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Spring Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Rid the Winter Blues


Spring bedroom decorating ideas are waiting for you! The winter season brings about winter blues and the cold weather may feel like making you stay in and hibernate. While the winter blues are common it doesn’t mean your winter bedroom shouldn’t feel like a burst of spring every time you enter it. If you’re trying to bring spring colors into your bedroom, look at these creative ideas to use patterns, colors and textures to bright your bedroom, before spring officially arrives.

Start Looking for Inspiring Decorating Ideas:

While you may not believe it, inspiration is everywhere you just have to open your mind. When visiting your favorite market take a walk through the fresh floral areas and admire the spring colors and take in the fresh aromas. Bring spring into your bedroom with colorful bedding and spring motifs such as flowers, trees, animals and sea life. There is nothing more organic than fresh sheets so consider decorating with organic cotton bed linen and choose soft greens, blues, yellows and light browns to bring the feeling of spring into your bed. If your home still has a winter chill, layer your bedding with spring colored blankets to keep you warm until spring officially arrives.

Spring Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Hang Spring Artwork with your Bedroom Design Ideas:

Spring decorating can get costly when you try to transform the entire bedroom. Instead, look to key decor elements in your room that will add impact. Spring inspired artwork like a vase of flowers artwork or even just adding a vase of fresh flowers to your bedside can bring out spring in a cold winter home. Use the colors in your artwork in your bedding, throw rugs, and throw pillows to transform your bedroom. If you want to add more color to your bedroom why not add a fresh coat of paint to the walls? Painting is the lease expensive home improvement that can create big impact without a lot of investment.

Spring Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Change out your artwork for spring prints

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Teenage Bedroom Decor Ideas:

One of the best parts of the changing of the seasons is the ability to adapt your bedroom to your mood of how you want to feel. Teenage bedrooms can often be a challenge because the melding of color and maturity along with teenage motifs can make a room feel haphazard. Instead, choose a simple color palette of fresh spring colors and use decorative storage units like this Pottery Barn Teen bed with under bed storage to show off pops of color. From books and whimsical decor to baskets, there is no limit to the creativity. Spray paint your favorite baskets and storage cubbies to match their decor for a touch, any teenager will love.

Spring Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Bring spring into a teenager’s bedroom with creative storage

Image via: Pottery Barn Teen

The flowers don’t have to be blooming outside to bring spring sensation into your bedroom. Use these simple ideas to bring color, nature-inspired bedding, artwork and whimsical decor into your winter bedroom. If you are handy with an upholstery staple gun consider reupholstering your headboard with a vibrant floral fabric or hang up new floral valances to match your spring mood. Extra fabric can be used on chair cushions or to cover office periodical holders for a pop of color to your desk. Spring is all about the rebirth of the season and these helpful tips can help you find what speaks to you this spring. Your bedroom should be a place for rest, rejuvenation and reflection. Let these spring decor ideas help you transform your bedroom this season.

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