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5 YouTube DIYs That Will Make Your Home a Little Brighter


3 Ways to Make DIY Brick Bookends By Karen Kavett

youtube DIYsImage Credit: Karenkavett

One of the most basic ways to hold up your collection of books would be to have a brick holding them up on each side. You can find bricks for relatively cheap, so this is a quick and affordable youtube DIYs. However, sometimes bricks can look a little boring, and they don’t add much color into your home!  How can you spruce them up to make them a little more exciting? Karen Kavett shows you three different ways to make these brick bookends more exciting. You can watch the video here.

DIY Cinnamon and Sandalwood Scented Wood Log Candle by Simple DIYs

traditional-candleholdersImage Credit: Houzz

Candles in the home make the wintertime so much more special. It makes the inside of your home cozier when you come in from the cold, and a scented one can make your home smell absolutely delicious. This craft allows you to make a candle yourself, in a short amount of time. And the wood around the candle makes your home feel even more cozy for the winter time. Winter is right around the corner! Why not prepare your home now? You can see how to make your own candle here.

How to Upholster a Dining Chair By HGTV Handmade

reupholster-dining-room-chairs-reupholstering-dining-room-chair-imageImage Credit: Thesocialmediastore

Did you know that HGTV had a YouTube channel? Well, they do. And they have a lot of great crafts and great home decorating ideas in their video archive. It’s absolutely amazing. This particular video shows you how you can take your old dining room chair and give it a simple update. This way you don’t have to get rid of your chair that may be a little beat up after years of use.  Instead, you can repurpose it and save time and money! You can check out the video here.

5 Fall Home Decor DIY Projects By Ann Lee

800px-pumpkinsImage Credit: Wikipedia

Fall might be just about over, but maybe you can keep this one for next year. Besides, this video is a 5-in-1! How cool is that? The creator, Ann Lee, goes into how to make a Pumpkin Planter, a Marble Pumpkin Painting, an Abstract Golden Wall Art, a Feather Banner, and even a Faux Fire Place. There’s a lot to discover there! You can check them all out in this seven minute video right here.

DIY Velvet Tufted Bench By Mr. Kate

DIY-Velvet-Tufted-BenchImage Credit: Classicvintagerentals

Did you know that you could make your own bench right at home? Apparently, there are YouTube videos just about that very thing so you can do it yourself if you so choose. You’d save so much money by doing this yourself, instead of going and spending hundreds of dollars on a bench from the store. You can see how to do it right here!

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