroom.co

Campuses usually don’t have a broad dorm room for you. These dorms almost look like a prison where you feel jailed for a whole year. Let’s suggest you a way out of it.

You can always choose independent color posters or wallpapers for your dorm room wall. Hang them up and feel the independence that you actually have. Moreover, hanging removable wallpapers is easy to go with and comes relatively cheap.

16. Create Aesthetic Wall Art Decoration

Create Aesthetic Wall Art Decoration
Source: architecturaldigest.com

Want to get something great looking on a budget? Wall arts are your way to go. Not only they can decorate with the least budget, but aesthetic wall arts would look effortlessly nice on your dorm walls.

With tons of illustrations and designs available on the internet, it has become very easy to choose any art as per your style and personality.

17. Coffee Table Set in Storage Space

Coffee Table Set in Storage Space
Source: povison.com

You might be thinking how stupid of us to suggest you to add a coffee table to your dorm room when the space is already very tight. Well, let’s just think the other way around.

If a nice and double-storage coffee table is placed in the center of the location, most of your space issues become easily solved.

You can use the storage underneath to place your books and anything you need instantly. Just place that thing here and if you need it, it’s always there!

18. Red Hot Dorm Room

Red Hot Dorm Room
Source: blog.ocm.com

Make everything about your dorm room super hot and appealing like red. By incorporating red color into your dorm room’s decoration and accessories, you get a totally whole new look of your room which is even dreamier than the actual world.

19. Hang Blackout Curtains

Hang Blackout Curtains
Source: decoist.com

Girls are sleepy at random times and only a blackout curtain can be of help when the daylight is hurting your eyes out. Many freshmen love getting blackout curtains right after they get into any dorm room.

Don’t lose your mind just because the darkness of blackout curtains is taking over your sight. You can also move the curtains aside and enjoy the daylight.

20. Create Sporty Feels In Your Dorm Room

Create Sporty Feels In Your Dorm Room
Source: everycollegegirl.com

How about you go for a room that presents total, sporty, happy vibes? Prove your undying love for your favorite sports team as an excuse to decorate your dorm room. The solid sports jersey shades are sure to make your mood just about right!

21. Be A Minimalist!

Be A Minimalist

When you think luxury is everything, how about we suggest you a budget-friendly minimalist room décor idea where you get only a single rug and the walls have very simple portraits and designs. White bed sheets with mild pink pillowcases present a cute, minimalist room outlook.

22. Futon Under One Bed

Futon Under One Bed
Source: lifestyledijess.com

The initial idea begins with the comfort space, even right under the bed. Build yourself a sitting area where your visitors can sit as well.

Collaborate well with your roommate to decide what could be done for a futon.

23. Use Cubes to Glam Up Your Dorm Room

Cubes to Glam Up Your Dorm Room
Source: nytimes.com

One of many cute dorm room ideas is the usage of cubes to organize shoes, food, clothes, etc. Optimize your tidy space and kitchen with cubes usage.

Not only does it save good space for you, but it also adds a cool statement to your room.

24. Settle A Desk at the End of Your Bed

Desk at the End of Your Bed
Source: trinder.com

If you want to create a space-saving way to watch movies and place TV, then set the desk right at the end of your bed.

Wrapping It Up!

Why compromise on your living standards and restrict yourself living in a tight, hindering campus dorm room when you can do a lot better?

Let us help you personalize your space. The above-mentioned cute dorm room ideas are the perfect trigger for you to decorate your dorm room right away!


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