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33 Boys Dorm Room Ideas


Moving into a college dorm is a huge milestone for every kid. This article will help you make it big with 33 boys’ dorm room ideas.

Whether it’s your first time moving into a dorm or you have had fun in your previous programs, you have a lot to experiment and enjoy.

College time is the most adequate time in your life to explore your personality at a new level. After all, you can decorate your space without restricting views of your folks. Use this time – and the resources for college – well.

Here are 35 boys’ dorm room ideas that will give you insight into different angles of your personality. Which one of these relates to you most? Which ones are most practical given the space in your dorm room?

Decide and apply!

1. Be Minimalist

Be Minimalist-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Space available in most dorm rooms prompts our inner minimalist to wake up and take charge. Why not use this minimalist’s advice with fun. Make a point of planning for organizers, cabinets, and drawers carefully while you plan the layout of your dorm room.

You can stack your possessions in an over-the-door storage space or use an under-the-bed drawer to store them. Also, nightstands give you lots of space to keep items for everyday use.

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2. Choose Bright Colors

Choose Bright Colors-boys' dorm room ideas
Source; architecturaldigest.com

You would want your room to have orange painted walls. But adding a tinge of brightness will keep you from falling into slumber in usually dark dorm rooms. Use red or orange colors as highlights against other darker or lighter tones.

For example, if you have used a dark color palette to show off your artistic streak, use an item – such as a bed runner or a nightstand – in red.

3. Make Light a Welcoming Feature

Make Light a Welcoming Feature-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

You would spend only a limited time at your dorm. But when you do, you want it to feel like home. For that matter, the best rooms are those that are well-lit and comfortable.

If your dorm window is allowing lots of sunlight to pass through, make a point to keep the obstructions away. Don’t crowd the space around this window with cupboards or other dorm décor ideas. If your window has enough space at its sill, there is no better decoration for it than a small air purifying plant

4. Or Use Artificial Light

Or Use Artificial Light-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: blisslights.com

Not every college student is lucky enough to get a room with large windows. Most have to make good use of their rather dark dorms. If life gives you a dark dorm, light it up with LED lights.

Use them under the ceiling, desks, or even under the bed.

If you are ready to put in this effort of installing LED lights, you can also experiment with darker colors to paint walls and furniture.

5. Or chose Rope Lights

Or chose Rope Lights-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: raisingteenstoday.com

They are not just the lighting accessory you need to create the right ambiance in your room but also enhance the men’s bedroom décor you want in your dorm. You can hang them around all corners of the room or select one wall and make a pattern there.

6. Or Upgrade to LED Strip Light

Or Upgrade to LED Strip Light-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

If rope lights don’t align with you, you can switch to using LED strip lights. They are a match made in heaven for music lovers especially those who bass and jazz as they are often synced with music via Bluetooth.

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7. Choose Lamps Thoughtfully

Choose Lamps Thoughtfully-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

You can go with minimalist study lamps that can double as night lights as well and are portable. Or you can go with one that best describes your personality.

You can also try to find a mix of the two concerns if you can do research.

8. Gray and Blue

Gray and Blue
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Blue is always considered a masculine color. Add to it the cool effect of gray and express your inner beauty.
Indulge in gray if you don’t want yourself to be overwhelmed by blue color and add light splashes of blue here and there. Or maintain an equal balance between the two.

9. Black and White

Black and White Boys dorm room-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: chuzailiving.com

The traditional mix of black and white never goes out of style. Make sure you understand the lighting conditions of your dorm while creating a balance between the two hues.

10. Add a Rug

Add a Rug
Source: roomdsign.com

One way to make your dorm reminiscent of your room at home is making it cozy. And what’s a better way of adding these dorm vibes of comfort and ease than to add a rug on the hard floor. Match it with the color of your comforter or you can make it a statement piece.

11. And Curtains

Source: housetweaking.com

You are leaving your home behind. It’s easy as it is and you don’t want to add the difficulty of leaving your privacy as well with this departure.

Adding curtains to your bunk bed is a surefire way to claim this privacy. Use lighter fabric, by the way, these are going to be open most of the day after all.

12. Support Your Sport

Support Your Sport
Source: decorforkids.com

What kind of sports fan are you? And what teams gain your support?

If you are into sports and want to showcase your allegiance, you can use posters, action figures, and fan gear of your favorite team as your dorm theme.

Or just use a cap of the relevant team to express your solidarity.

13. Music Haven

Music Haven-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: pinterest.com

College is the time to explore new hobbies and passions. But it doesn’t mean that you should leave your childhood love of music behind. Remain connected with it by keeping your guitar or other instruments at the forefront of your room.

Place it just beside your bed or hang it on the wall facing the door to make it the focal point of your room.

14. Your Good Men Project

Your Good Men Project
Source: modernteen.co

If you are a person who believes in continuous improvement, you might want to make taking your daily dose of motivation a major point of your daily activities. You want reminders of your life principles or you are in the process of building your identity with your thoughts.

If motivation and discipline are what you want from your dorm, use motivational quotes and reminders to decorate the walls.

15. Or Just Show Your Creative Side

abstract painting for boy room-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: decoist.com

Search for DIY projects for wall hanging and get inspired to take action. You can choose from the easiest – like a collage or an abstract painting – or more difficult – for example, a detailed wood engraving.
Whatever you do, it should have a connection with your personality and interest.

16. Use High Loft Bed

Source: modernteen.co

If you are habitual to huge spaces and clutter-free areas, life in a dorm room will be hard for you. A high loft bed can solve this space issue to some extent.
By using a high loft bed, you are essentially freeing up space beneath it. Use this space for other furniture, cupboards, desks, or sitting space.

17. Try Low Loft Bed

Try Low Loft Bed-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: modernteen.co

No doubt that a low loft bed is not nearly as minimalist as a high loft bed but it’s something that can go in any dorm room no matter its height and built.

You can still fit storage containers and drawers underneath this bed to work around space issues.


18. Bedside Caddy is a Life Saver

Bedside Caddy is a Life Saver
Source: amazon.sg

If you have bought the idea of a loft bed to save space, you would also love the ease that comes with a bedside caddy. Keep all your night-time reading material in it. And don’t forget your journal!

19. Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: grownandflown.com

No one can undermine the sophisticated and modern look we get by adding black to cool room decor for guys. Give one or two walls this color and add lighter tones for other walls.

Make sure that you are using lighter colors for furniture. And then top it off with another layer of black for comforters and sheets.

20. Bright Pops

bright dorm room for boys
Source: homeaddict.io

Make it loud with bright colors. Red and orange are not the only colors that add energy and enthusiasm to a room. You can choose other colors as well in your dorm room decorating ideas. And if you don’t want to over-use these shades of life, use smaller items with them to make it a statement item.

You can use cushions, decoration pieces, and chairs to add the much-needed color to an otherwise neutral background of your dorm room.

21. Add Color and Personality with Bean Bags

Bean Bags-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Don’t think that bean bags only make part of men’s living room ideas.

These bags not only make a great option for your college dorm décor but also give you extra seating. And if you want to change your posture from the upright posture of sitting on a desk or lying on your bed for studying, you can use it.

22. Use Posters

Use Posters-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: pintrest.com

Motivational quotes are not for everyone. And if you want to decorate your wall without breaking the bank, you can use posters to do that.

Choose a theme or go wild without worrying about pattern or color combination.

23. Or Use Congratulations Notes from Your Old Mates

Notes from Your Old Mates-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: pinterest.com

There is nothing more personal than greetings from your fellows. They are reminders of the love you received.

And they come in handy when you miss them or feel homesick. Sticking them up on the wall is the best way to acknowledge the people behind these notes and their contribution to your success.

24. For the Love of Space – Get Multi-layered Pant Hangers

Multi-layered Pant Hangers in dorm room-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: walmart.com

They won’t decorate your dorm but they will keep it from clutter.

25. And A Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: coodecor.com

Use one that can hold files and folders as well as writing material.

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26. Use a T-Shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt in dorm room
Source: comestitchwithme.com

This is another cool stuff for your room that allows you to celebrate your past. Collect all the shirts you have worn to important events in your life and upcycle them to make a quilt. Hang it on your dorm wall and express your pride in your past.

27. Show Your Solidarity with a Flag

Show Your Solidarity with a Flag-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: pintrest.com

In addition to fan gear and posters for your favorite sports team, you can show your loyalty with their flags. But flags are not limited to showing your liking for sports teams only. You can use them to represent your home country, your high school, and your house at the college.

28. Showcase Your Music Love with Throw Pillows

Use themes or slogans of your favorite singers or bands on your throw pillows. Or you can use this method to express your love using study pillows as well.

29. Thoughtful Study Pillows

You want to incorporate your daily dose of motivation in your dorm room decoration but don’t want to invade the shared space of walls. We’ve got you covered.

Use motivation quotes on your study pillow so it remains visible to you as you get to your bed.

30. Make Your Backrest Standout

Use a bright color for your husband pillow. Or make it white and neutral if you’ve used a dark pallet for the room.

Again, you can use it as an opportunity to showcase your affinity with your favorite band or your best sports team. Get it customized to add your personality.

31. Arrange Some Extra Seats

Arrange Some Extra Seats-boys' dorm room ideas
Source: teenvogue.com

No doubt your life at college is going to be busy and you will find yourself spending only a few hours at your dorm. Still, the possibility of having guests in your room is not lost yet.

For more relaxed days, you would want to have some extra seats in your dorm. While they don’t have to be too exclusive and personal, you wouldn’t want to compromise on their durability. Also, find those pieces that you can store after use.

32. Use Trunks

If this is your first encounter with living in a dorm, you would be surprised by the lack of storage space this place is going to offer you. Be prepared!

Take trunks with you and be ready to use them often.

33. Show Your Discipline

Did someone tell you that you are signing up for the busiest time of your life? Use a wall planner to help you navigate it.

This article covered 33 boys’ dorm room ideas. These decorative ideas are not only pleasing for the eyes but also make your life at college a lot easier.


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