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Top 55 Modern Minecraft House Ideas In 2022


What’s so cool about Minecraft house ideas? It allows you to see your thoughts and dreams in 3D form. Yes, you have to take the pain. But the outcome will make you want to try another build.

For most players, the house is the first construction project they take to establish themselves in the game. If they are playing the game for the first time, they may not have lots of ideas.

Also, their construction skills and tools will be lacking. In that case, they should consult tutorials to understand their options and actually build a house based on these options.

This post shares 55 Minecraft house ideas along with their tutorials. Once you have implemented any idea in your game, share the results in the comments below.

Easy Minecraft House Designs

For beginners, this collection of houses is perfect. Most of these houses are easy to build and require easily available materials.

1. Survival First

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: youtube.com

You may want to build a farmhouse that is built with ease but exhibits all the qualities of a resourceful farmhouse. This tutorial from SheepGG is easy to follow for every level of player.

2. Sophisticated Wooden House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: youtube.com

For those of you who want a simple house but don’t want to skimp on sophistication and style, this house is the way to go. Note that YalChu’s Home prompts you to spend quite some time on your Minecraft house builds.

3. A Boat House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: youtube.com

Being a beginner shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the lifestyle you want in Minecraft. This boathouse from Nexy can prove my words.

4. A Mountain House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: youtube.com

Mountain houses are beautiful and their beauty is further enhanced by the surrounding scenery. If you are keeping these house ideas for later, don’t. Build this simple, yet exquisite house from TheMythicalSausage today.

5. The Medieval Tower

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: reddit.com

Are you an old soul? Do you love medieval living and culture? How about building stone castles and towers? This tutorial from Sv Gravity will satisfy you.

6. Cave House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: youtube.com

Experience human history from the beginning with a house built within a cave. This house from early civilization is easier to build than your imagination. Just follow Smithers Boss as he builds the house.

7. Stylish House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: opensea.com

Classic and historical designs are cool and take you to another world. Still, modernity has its undeniable perks. You would love this stylish house from Random Steve Guy because of its small footprint and easy build.

8. Winter Cabin

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: pcgamer.com

Depending on your biome, you may have to be extra vigilant of some weather effects. So, if you live in a snow or cold biome, winter is prominent weather. Build this winter cabin from Balzy to survive it in the initial phases.

9. Beach House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: youtube.com

This house is not the most basic one because of the materials required in it. But the process is easy and if you plan to build a vacation house, it offers the easiest construction plan.

10. Japanese House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

It’s a simple beach house built in Japanese style. Again, it is easy to build but requires lots of material to do so. Follow the instructions from JermsyBoy.

Beach Houses

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

Best for throwing parties or spending vacations, beach houses are a great way to show your construction prowess. But not every beach house is difficult to build. Use these ideas for easy construction.

11. Simple House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: filmora.wondershare.com

This stylish and modern beach house is easier than it looks. Know the details from Smithers Boss.

12. Tropical Island Beach House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: whatifgaming.com

Beach houses are for beaches. You can change this statement when you are building in Minecraft. Use this tutorial to build a beach house right on the water.

13. Beach House for Partying

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: pinterest.com

This beach house features a party room as well as a pool. And it’s simple to build. Just use this tutorial.

14. Modern Beach House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

This house gives modern vibes and keeps you mesmerized. Build it on an island using this tutorial from TSMC – Minecraft.

15. Exotic Beach House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

Want to give a unique appearance to your modern beach house? This beach house tutorial is easy-to-follow and gives awesome results.

Wooden House

For your second home, you may want to build a cute Minecraft house from wood. Following houses will help you choose.

16. Birch House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

Let’s start with an easy building plan for your wooden house. It requires lots of birch trees. But you would get a small farm with it for free. Learn the details from this tutorial from Folli.

17 . Cozy, Yet Small House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

It is another retreat house that you can also build as your primary residence if you are too passionate. It also features a pool to complete the luxury. Cubey explains how you can make it.

18. 8×8 Starter Wooden House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

You can build this house from TheMythicalSausage in minutes if you aren’t interested in the decoration aspect or if you are in a confidence-building mode.

19 . Three-Story House

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

Take your construction to the next level by adding stories to it. It is simple and reminds us of town life without letting go of nature. Follow YalChu’s Home’s tutorial for more details.

20. The Treehouse

55 Eye-Catching Minecraft House Ideas
source: youtube.com

Humans have come out of jungles a long time ago. But the idea of living close to nature still fascinates us. For your jungle adventures or your primary residence, this treehouse from DiddiHD can be a simple and thrilling residence.

21 . A Little Extravagant Treehouse

source: youtube.com

Treehouses don’t have to be overly simplistic. This one from Typface shows us how to add style and space to our treehouse.

22. Simple Survival Wooden House

source: sportskeeda.com

My Minecraft House has taken time to build this residence in survival mode. It reminds us of country living, by the way.

23. Elevated House

source: youtube.com

This is another house that uses basic materials to build a house. Its materials include wooden planks and slabs and glass panes. Learn more from WiederDude.

Mountain Houses

Mountain houses are preferred by those players who don’t want to encounter many creepers in their games. Yes, they can be dangerous as your chances of falling off the mountain increase with height but it has its beauty, right?

These are a few mountain houses for your inspiration.

24. Medieval Mountain House

source: pinterest.com

Fans of Medieval times, this tutorial from TheMythicalSausage is for you. Be ready to put in some effort for this one.

25. Simple Mountain House

source: architecturalstyle.com

It claims to be simple but it needs some work to get accomplished. If you feel confident in your construction skills, try this house from SheepGG.

26. The Starter Kit

source: youtube.com

For beginners who want to build their construction skills all the while building a house, this is the house they should use.

27. Modern House in Mountains

source: youtube.com

You don’t have to compromise the build quality while living on a mountain. Use this tutorial to equip your home with all the styles and necessities.

28. Make It Grand

source: sportskeeda.com

At tricky places like mountains, you have to carefully plan your construction projects to get a lasting look. This mountain house from Grian doesn’t compromise on the size and exudes a luxurious look.

29. Mountain Piston House

source: planetminecraft.com

This Redstone house is unique and attractive. Mumbo Jumbo tells us how to build it.

30. Or Build a Cave House

source: pinterest.com

Ask Grian to know how you can build a house within Minecraft caves.

Minecraft Farmhouses

Farmhouses tell us the story of nature and a simple lifestyle. They are also reminiscent of physically active living. You can plan to build these houses to make your base in the game or you can build them as you travel across the biome.

Here are a few – simple to luxurious – farmhouses to choose from.

31. Starter Pack

source: youtube.com

This tutorial from Spudetti gives you an overview of the process. Feel free to adapt it to your style.

32. The Country Farmhouse

source: youtube.com

The scene, greenery, situation, and layout are just perfect for this farmhouse. Enjoy your dream life with this Minecraft house using BlueBits tutorial.

33. Follow the Compactness

source: youtube.com

When you’ve got a small space to build a house and you want a farmhouse, you choose from small cool Minecraft houses. This one takes a 9×9 trench to build and gives enough room to store all the essentials that go into a farmhouse.

34. Another Basic Tutorial

source: youtube.com

This farmhouse may not appear the most stylish and attractive but it’s surely the easiest one to build. And it’s efficient. Using a few materials, Shock Frost tells us how to build it.

35. Oak Farmhouse

source: youtube.com

The farmhouses are best when they are made of clay or wood. This exquisite house uses oak for most parts.

36. Southern-style Farmhouse

source: youtube.com

If you are planning to build a grand farmhouse that looks modern and has enough detail to cater to your needs, you should look for this Southern-style house from Keralis. Beware, you may need lots of space for it.

37. Medieval Farmhouse

source: youtube.com

Add a medieval touch to your farmhouse using selected produce for the farm and furnishing for the interior. Get the details from Ayvocado.

38. Barn

source: youtube.com

One major part of a farmhouse is the barn. If you do it right, you add beauty to the whole building plan. Learn how to do it right from Folli.

Futuristic Houses

You may want to build futuristic houses to marvel at the advancements Minecraft has to offer. Here are a few ideas to gain a better understanding of what you are opting for.

39. Compact, yet Functional

source: youtube.com

Like its counterparts, this house from Greg Builds is compact, complete, yet simple.

40. Large Futuristic House

source: pinterest.com

Are you interested in building a large, modern house? You would need the complete blueprint to follow as these houses need proper planning. Use this tutorial from A1MostAddicted Minecraft to save the hassle.

41. Bright and Modern

source: reddit.com

With unique design and extravagant build, this house is going to win hearts. This is another detailed tutorial from A1MostAddicted Minecraft.

42. Another Piston House

source; youtube.com

When you want more space and lots of Redstone in your building, you build a piston house. This tutorial from Mumbo Jumbo makes this construction project easy for you.

43. House with a Water Slide

source: youtube.com

Wanna make it grander? Include a waterslide in your blueprint. Check out this tutorial to know how you can build it.

Japanese Houses

Japanese houses attract quite a few Minecraft players. They are small, elegant, and often raised. If you want to flex your construction muscles on Japanese houses, these ideas will help you with your goal.

44. A Grand Japanese House

source: wondersharefilmora.com

Usually, Japanese houses have a small footprint. You can surpass this limitation on construction by building floors on top of the ground floor as SheepGG did.

45. Choose Tiny Buildings

source: youtube.com

If you are looking for a basic tutorial to start your Japanese building tutorial, refer to this tutorial. You can build a whole village with these tiny houses!

46. Large Japanese House

source: minecraft-max.net

Include all the beauties within your premises. This large house tutorial follows the Japanese style to build an attractive building.

Mansion Minecraft House Ideas

Mansions are a symbol of status and if we are talking about Minecraft, these buildings are a status of expertise. Show off your construction skills with these mansions.

47. Huge Mansion

source: whatifgaming.com

Go big if you can. Make it safe and insuperable. Make it in medieval style. Get the instructions from BigTonyMC.

48. Make It Futuristic

source: pinterest.com

You aren’t the medieval person, right? Then, let’s explore this futuristic build. It’s compact, lavish, and swoon-worthy. Get the idea from A1MostAddicted Minecraft.

49. A Smaller Mansion

source: youtube.com

Mansions have to be huge, right? But you can define what huge means to you. This mansion is big but its size allows you to build it with ease.

50. Ocean Base

source: youtube.com

If you can commit to the worth required in building this base, you should build this mansion within the ocean to make your Minecraft house stand out. Get details from Cortezerin.

51. Spruce Mansion

source: youtube.com

Are you in survival mode? No problem! You can still build this blissful mansion with a few materials.

52. Woodland Mansion

source: youtube.com

You want to give it a cozy yet rustic look while not losing connection with nature. A mansion in woodland is your best choice. Make it big with this tutorial.

53. Medieval Castle

source: bluenerdminecraft.com

I know it’s not a mansion but it’s got medieval style. Create the masterpiece using this tutorial.

54. Simple, Yet Futuristic

source: youtube.com

This is another simple, compact Mansion you would want to include in your game.

55. The Moon House

source: youtube.com

This last idea is a treat for those who want to bring absolute creativity to their games. Build this crescent-shaped house using Minecraft Library’s tutorial.

Take Away

Did you enjoy these creative and unique Minecraft building tutorials? Which one will fit your game most?

Would you change something in layout or furnishing when building the desired house? If so, don’t forget to share the outcome.


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