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Top 14 Glass Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For a Gorgeous Kitchen


Kitchen is the central place of your home where you spend quality time of your day, so why not make it more modern, glamorous and inviting. Adding glass kitchen cabinets renders that wow factor to the cooking space you have always dreamed of. They allow you to display your expensive china, while saving you the hassle of searching every cabinet to find a crucial piece of tableware. They also make the room appear more spacious and artful. Adding glass cabinets does not mean you have to replace the old ones. Redesign your existing shelves into glamorous glass cabinets by inserting glass doors.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

When adding glass to your cabinets, take into account the following two things. First is the type of glass you need to use; each glass serves a different purpose. From clear and translucent to opaque, textured, grooved glass look, the market teems with all sorts of designs to complement your kitchen cabinet style. Clear glass kitchen cabinets show off items inside making them inappropriate for cereal boxes, canned products and other less attractive items you want to hide.

They are perfect for showcasing expensive and delicate china, wine glasses and champagne flutes etc. Frosted glass kitchen cabinets are suitable if you don’t want to highlight the items. They not conceal the stuff inside the cabinets to a large extent, but also give a glamorous look to the door. Textured glass cabinets paired with cool marble surfaces add visual texture to your kitchen and make every day dishes standout like display pieces. Second factor to be considered when introducing glass cabinets to your kitchen is the location. If you have kids in the house, it’s better not to add glass doors on lower cabinets.

Now let’s discover the various options that will assist you in choosing the right glass door cabinets for your kitchen.

1 – Textured Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Textured Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Image via BHG

There are different types of ornamental glasses available in the market. These include ribbed glass, glass with air pockets to create a textured look, frosted glass and etched glass etc. Decorative glass cabinets not only display all flatware and china, but also add visual texture to the kitchen.

2 – Frameless Glass-Front Cabinets

Frameless Glass-Front Cabinets

Image via Houzz

Frameless glass front cabinets have a whole front sheet of glass for the entire cabinet with decorative hinges. The lack of hardware gives an airy and light feel to the kitchen.

3 – Glass-Front Cabinets With Paint At The Back

Glass-Front Cabinets With Paint

Image via Houzz

For those who love a trace of color in their kitchen, these glass front cabinets with a hint of mint at the back are a perfect option. Adding a little color to your kitchen makes it appear more alive. You can also add other colors that go with your kitchen scheme.

4 – Sliding Glass Cabinet Doors

Sliding glass cabinet

Image via Decoist

Two sheets of sliding glass drilled in hardware or finger-pull cut through the glass slide back and forth on a recessed track. More popular in the 70’s, it is back in fashion again.

5 – Smart Glass Cabinets For Compact Kitchen

Smart glass cabinets

Image via Decoist

Glass cabinets are the perfect solution for a compact kitchen. While the wood makes the kitchen look solid and crowded, glass adds an entirely different feel by making it appear airy and spacious in addition to giving it a touch of sparkle.

6 – Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Image via Miserv

Stained glass cabinets provide a customized look to your kitchen. Use stained glass door cabinets with interior cabinet lighting to enhance the look of the glass. The warm glow of the light through the stained glass will add a hint of gloss to the kitchen.

7 – Glass Cabinets On The Kitchen Floor

Glass Cabinets On The Kitchen Floor

Image via Homesthetics

These are ideal for people who don’t have small kids or canines in their homes. Though not very practical, glass cabinets look beautiful on the floor giving your kitchen a distinctive appearance.

8 – Painted Glass Kitchen Cabinets


Image via Decoist

Painted glass cabinet doors are frameless with back-painted glass to offer a wonderful glossy look to the kitchen.

9 – Peninsula Glass Cabinets

Peninsula Glass Cabinets

Image via Homedit

Peninsula cabinets are found in areas that divide the cooking space and an adjacent space like the dining room. They are accessible on three sides and adding glass-front peninsula cabinets to the kitchen give it a more open feeling.

10 – Muntins On Glass Cabinets

Muntins On Glass Cabinets

Image via Traditional Home

Muntins are timber or metal moldings that hold individual frames of glass or serve for decorative purposes over an entire sheet of glass. They work well to enhance the look of your glass kitchen cabinets, thereby combining style with functionality.

11 – Lighting Options for Glass Kitchen Cabinets


Image via Interiordesign

Install interior cabinet lighting to highlight your collections of silverware and dinner sets of crystal and porcelain. The lights will not only augment everything on display, but would also add extra sparkle to the glass doors.

12 – Picture Window Glass Cabinets

Window Glass Cabinets

Image via Houzz

For kitchens with more windows and less wall space, picture window glass cabinets are ideal. You place the glass cabinet on top of the window with no rear panel for the cabinet. It not only brings more sunlight into the kitchen, but also beauty the backyard. Also, make sure the window geometry aligns with the cabinet design.

13 – Adding Glass Cabinets Above Upper Cabinets

Glass Cabinets Above Upper Cabinets

Image via Miserv

Adding glass cabinets above the upper kitchen cabinets allow you to exhibit your beloved items. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to utilize the usually wasted space of your kitchen.

14 – Combing Glass Cabinets With Wooden Cabinets

wooden and glass cabinets

Image via Pixabay

To break the heaviness of all the wooden cabinetry going all the way up to the ceiling, we can use a few glass cabinets. The glass will add glamour to the kitchen, break the monotony and give a feeling of openness.

To transform your kitchen into an exciting cooking space, here are some more kitchen design ideas.

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