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Living Room Ideas: Remodeling on a Budget


Living room is a central point of every home where we relax, entertain, watch TV and do countless other activities on a daily basis. But the same setting can become boring overtime which is why you must make small changes every once in a while to add life to your living room. The good news is you can go for a living room remodel on a budget with the following cheap living room ideas.

11 Cheap Living Room Ideas on a Budget

1.    Research around Your Home

Living Room Ideas

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It is highly likely that you have more stuff in the house than required. Take a look in closets and stores for the items that could be used in the living room instead of going shopping for small things like cushions, rugs etc.

2.    Plants for a Calming and Serene Effect

living room plants

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Adding plants is one of the most effective ways to vibrate a space with positive energy. Ask your friends and family members, if they are giving away any plants. Use a crafty vessel for plantation. Count up more items such as a wool area rug to give a colorful, warm and texture look to a room. You can also complement the living room appearance by adding paintings and wall decals about ocean waves, as mix of blue and green gives an inviting peaceful and quiet effect to homes.

3.    Add Accessories and Art

Accessories and Art

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The art and accessories give final touches to the soul and character of a room, and they do not have to be expensive. You can acquire good quality accessories and paintings of new emerging artists to fill up the empty white walls.

Pencil drawings and other neutral toned artwork go well with colorful furniture, while bolder paintings can be paired with neutral colored furniture.

4.    For a Bold and Classic Appearance

Bold and Classic Living Room

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Use bold colors for a comfortable conservative disposition feel. For instance, a sparkling yellow used with navy blue shade in a living room furnished with white furniture and items will make for a perfect bold and classic appearance.

5.    Rearrange Books

Rearrange Books

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Books are often stacked in book shelves. Even though there is nothing wrong in keeping books at hand, try adding some color instead of going for expensive accessories through colorful book binding option. You can also change the location and put them in fire place during summer season for a different appeal.

6.    Organize Furniture

Organize Furniture

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This is one of the most widely used living room ideas. Move around the furniture items to find the best seating arrangement. Place the desk by window for a change and your sofa near the fireplace versus the television for awhile.

7.    DIY Projects

Old Tyre Recycling DIY Projects


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DIY projects allow you to decorate your home inexpensively. There are several small home accessories such as a old tyres that can be customized to give a new feeling to a room.

8.    Plain, Comfortable, and Retro Look

simple living room design

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Some people enjoy simple looking living rooms. Instead of overcrowding the room, give your living room a simple yet stylish appearance. Do not go for explicit masculine or feminine items. Install large windows to invite more light. Also, try patterned carpets in large rooms to avoid hollow feeling. Add a wooden coffee table with health inspiring plants and a colorful throw for an inviting appearance.

9.    Paints

Paints and color

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Freshen up the walls of your living room through vibrant colors. In fact, color paint just one wall and keep the others limited to a neutral shade. This will immediately change and refresh the living room space without spending large volumes of money.

10.    Rearrange Everyday Objects

Living room Remodling

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Rearrange the regular items whether a collection of boots or an old antique piece and display them in a conscious way to add an elevating style to both room and objects.

11.    Cheerful colors

Cheerful colors Room Colors

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Mix up different colors, shapes and fabrics with art and antique pieces to create a delightful bohemian atmosphere.

There are plenty of other cheap living room ideas and options to suit a room’s layout for decorating a space on a budget. All it takes is some inspiration and creativity on your part.




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