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9 Inexpensive Home Remodeling Ideas


Home is where the heart is a common saying, so it must reflect your taste and style. To make your home a blissful place, you may be looking for effective but inexpensive home upgrades as well as home remodeling ideas.

Home Remodeling Ideas

To help you out, some of the best, simple, and elegant house makeover tips by famous designers are shared below:

1. Painting Your Closet

Painting Your Closet
Source: domino.com

Designer Jeannette Whitson suggests painting the closet of your bedroom in your favorite color. She has painted her closet with Benjamin Moore’s Blue instead of the usual wall painting in her Nashville, Tennessee, house.

2. Opt for the Simplest Windows

simple window treatment

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You may have heard that simplicity has beauty in itself. William Cummings and Brent Heiberg recommend having the ceiling and walls custom colored to complement with furniture.

You can further enhance the look of all your rooms through a simple window treatment.

3. Install a Wind Chime

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Liza Pulitzer Calhoun proposes hanging a wind chime in a house where it can catch a breeze to make a catchy sound. She has done so in the dining room of her house located in Palm Beach, Florida.

4. Decorate Plants inside your Home

indoor living room plants

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You can decorate a few of your favorite plants inside each room. Noel Jeffrey advises decorating flowers and greenery in the study area or living room to have a comfortable and relaxed vibe.

He has done so himself in his master bedroom reading area in the Hamptons.

5. Polish Your Floors

3677228277_7143bc15e3_zSource: flickr.com

Wood is a versatile material unmatched by other flooring options; however, it becomes dull overtime due to high foot traffic, dust, and dirt.

Nevertheless, you can have it restored by employing a floor polish designed specifically for the hardwood floors. Polish the wooden floors of the most used parts of your home every 4 to 6 months to beautify your overall house interior.

6. Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover
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Give the fireplace of your house a modern makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to clean your fireplace using a stain-blocking primer before applying paint on it to cover the stains.

High-gloss paints are an admirable choice to give an exquisite look to your fireplace.

7. Add Some Lights

Add Some Lights
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Light fixtures are a great way to enhance and sooth a space. Use ambient lighting to successfully light a room through sheets of light with accent.

You can also add a chandelier, sconce, or a pendant to add to the sophisticated look of your room. Adding a whimsical chandelier just above your kitchen sink will not only enhance its look but will also prove as a great source of light.

8. Decorate Your Entryway

Source: sonomamag.com

Entryway is the most significant part of your house. Decorate it with small accessories such as a letterbox and outdoor lighting.

Entryway details not only make for a lasting impression on your guests but also add a unique personality to the entire house. Match finishing on accessories for a classic entryway look.

You can also choose vintage and upcycled fixtures for an aesthetic appearance.

9. Clean your Carpets

Clean your Carpets
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Clean carpets not only enhance the look of your house but also add to your family’s health. Even though you vacuum your carpets regularly, it only helps to remove dust, dirt, and hair.

A professional carpet cleaning service, on the other hand, removes allergens, dust mites, grit and stains. Furthermore, the cleaners also take out mold and growth of mildew from carpets in the humid areas of your home.

Following the aforementioned tips will let you renovate your home within your budget. If you have more money-saving tips, feel free to share them with us.

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