Decorating your home doesn’t always has to be an expensive venture. There are plenty of ways to give your home a fresh look without spending too much money.  Here are a few tips about decorating on a budget.

1.  Update Lampshades

Update Lampshades

Updating your lampshades is an outstanding way to enhance a room’s interior. Use white or contemporary shapes for an elegant look.

2.  Featured Wall

The right paint can give a classy new look to your home. Instead of painting all the room walls, just paint one wall in a focal color. Paint in contrast to your furniture. Try also painting the insides of bookshelves in a unique color. You can also coat your ceiling in a lighter version of the wall color. Give a fresh look to the dull areas of your home with vibrant shades.

3.  Window Dressings

Update the expression of your window dressings. Home stores such as ‘IKEA’ offer readymade draperies that you can hem according to your required size. You can also have custom made sheets according to the specific length to use as window dressings.

4.  Two Contrast Colors

Two Contrast Colors

Use two contrasting colors, let’s say one bright and one dull or a black and white scheme to use as a repeating theme across your room’s furniture and walls.

5.  Clean Your Clutter

Do not add a lot of accessories. Too much of anything also ruins the look. Take extra home decor accessories and store them in a box or place them in areas (one by one) where they can have an impactful appearance.

6.  Shift your Paintings and Art Work

Try changing paintings around the different areas of your home. Switching paintings will give a fresh look to your walls.

7.  Classic Display Scheme

Arrange your family pictures in matching frames to display in the form of a gallery across the walls of your hallway and staircase. As a tip, spread them on a floor and organize them till you are able to find the right balance and composition for a stylish look.

8.  Frame Moldings

Use frame moldings to give a plain wall or hallway an instant paneled look. Choose a contrasting or white shade for painting the moldings.

9.  Chandeliers

ChandeliersImage Credit: Flickr

Replace the overhead lighting with chandeliers. It is advisable to contact a professional electrician for the installation of chandeliers. Extra crystal drops are also good options to further compliment the look.

10.  Use Rugs


Image Credit: Flickr

Visit carpet stores to buy remnants of rugs at all-time low prices. Tidy up its edges through hand sewing either on your own or through a store.

11.  Retile Kitchen Backsplashes

Retile Kitchen Backsplashes

Image Credit: Flickr

Many of the backsplashes need a few square ft. of tile that can be treated to a fancy style. Porcelain tiles are a good option for covering most of the surface. You can also mix together a few high-end or hand-painted tiles as accents.

12.  Add Small Details

Add Small Details

Image Credit: Flickr

Addition of small details such as exquisite coasters, small vases with fresh flowers and desk frames can make a big difference to the entire look of your kitchen.

13.  Place Pots on Windowsill

Place Pots on WindowsillImage Credit: Flickr

Buy a few pots and paint them in a pattern of three colors. Place the pots on a windowsill for a fresh breathing kitchen or an upgraded bedroom look.

14.  Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Image Credit: Flickr

You can buy stylish bathroom accessories from big stores for a fraction of a price; do not go to high-end boutiques. Attractive designs are available in different materials such as wood, china etc.

15.  Use a Pink Light Bulb

Use a Pink Light Bulb

Image Credit: Flickr

Use a pink light bulb in your bedroom’s lamp for a romantic glow. You can also choose a pink lampshade for getting similar effect.

16.  Replace Cabinet Pulls and Drawers


Image Credit: Flickr

Consider replacing the cabinet pulls and drawers of your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen with stylish ones. Visit IKEA, Lee Valley and other big box stores, to purchase low-priced yet stylish drawers and cabinet pulls. You should also visit an antique store for adding vintage cabinets to your home.

17.  Replace Curtain of your Bathroom Shower

Curtain of your Bathroom Shower

Image Credit: Flickr

Replacing the curtain of your bathroom shower will freshen up the entire place in an instant.

18.  Install a New Faucet

New Faucet

Image Credit: Flickr

Replace your old kitchen and bathroom faucets with the new ones. Installation of a new faucet is a simple DIY project. The fittings are available at big box stores along with the required instructions.

19.  Hang Vintage Plates

Hang Vintage Plates

Image Credit: Flickr

Buy a stylish but inexpensive frame for framing memorable pictures and vintage plates to hang on you walls. Attach additional things such as rings and paint them white to give an artistic look. You can also hang the frames without adding any pictures for a simple yet artful effect.

20.  Add a Mirror


Image Credit: Flickr

Hang a beautiful mirror, opposite the window to maximize light in the dark areas of your home.

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