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10 Kitchen Shelving Ideas to Display your Gorgeous Dishes


Kitchen storage can be a challenge if you have limited space or you don’t know how to maximize your cabinets, closets and wall space. For those who have beautiful dishes, collectibles or just an impressive cookbook collection, creative ideas for shelving is essential. Look at these 10 kitchen shelving ideas you’ll love to steal for your kitchen this season.

10 Kitchen Shelving Ideas to Display your Gorgeous Dishes

1. Simple Wall Shelving Ideas:

Who would of thought that taking a bare wall and installing dowels and wood shelves could lead to a beautiful “dish gallery”? We love how Country Living transformed this dining room with these simple shelves. Consider painting your wood shelves a contrasting color to match your decor.

Image via: Country Living

2. Bringing Home Storage into your Kitchen:

When decorating your kitchen remember shelving doesn’t have to be fancy nor expensive. Consider visiting your favorite home improvement or office supply store for creative home storage ideas. From rubber bins and pullout drawers to bakers racks that do double duty as plate storage, the sky is the limit.

3. Storage Shelves Variations:

The great part about designing your kitchen is the ability to use different materials for your storage. These shelves in this kitchen from Apartment Therapy show a variation of wood and painted wood shelves for displaying books, appliances, decor and dishes.


Image via: Deozilla

4. Need Help with Pantry Organization?

Can’t seem to keep your pantry organized? Here’s a few tricks. Try using baskets to separate smaller items and tiered shelving for spices and condiments. Personalize baskets with chalkboard signs or with a label maker. This will help everyone in the family know where to get and put back kitchen items.

5. Pantry Shelving Can Add More Vertical Space:

If your kitchen includes a pantry, lucky you! Pantries are a great way to store food items, bake ware, dishes and more in a vertical fashion. Most pantries have a door to close off this area from the rest of your kitchen – while many homeowners opt to take off the door and display unique organization. This gorgeous pantry from Homebunch is surrounded by decorative shelving for unique cake stands and pretty white dishes.


Image via: Homebunch

6. Don’t Forget about Walk in Closet Organization:

If you have a spare closet or walk in pantry consider giving it a multi-functional use for storing kitchen items and for hanging up pots and pans on a pegboard or hang your favorite aprons on wall hooks. We often forget that walk in closet storage can do double duty to relieve an overcrowded cabinet out in the main kitchen.

7. Multifunctional Metal Shelving Ideas:

Who says metal shelving is only for the garage or for an industrial kitchen? Metal shelving is making its way into residential kitchens for open storage that is practical yet gives a professional culinary touch to any kitchen. Consider using a series of metal shelving units against a bare wall or inside of a large panty to gain more vertical storage.

metal shelving kitchen ideas
Metal shelving isn’t just for commercial kitchens and garages

Image via: BHG

8. Creative Kitchen Island Storage:

Don’t forget your kitchen island can store dishes, appliances, and decor just like your open shelves and cabinetry. Decide if you have decorative cookbooks, or heirloom dishes to display. Many kitchen cabinetry manufacturers can custom make display units along with storage areas

9. Give your Kitchen a Facelift with Open Storage Cabinets:

Does your kitchen cabinets need a facelift? Consider removing the doors to expose just the cabinetry boxes in your kitchen. Open storage cabinets have become popular and can be stained a different color or painted to match your kitchen’s color palette.  These cabinets from Apartment Therapy look like reclaimed wood to bring a rustic flair to the kitchen storage.

open shelving kitchen ideas
Ordinary cabinetry can get a facelift by removing the doors!

Image via: Apartment Therapy

10. Use a Variety of Storage Options:

While kitchen shelving is essential don’t forget creative storage options such as pullout cabinet organizers to make the most of your storage options. Kitchen designers can customize storage options for your home, or look to your favorite design blogs and magazines for inspiration!

Kitchen pullout shelving
Kitchen pullout shelving ideas can be customized in your kitchen

Image via: This Old House

Take these kitchen shelving tips into your home and see how much they improve your productivity as well as get you organized and ready for cooking. Whether you display your dishes as part of your decor or for functionality these 10 kitchen shelving tips will be essential.


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