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14 Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Save a Thousand Buck


When done right, kitchen remodeling tips can help add style and flair to the best room in the house! Take a look at some of our kitchen remodeling tips and steal some of them to personalize your kitchen. These kitchen remodeling tips are perfect for any inexpensive home remodeling project.

14 Magnificent Kitchen Remodeling Tips

1. Create An Eye-Catching Dish Gallery

Source: countryliving.com

If you have a bare kitchen wall, use it as a dish display case. Just install the dowels, add some wood shelves and you have simple and inexpensive kitchen decor. Paint the wood shelves to match with your wall for some added pizzazz and display your best crockery.

2. Add Metal Shelves For More Space and Style

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Metal shelving is a regular feature of professional and industrial kitchens. But home kitchens looking for vertical storage can easily add a series of metal shelving units without extensively remodeling the kitchens. Adding metal shelves is considered to be one of the important kitchen remodeling tips.

3. Explore Different Storage Options

Storage OptionsImage via: This Old House

When it comes to kitchen remodeling and decorations, shelves aren’t your only choice. There are a variety of customizable storage options like the pullout organizer storage you see here.

4. Add New Lighting For Less

Add-As-Much-Light-As-PossibImage via Flickr

A good kitchen deserves some amazing lights. If you can’t afford to buy them, update your existing pendant lights with a bit of DIY magic. The light above has been decorated with clothespins to add a bit of character to the room.

5. Bring Cohesion with a color Theme

White Kitchen Color Scheme Blue Glass Tile Backsplash IdeasImage via Webkize.com

Here is a magnificent New York kitchen that looks like a million bucks despite the tiny space. A chic silvery-blue wallpaper adds a surprising excitement to the kitchen. The open window and natural light helps as well. Include it in your perfect kitchen remodeling tips.

6. Add As Much Light As Possible

Bright KithcenImage Credit Flickr

Overhead lighting, LED lights and natural light should be pouring into the kitchen. Just make sure that all of it falls in front of you. For this purpose, under-cabinet lighting is best, these are indeed useful and effective kitchen remodeling tips.

7. When All Else Fails Go Neutral

Grey KitchenImage: Flickr

This is one of our secret kitchen remodeling tips. A white kitchen is always en vogue. However, if it requires high-maintenance, then go for gray. The sleek and sophisticated color palette here is complemented by a pop of white. Grey kitchens do really well in sunny and hot climates.

8. Hidden Outlets

Hidden PlugImage Via: Thisoldhouse.com

Got all your recipes saved on the iPad? Read them and charge your tablet in the kitchen conveniently with these well-placed electrical outlets. Adding more outlets is an important part of any kitchen remodeling project and rightfully so.

9. Rethink Your Fridge

FridgeImage via U-Line

Customize your fridge and integrate it into the existing décor of your kitchen. Those huge, hulking units are soon to become a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can easily add cooling to your kitchen cabinets as and when you need them.

10. Diagonal Utensil Dividers

Kitcehn Spoon DrawVia cshardware.com

Spoon storage may not sound like much, but it is a huge issue for anyone who uses their kitchen as it’s meant to be used. This clever drawer design idea solves the problem. The strategically angled space lets you fit even the tallest and bulkiest of tools into the drawer easily.

11. Drop the Walls for A Bigger Space

Kitchen Living RoomImage via Claytonmilanez.com

For most small kitchen users, the problem isn’t the lack of storage space. To them, the kitchen feels suffocating and all the cabinets may be just too overpowered, giving a claustrophobic feel. To manage this issue, it is a good idea to bring the kitchen into the living room by adding a window where the wall was.

12. Add Some Retro Charm To Kitchen

Retro KitcehnImage via This Old House

This simple yet elegant kitchen got a stylish makeover by retaining the retro details such as the cabinet designs. The upgrade came in the form of surface updates, lending an air of 60s sophistication to the kitchen. The owners saved quite a lot of cash on kitchen remodeling without compromising on the design aesthetics.

13. Makeover The Floors For Less

Carpet FloorImage courtesy Pixabay

Here’s one of our best kitchen remodeling tips. Instead of retiling and re-flooring the entire home, it is easier and more affordable to just disguise old floors with carpet squares. These can not only be found cheap, but also save the trouble of tearing out and replacing old tiles. Carpet lined kitchen floors are also child friendly, as these add a cushion to the floor.

14. Line Your Cabinets With Fabric For A Gorgeous Focal Point

Cabinets With Fabric PaintImage via Pretty Handy Girl

This comes last to our kitchen remodeling tips. When giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paints, consider giving them a brand new design as well. Just buy a cheap fabric with a design that appeals to you, cover foam board pieces with said fabric and then just put it at the back of the cabinets. And voila… you have brand new, eye catching cabinets ready!


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