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Shared Bathroom

If you live with roommates or a partner or spouse, rather than alone, you understand that coordinating space in the shared bathroom can sometimes be tricky. You have to tell people when you shower, or you may have to wait to shower, you need to take turns brushing your teeth, you need separate places for towels and shampoo, and so forth. One thing that can help are vanities with sinks for two. This way you can both use sinks at the same time, for brushing teeth, putting on makeup, grooming, and looking in the mirror.

There are other tricks too. For example, you can coordinate regular shower times, or even better if one of you showers in the morning and one in the evening. You can get separate hooks for towels, and a hanger for the shower head to store toiletries. A bathroom vanity with extra storage space will allow you and your partner or roommate to have ample space for both of your things, and double vanities usually have this extra essential space.

double vanity bathroom

Having plenty of your own space can ease tension and lend itself to cooperation. While intimacy and friendship are very important, so is time and space to yourself. Be sure to schedule both time together and time apart. You can take walks, read books, or pick up a hobby such as gardening with your dog. This can help to clear your mind and lead to good communication.

Keep your space clean and tidy, too. A clean bathroom is not only visually appealing but also more pleasant to be in. With extra foot traffic, it can be all too easy to allow the space to become cluttered or unclean. Perhaps you’d like to set up a chore chart or divvy up cleaning responsibilities for different rooms to different people. For example, if one of you doesn’t like cleaning the kitchen but the other one does, and the same for the bathroom, you could split the rooms that way.

Now that you have extra space, you can spend time together watching TV, playing board games, and doing other forms of recreation! You can feel good about the space you live in and feel that there is enough room for the both or all of you. Having enough space will improve the quality of your time together.

bathroom design

If your bathroom is large enough for a vanity with two sinks, you might want to consider getting one. They add a luxurious and spacious look to any bathroom, and come in all kinds of styles. Whether you are looking for something contemporary, more traditional, or even rustic, you have a wide range of choices.

The bathroom does not have to be a place of conflict, contention, annoyance, or frustration. You can get ready for the day and night side by side with plenty of space to change your jewelry, wash your hands, brush your teeth, dry your hair, and so forth.

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Redecorate Your Home

Your home is a direct representation of you, your attitude and your particular tastes. A well-decorated home should seamlessly match your personality, so that means an update is probably due more often than you think. If you’ve wondered you should revamp, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Here are 8 signs that tell it’s time to redecorate your home.

  1. You Have a Hodgepodge of Furniture

You have been collecting cheap or older furniture since your freshman year of college, and it shows. These may be hodgepodge of essential items that you once got for a great deal. Some of the items may be worn or showing extreme signs of disrepair. You start experiencing creaking sounds that ruin the peaceful atmosphere of your home. The sofas start sinking you in and many people don’t take notice how bad this is for their posture until they suffer a serious injury. You realize that it’s time to decorate in a way that reflects your style, and not the style of the 50-odd people you have collected items from over the past years.

  1. You Are Going Through Changes

There is no better time to change up your décor than when your life itself is going through some changes as well. Whether you are getting married, having a baby, getting divorced or have become empty-nesters, it is the perfect opportunity to switch things up and look for items that could fit your new life a little better. Interior design firms can often be a huge help when combining households, or knowing what to get rid of and what to keep when downsizing. I mostly find an interior designer near me to get the best and quickest services.

  1. Everything Is White or Beige

White can help keep a space bright and open, but it can also look sterile and uninviting. A lighter color scheme also requires more maintenance and that can be hectic for you. Your guests may also find your space uninspiring and doubt your sense of creativity. Your home is your personal gallery to flaunt your artsy nature. Consider all the white to be a blank canvas and shake things up.

  1. You Develop Different Interests

If you’re taking up new hobbies or developing new tastes, your current home décor may not support them. For instance, you have a passion for baking, but your kitchen space is too small to fit in a huge professional oven and all the other baking utensils. To create that space, you need to rearrange some of the furniture in a way that not looks impressive, but also works in the favor of your newly found interest.


  1. You Feel Shortage of Space

A congested home blocks the air passage and enhances suffocation. You don’t want to stifle inside your own haven. This calls for a dire need of redecoration. Sale some of the useless furniture and rearrange the existing stuff in a manner that makes every room look spacious. You will also be able to make room for newly bought nifty items and decorations.  An airy place not only looks luxurious, but also helps tiny details stand out in front of others.

  1. When Depression Strikes

Your home’s interior design may be affecting your mood for the best or worst. Textures, colors and patterns stimulate human senses that can affect our health and happiness. Our body absorbs so many stimuli from the surroundings unknowingly and subtly. So, if a host of problems like depression, hypertension and stress arise, it’s a clear-cut sign that your house needs a bit of tweaking to elevate your mood. You can get imaginative with soul-stirring interior colors, furry textures and earthy materials to secretly please your subconscious.

  1. The Feeling of Comfort is Lost

Home is what gets you excited, nostalgic and comfortable. If at any point you feel like all these sensations are being lost or if you love spending time outside than at home, then it’s time for you to amp-up your redecoration game. Think about what gives you pleasure and recreate that vibe all around your home. Get bold with dark colored themes or get funky with glittery furnishings. It’s all about what gets you thrilled the most!

  1. New Trends Take Over

In this modern era, where new trends instantly replace the old ones, you don’t want your home decor to appear old school. A bit of change every now and then doesn’t hurt. Especially, when new interior designing trends are on the go you must not wait until you’re dead bored with your surroundings. Update your interior bit by bit to always have a refreshed look.

You’ve taken the first baby steps to creating a comfortable style for you and your home, and that’s what matters most.

Dining out is not a new trend;in fact, the culture of eating out has grown tremendously in the last decade. No doubt, it is the thought of eating scrumptious food that pulls the diners in, but it’s not the only reason why top restaurants are brimming to the door with patrons. It’s the charm of dining in a beautiful designed restaurant as well as the quality food that lures people in.

Floor to ceiling windows, lighted ceilings, artistic walls, polished floors, soft music and squeaky clean furniture give restaurants an ethereal feel. Keeping that in mind interior designers and architectures come up with modern restaurant design ideas every year to keep their guests enchanted.

Trending Restaurant Design Ideas

Dining at a new place is always exciting. You don’t know what new trends you are going to find there and what kind of experience it will be; memorable or a disaster? The anticipation keeps building until you finally get to visit the place and see for yourself the creative restaurant design ideas that make it so popular. On the other hand, it’s better to be aware of latest restaurant trends than to go in blindly.

To keep you updated, here’s a list of modern restaurant design ideas that restaurateurs are dishing out in 2017:

1. Restaurants Based Around Themes

Conceptual restaurants are at the top of the trends these days. Theme based restaurants exude mysterious aura that patrons are itching to explore while enjoying their meals. Concepts add an exciting element to the restaurant and give it a distinctive edge that leaves a lasting impression. Theme designed restaurants standout and fascinate the crowd, beckoning them to step into a whole different realm, where customers leave with the promise of visiting again.


Image via Circus-London

Situated at the heart of London’s theatreland, Covent Garden, Circus restaurant is a trio of restaurant, a bar and a circus. The restaurant has an open kitchen, it’s when the show begins the metal shutters come down, concealing the kitchen from dining room. Quirky and fun, it’s pan Asian food, cocktails and acrobats, fire eaters, hula hoopers entertain patrons immensely. The ultra modern interior lit up with glowing strobe lights adds drama to the circus show and takes you to a magical place.

2. Rustic Industrial Design

One of the latest restaurant design ideas is the use of raw materials as a decorative element in the restaurant. Walls, ceilings and floors are designed in a way that exposes raw materials like bricks, metal pipes, woods and concrete in an artistic way. The rugged industrial looking interior oozes charm and adds theatrical element in the mix that diners love.

Image via Ciocodeica

Bogdan Ciocodeica is located in Bucharest, Romania. The ceiling is exposed, showing metal pipes twined together. The industrial interior filled with comfy sofas and plants gives joyful warmth to the restaurant. For lighting, unique glass lamps are used. The materials palette is mostly composed of organic materials, ceramic tiles for corners, polished concrete floors, marble countertops and wooden furnishing along with vibrant vegetation to make the patrons feel welcome.

3. Minimalistic Furniture

Modern restaurant design ideas for furniture have evolved in the last few decades. Heavy and ornate furniture seems to have gone out of style for quite a while. Simple and clean lined furniture is patron’s preference these days, as it makes it easier to move around busy restaurant. The Scandavian concept furniture designs will stay popular this year as well, as patrons love the trendy wooden benches and seats, low backed chairs and stools. This ultra modern furniture gives restaurant a sophisticated air and makes you feel more at home with its simplistic approach to dining furniture.

Minimalistic Furniture

Image via CanallaBistro

The most attractive element of Canalla bistro is its walls, which are covered with wooden shingles. Situated in Mexican city, this modern restaurant is designed by Francesc Rife Studio. The material used to cover the walls comes from recycled orange crates. Small tiles in natural stone are used to design the floor of the bistro. Its resemblance to cobble stoned street gives it an informal touch, while the simple yet modern minimalistic furniture is inviting to the customers.

4. Artistic Ambient Lighting and Ceiling Designs

Chandeliers and Vintage lamps are the things of the past. Fascinating ceiling designs adorned with ambient lighting add elegance to a restaurant interior. Pendant and recessed mood lighting radiates comfortable level of brightness, without glare, over the dining room. Artistic ceilings softly glowing with lighting are intriguing and pleasing to look at.

Ceiling Designs

Image via Shade Cafe

Shade Burger in Ukraine is modern and small yet intimate. The eye catching ceiling is its most unique element. Different shades of natural tree veneer hang beautifully down the ceiling and light the ceiling throughout. It is entirely constructed of concrete, but the wooden furniture gives a warm environment. The quirky writing on the wall “Let’s Meat Here” welcomes patrons to have a social gathering at this trendy place.

5. Kitchen in the Dining Room

Open kitchen restaurant design ideas are trending for some time. Who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite chefs creating culinary masterpiece that they are going to devour later? Exposed kitchens are like culinary live shows, patrons can watch chefs dicing, tossing and literally playing with fire, while a source of entertainment for diners it can be daunting to the kitchen staff. Restaurants with open kitchen have to focus more on their kitchen designs along with providing a comfortable cooking station to chefs.

Culinary TV shows has picked the curiosity of people about preparation and plating of the food and they love to be the part of the action, which explains the growing popularity of open kitchens designs.

Image via Vue de Monde

Shannon Bennett is a renowned chef of Australia, who owns the restaurant Vue De Monde. Situated in Melbourne, at 55th floor of Rialto, it is a symbol of sophistication. The floor to ceiling window displays breathtaking view of Melbourne. The open kitchen is a source of entertainment for patrons and the dark theme of restaurant contrasts beautifully with the black furnishings and ambient lighting designed on the walls

6. Indoor and Outdoor Space

Some of the highest-ranking restaurants are the ones that provide more than one dining space to customers. Restaurants with two dining spaces, indoor and outdoor, are always refreshing.

Restaurateurs are using patios, rooftops and terrace as open dining spaces, where you can enjoy your meal sitting under the sky and breathe in the beauty of nature. Sometime,s outdoor kitchens are brought in the open space, which amplifies the customer’s excitement. Moreover, if you opt to dine inside, floor to ceiling windows present the refreshing outdoor view.

Outdoor Space design

Image via LA.Eater

Cannibal restaurant, located in L.A., has two dining spaces, indoor and outdoor. The unique design of the wooden ceiling with florescent LED lighting is something to looks at. Spacious hall filled with long wooden tables and semi industrial interior is the perfect picture of modern restaurant design ideas. The outdoor space is equally charming, with wooden chairs and tables placed strategically and the metal fence covered by vibrant plants.

7. Green Toned Interior

According to The Pantone Color Institute, Green is predicted to be the color of the year 2017. The soothing and energizing shade will create a perfect atmosphere for conflicting social and political meetings, where patrons can rejuvenate and relax for a few hours surrounded by natural atmosphere. From furniture to walls to decor, you will find this cheerful color scheme in the restaurants this year.

Image via Interiorzine

Styled by Golucci International Design for one of the largest noodle house brands, Mr. Lee noodles, this minimalistic Asian restaurant is located in Beijing, China. Its interior design carries a new concept style, a refined combination of vintage and contemporary urban architecture. The green toned furnishings, exposed bricks and polished wooden surfaces create earthy and natural atmosphere. The contemporary design is a talking picture of traveling stories, as it is designed with a European lay out mixed with peaceful Chinese atmosphere.

8. Artwork

Artistic restaurant design ideas are a source of inspiration for people. Magical murals, famous quotes, beautiful sculptures, meaningful paintings, graffiti and digital gallery, there are no limits to the artwork. Artworks displayed on restaurant walls bring people together and give patrons a subject to discuss over dinner. The story telling designs also evoke emotional response that engages customers and makes their experience memorable. More so, it provides local artists a ground to exhibit their work, which is supported greatly by the community.


This alluring artwork is not displayed in some grand art gallery; this work of art covers the wall of a very famous restaurant in Houston Texas. The restaurant, 51fifteen Cuisine and cocktails, was renovated and reopened last year. The floral art is displayed in 51fifteen’s bar seating and semi lounge area. The color palette used to design the interior;and black, gray and white marbled floor combined with ultra modern furniture and blooming flower art are stunning. The comfortable lounge looks more like a grand art gallery than a bar area.


Image via 51fifteen

This photo of 51fifteen is taken from another angle showing artwork from the dining area. You can see the blooming flower lights on the ceiling toward the bar area and the blue colored furniture clashing beautifully with stark white and black. The credit of designing the ultra-sophisticated interior goes to Nina Magon of local firm Contour Interior Design.

Elegant Dropping Curtain Designs

Curtains can lift the look of your living room, bedroom and even kitchen. In short, they are used to improve the temperament of the whole house. But before choosing a curtain, you have to make sure it compliments your interior and does not throw it off. To save you from choice complexities, this article will introduce you to 10 elegant dropping curtain designs that will go perfectly well with any interior set up.

Dropping curtains are usually made of drop cloth, which is a pretty affordable home improvement option. These curtains can block harsh sunlight to give you a mellow environment. They also insulate the heat to stabilize indoor temperature.

Mentioned below are the best dropping curtain designs that will add instant coziness and grandeur to any part of the home, regardless of your interior decor. So, whether your windows are large or tiny, dress up your space and make it look more charming and complete!

Soft-colored see through curtains

Image via Wikimedia

Soft-colored and see through drop curtains let an ample amount of sunlight pass through them to make your home a little brighter. Light green and floral dropping curtain designs invite the nature inside your home. Whether fancy or sophisticated, they go well with any interior décor.


Image via flickr

Classic dropping curtain designs involving intricate fall layers give a very stylish and sleek look. Mild colors like fawn, beige, cream, light brown and off-white are preferable if you want to highlight the wood work in your home. Such curtains speak class for themselves.

Single-sided arrangement

Image via BHG

Single-sided arrangement of the drop cloth in its natural finish looks lovely. They usually have an oat-meal color with a linen texture. The simplicity of such designs looks super chic! The panels however, can be jazzed up a bit according to your wish.

light and dark curtains

Image via Wikimedia

If you want to give your space a royal feel, the combination of dark shades like maroon, dark purple and royal blue with a frilly white curtain cloth is all you need. Although the length of your curtain is crucial with respect to the window size, letting your drapes puddle on the floor is a fancy statement. Get a luxurious feeling with this idea!

Image via Wikimedia

Your kitchen windows could also use elegant dropping kitchen curtain designs. The deal is that the colors should remain on the neutral side (brown, cream, gray, off-white). This is because kitchens are mostly simpler than other parts of the home. Any decent printing on the curtain cloth would be great.

saturation hue curtains

Image via flickr

One of the best dropping curtain designs is the saturation hue. The colors in a single curtain cloth transitioning from warm to cool hues are sure to catch the eye of any visitor. They are also best for keeping the scorching sunlight out of the house during summers.


Image via flickr

Nautical patterns used for dropping curtain designs can give more grace to your interior. Patterns that depict the sea like layers, small boats and waves give off a cooling effect during summers.


Image via flickr

Anything dressed in pure white looks like an angel, no? So, why not dress up your windows with pure white dropping curtains to increase the serenity of your interior. Even though such curtains are hard to maintain as they get dirty soon, white lace curtains spread a calming vibe throughout the home.


Image via flickr

There is no doubt that printed curtains look beautiful and pragmatic. Dropping curtains with fancy printing not only bring color to your home, but also provide insulation and blockage from heat. Colorful printing is highly exquisite and makes the curtains look more chic and vivid.


Image via Otletes

If you’re the one with an artistic taste, spice things up a bit with criss-cross dropping curtains. This design involves overlapping two contrasting or multi-colored curtain cloths to make your interior look like a masterpiece!