Breathing a soul into your interior is not a difficult task. You can change the settings, add some colors, or paint the walls. If you are looking to use the third option, bear with me. I have some awesome wall ideas that will refresh your room ambiance.

You don’t have to stick to a single color for all the walls. Heck, you can even choose to use more than one color on the same wall. Use patterns! That’s the way to add creativity to your home painting ideas. And if you want, you can ditch these patterns to get a random design.

Let me share 48 breathtaking wall painting ideas with you.

1. Go Ombre Wall Paint

Ombre Wall painting ideas

We all know the ombre hair trending these days. But did you know you could use the same method for your wall paint as well?

Choose a bright color and mix its light and dark hues. Don’t mix it, in fact. Move from light to dark shade from top to bottom.

2. Paint Rectangles

Paint Rectangles-Wall painting ideas

Geometrical shapes may look too conventional. But when you use them randomly, they give a different wholesome look.

Use two different colors. You are allowed to use more but make sure that are complementing each other.

3. Vertical Rectangles Wall Paint

Wall painting ideas

Instead of painting random rectangles of different sizes and directions, you can resort to painting vertical rectangles. Their horizontal sides will be smaller and their vertical sides will be longer. Mix up with different sizes or different hues of the same color.

4. Rectangle with Background

Rectangle with Background-Wall painting ideas

Between rectangles of different colors and sizes, leave a background color. You can adjust the style to a more classic one by using different hues of the same color in the foreground.

5. Rectangles with Outlines

Rectangles with Outlines-Wall painting ideas

Use a single color to outline adjacent rectangles of different colors. Stick to a darker hue.

6. Rectangles At An Angle

Rectangles at an Angle-Wall painting ideas

Do you want to stand out with your creative wall painting ideas? Select an angle and paint all the rectangles at that angle.

7. Horizontal Strips Wall Paint

Horizontal Strips

Use a single sophisticated color and draw strips of random colors horizontally. Paint them everywhere from top to bottom or only focus on the middle section of the wall.

8. Paint Triangles

Paint Triangles

You may want to ditch strictly geometrical shapes. But don’t! They are easier to paint and don’t give a strict classroom appearance to your room when done rightly.

Go for random triangles of different colors and angles. With triangles, you don’t worry about blank spaces left without color. You can get a triangle from any corner and nook.

9. Make a Sun


Choose a center point at your wall and use it to emit rays. These rays will end up at different corners of the wall as triangles.

Note in advance that this wall painting idea will give a 3D look to your wall. So, proceed only if you are happy with the outcome.

10. Party Triangles

Party Triangles

Paint pastel triangles randomly on the wall. Of course, you would use numerous bright colors to draw each triangle.

11. More Triangles Wall Paint


If you want a classic look, you may not want to paint triangles of different colors randomly. Instead, a streamlined look will appeal to you more. Go for a single color. It can be blue, gray, or black. Or it can be any color that works with your interior theme.

You will paint a single large triangle in the middle of the wall and will give it boundaries of the same colors. The background will be white or the lightest shade of the color you have used.

12. Use Outline Only

Use Outline Only

Here, you will keep the background color prominent. Use one bright and attractive color as an outline to accentuate the background color.

13. Waterfall


For an accent wall, gradient paints enhance the look and keep the attention. Use different shades of gray to achieve a soothing effect.

14. The Shade of Light

Shade of Light

Allow the wall paint to enhance the lighting in your room. Pick a warm and soothing color for wall paint and select its dark and much lighter tones. Now, paint the upper portion of the wall as if the light is not falling on it so it’s dark. Gradually, use a brighter tone for the lower portion. Use a neutral warm light for the room.

15. Paint a Scenery

Paint a Scenery

If your painting skills are top-notch or if you plan on hiring a professional, you would love this idea. From a pink, yellow, or red lower portion; you will move towards a neutral tone or yellow for the middle and sky blue color for the top of the wall. When looked at from a distance, it will show you a scene of a field of flowers under the sun.


16. A Girl’s Haven

Girl’s Haven

For girls, you can use the gradient method to include pink, yellow, and blue on your accent wall.

17. Bright and Light Wall Paint

Bright and Light

Or simply paint the wall in sky colors from different parts of the day. It can be blue, red, orange, purple, or yellow. Paint these layers from light to dark.

18. Ombre In A Circle

Ombre in a Circle

Most ombre walls use gradient techniques making them difficult to paint. Not this one! Divide a circle into several horizontal parts. And use lighter tones of your accent color as you go from top to bottom of the circle. Of course, the divisions will be in the background color of the wall.

For more uniqueness, you can use dark tone in the middle and select lighter tones as you go towards the corners.

19. Use Strips


Stick to two colors: one should match the ceiling paint and the other should be a darker tone of your choice.

20. Block of Color

Block of Color

Not much painting skill is required to paint a block of your favorite color on the accent wall. You can keep it in the middle. Or it can cover a longitudinal part of the wall from top to bottom.

21. Block of Orange

Block of Orange

Do you want to invite a burst of energy and passion into your room? Or maybe you are looking for wall painting ideas for your art studio. There couldn’t be a better paint color for instilling energy than orange. Pair it with a light gray background.

For more versatility, draw outlines for triangles in it. Better yet, use different shades of orange.

22. Blast of Colors


Use the colors of a rainbow and use them to beautify an otherwise neutral tone of your wall. The beauty of this style lies in the randomness and lack of rules.

You can paint these colors any way you like as long as they appear spherical and don’t mix with each other. Let the first paint dry before you add the next color so it maintains its individuality.

23. Smaller Blasts

Smaller Blasts

In the middle of your accent wall, splash different colors to make a horizontal line. Don’t mind the mess. It’s part of the design. Again, remember to let the first splash dry before you add the next one.

24. Polka Dot Tree

Polka Dot Tree

When you don’t want to overload the accent color, you go for a polka dot tree.

25. Raining Polka Dots

Raining Polka Dots

Draw more dots at the top of the wall and make them rare at the downside.

26. Calculated Look Wall Paint

Calculated Look

For a more calculated look, paint these dots in a pattern. Most people stick to alternating lines of dots for these patterns.


27. Large and Small Circle Wall Paint

Large and Small

Build a stream of colored bubbles. A large one will be accompanied by many smaller ones. Build many such streams to cover the whole wall.

28. Pink Large Dots As Wall Paint

Large Dots

Use a pattern to paint large dots on the wall. Or just use them randomly on the wall.

29. A Tree in the Fall

Tree in the Fall

If your room uses green or warm tones as the primary color, this wall painting will look cool on your walls. Draw a tree with its leaves falling. Use dense foliage to keep it beautiful.

30. Tree with Birds

Wall painting ideas

On a simple painted tree, draw birds. They can be shown sitting or flying toward the tree.

31. Tree with a Cage

Tree with a Cage-Wall painting ideas

To add a melodramatic look, draw a tree with a cage hanging on it. Use gray as the background colour to signify the theme.

Make it brighter by keeping the cage’s gate open. You can also show birds flying away from it.

32. Flowering Plant Wall Paint

Flowering Plant-Wall painting ideas

Add more life to your room with a painted image of a flowering plant. You can paint the flowers white, pink, red, or yellow. If your wall has a light colour in the background, go for white flowers. Otherwise, use darker colours.

33. Match with the Plants

Wall painting ideas

Painting a tree on your wall paint will look gorgeous whether you have a plant in your room or not. But if you have a plant there, add some humour and match the colours of the two plants. So, if your plant has yellow flowers, paint the tree with similar flowers.

Better yet, let the two pieces meet each other by painting the branches near the real plant.

34. Horizontal Tree Wall Paint

You don’t have to stick to an upright tree. Instead, paint a horizontal one for a long wall. This will allow you to spread its branches as much as you want to.

35. Paint a Branch Only

Paint a Branch-Wall painting ideas

You can also choose to paint a part of the tree. Do it by painting the tree in a corner. Show a small part of its stem and focus on branches. Now, you’ve got plenty of room to work on the leaves, nodes, and sub-branches in detail.

36. A Family Tree

Family Tree

If you are searching for wall painting ideas for your living room, a family tree is what you should consider. It is similar to those acrylic decoration murals that come ready to hang. But it’s more personalized and thoughtful.

Paint different branches – and sub-branches, if applicable – and leave room for a photo on each.

37. Honeycomb Wall Paint


It’s random and fun. And it doesn’t fail to give a sophisticated look. Use neutral tones like brown, green, and orange. Or experiment with bolder tones.

38. The Gingham Style

Gingham Style

You cannot go wrong with the gingham pattern paint on walls. All you need are some strips to use and re-use for painting a flawless wall.


39. Check Pattern Wall Paint

Instead of smaller squares of gingham pattern, you can use bigger ones in a check pattern. Use two colors. Make sure they contrast each other well.

40. Random Divide

Random Divide

Include two colors in your accent room. Use a more energetic hue at the top. Cut it off with an outline and complete the paint with a more neutral tone at the bottom. I will go with orange or yellow at the top and grey or blue at the bottom.

41. Flower in the Corner

Flower in the Corner

For this wall painting idea, you don’t have to paint a distinctive flower. Instead, use curves of different sizes and different distances from the center on the corner of a wall. Change colors as you go from smaller curves and circles in the middle to larger ones towards the corners of the figure.

42. Contemporary Art Display

Contemporary Art Display

Use carefully selected colors to paint lines of different thicknesses on the wall. You have to keep the colored portion limited leaving enough room for the background paint to shine through.

43. Dripping Paint Display


Just like the previous wall painting idea, this smooth and satisfying display uses several colors. Start from the bottom and draw a dripping horizontal strip of paint. After some time, use another color for a higher strip and go upward accordingly.

44. Connected Dots

Connected Dots

This idea builds a net of strings on a wall. You can use contrasting colors to emphasize these strings of paint. For a dark accent wall, use a bright shade to paint the net. For a light accent wall, build a dark shade.

45. Rainbow Stripe

Rainbow Stripe-Wall painting ideas

If you don’t want to experiment with colors, this striped wall paint design should steal your heart. You don’t have to choose your colors. Just stick to the natural colors of the rainbow and draw equally thick, horizontal strips of paint. Follow the order, if you want.

46. Rainbow Wall Paint

A Rainbow-Wall painting ideas

Invite light and energy to your accent wall with this natural beauty. Against a light background color or white or light gray, paint a rainbow. It will not cover the whole wall leaving enough room for the background color to shine through.

47. Origami Pattern

Wall painting ideas

This is a great art project for those of you looking for some inspiration. You don’t have to stick to AZ single pattern. Decide between a flying bird with a stream of colors flying behind it, many birds making a group on your wall, an elephant, or some origami swans.

You may have to take time to develop its stencils before the actual painting. So, know the commitment it needs.

48. Chalkboard Wall Paint Idea

Chalkboard Wall-Wall painting ideas

This is a great room paint design for living rooms. It’s especially for you if you want to ditch monotone with a passion. Chalkboard paint opens a world of opportunities for you. You can keep changing the drawing you make on it. Or you can use it as an opportunity to present your motto as a family.

Take Away

Wall painting ideas come to the rescue when we want to build an ambiance that is fresh and energetic. But you are afraid that you might choose the wrong colors or patterns. Don’t worry.

If you stick to tried and tested interior decoration rules for mixing colors and using patterns to enhance these colors, there is no reason you would mess up this renovation project.

Use this post to get some inspiration!

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