Gone are the days when the fireplace would just heat up your surroundings. Now a fireplace is considered to be an eye-grabbing factor in your home. Fireplace – a corner where you harness all your creative energies and present your aesthetic sense all at once.

With tons of fireplace designs available, the fireplace tile ideas emerge more than the wooden and rustic ones. The tiled hearth of a fireplace shows how deep you are into aesthetic panache. A keen eye for detail is required when it comes to designing an ideal fireplace hearth.

If you wonder what design to consider while crafting your fireplace tiles, stay with us. Here in this article, we have put together some mind-blowing fireplace tile ideas that will help you spruce up your fireplace scheme. After all, it is wise to invest in executing the right fireplace idea for your living room.

Grab as much attention as you please with our list of the top 26 sensational fireplace tile ideas to glamorize your living room to the fullest!

Why Tile-Based Fireplaces Over Wooden or Marble Ones?

Wooden or marble-based fireplaces have been a part of traditions for the most cultured families. But nowadays, people are turning to tiled fireplaces due to their elegant and chic appearance and amazing affordability.

The timeless wooden and incredibly posh marble is rather expensive for people who want to work things out under a budget. However, regardless of what the budget is, people love to get a tile-based design for their fireplace. You can choose your desired pattern from endless choices regarding texture, color, and pattern.

Here are Top 25 Sensational Fireplace Tile Ideas for Your Fireplace!

Whether you are looking for a stunning update to your chimney’s structure or get a classic hearth design for the overall build, the following fireplace tile ideas have got you covered. Let’s read on without further ado.

Neutral Interior Design Nothing beats the beauty of what a neutral yet elegant fireplace tile design can bring. Suppose soot-stained chimney has become quite dull, tile up the insides of your fireplace. You better go for stones and ceramics structure of tiles.

1. 50 Shades of Gray Chevron Tile

50 Shades of Gray Chevron Tile
source: houzz.com

Add a total breathtaking twist to your fireplace by creating a zigzag pattern or chevron at a 45-degree angle with the grey shaded colors or their hues.

A mix of silver, steel, and dark grey tones can change the game for you. Also, nothing can go wrong with an ideal zigzag pattern of tiles over the fireplace hearth.

2. Marble Tiles for Timeless Appearance

Marble Tiles for Timeless Appearance
source: pinterest.com

Marble is something that would never go out of time. No matter what decade you are updating your fireplace, marble tiles can transform your ordinary-looking room into a royal one. Give your fireplace a luxurious, chic look with marble tiles along with sheer glamour!

3. Show-Stealing, Classy Ceramic Tiles

Show-Stealing, Classy Ceramic Tiles
source: thehandymansdaughter.com

How can something not look classic and majestic with ceramic-based accessories? Ceramic tiles are one of the best fireplace tile ideas out there. They effortlessly give a whole new statement to your fireplace and add to the style. What else could you ask for?

4. Moroccan Inspired Wooden Tiles

Moroccan Inspired Wooden Tiles
Source: pinterest.com

Just know that nothing can go wrong with a fireplace having a wooden grain finishing. From the beginning towards the end, your fireplace will surely present a breathtaking look shining with Moroccan-inspired prints, colors, and patterns. Such fireplace tile ideas are sure to make you feel warm and cozy.

5. Stylish and Durable Cement Tiles

Stylish and Durable Cement Tiles
source: granadatile.com

Looking for something stylish yet elegant to complete the overall look of your fireplace? Well, we recommend you to go with rugged cement tiles.

Found in a variety of patterns, cement tiles add a delicate and elegant finish to your fireplace, and that’s what you desperately want, right?

6. Farmhouse Inspired Rustic Style Tiles

Farmhouse Inspired Rustic Style Tiles
source: pinterest.com

Finally, something for rustic and dull shades lovers – a set of farmhouse-inspired black, brown, and white shaded tiles. With a black tile back panel coupling with a white tile front panel, you are creating an aesthetically charming herringbone pattern on your fireplace. Such farmhouse design is one of the most liked fireplace tile ideas.

7. Subway Tiles and White Grout

Subway Tiles and White Grout
source: pinterest.com

If you haven’t got enough stuff in your hands and want to get done designing your fireplace hearth in minimal effort, go for this fireplace set-up idea.

Even an outdated hearth will pull off this simple set of updates. Create a white-on-white subway tile façade coupling glass fireplace doors. Yes, you guessed it right – a whole majestic fresh night view every day!

8. Pearl Ceramic Tiles

Pearl Ceramic Tiles
source: pinterest.com

Nothing could look more stunning than pearlescent ceramic tiles contrasting with the matte blue built-ins. Using soft and sandy shades of blue and beige will take the overall appearance of your living room to another level. Moreover, the rest of the interior design and accessories will shine the best this way!

Fan of royal blue and its shades and hues? Go for pearl ceramic tiles to glamorize your fireplace without thinking further.

9. Sky-High Tiles Addition

Sky-High Tiles Addition
source: mydomaine.com

Have you been lucky enough to get the high ceilings in your living room? If yes, then nothing should stop you from increasing the potential of your fireplace higher and higher.

Apply floor-to-ceiling tiles installation to add a superb, stylish factor to your living room. Elongated and taller rooms display more class and superiority over the short ones. So, now you know how you can leverage the height of your room.

10. Try Oversized Gray Tiles

Try Oversized Gray Tiles
source: pinterest.com

What would look the coolest on a traditional fireplace? Different-sized grey tiles coupled with subtle gradient ones around your fireplace. It is one of the most exemplary fireplace tile ideas you could find over there. Rustic shades lovers should definitely give this tile design a shot!

Still not satisfied finding your desired design? Look for more. Our list still has a long way to go!

11. Stack your Fireplace with Royal Blue Subway Tiles

Try Oversized Gray Tiles
source: mercutymosaics.com

If color is what makes your heart dance, then leave everything up to it. Moreover, a set of royal blue tiles going beyond the fireplace will give a majestic and breathtaking look to your living room.
Impress your guests with a single look of your living room with the royal blue tiles stacking up your fireplace!

12. Classic Black and White Tiles Design

Classic Black and White Tiles Design
source: pinterest.com

Anything can go down, but a combination of black and white could never! It’s just how aesthetically pleasing this combination is. And when this is embedded as a tile design for your fireplace, your living room would present a view of ART! Get black and white marble tiles and create a basket-weave pattern. It’s your time to shine your way through this wonderful fireplace tile idea!

13. Give High-Gloss Subway Tiles a Try!

Give High-Gloss Subway Tiles a Try!
source: mydomaine.com

If you already have a fireplace set up for a full-wall tiles design, you have no idea how high-gloss tiles would be a kick-ass design choice. The floor-to-ceiling subway tiles in a pearly sheen will present a stunning, scenic view of your living room.

Don’t miss out on this fireplace tile idea if you have a sky-high set-up.

14. Soft Beige and White Tiles Design

Soft Beige and White Tiles Design
source: backsplash.com

Most of the soft color pallets lovers would never go for loud shades. Here we have got one of the ideal fireplace tile ideas for them. High-gloss beige tiles with subtle wood grain add a whole comfortable look to your room – a living room anyone would die to rest their eyes in!

15. Absolute Black Fireplace Tile Ideas

Absolute Black Fireplace Tile Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Want to achieve a modern and chic look for your fireplace with minimal effort? Nothing but a simple black color is your way through it. Get simple black block-type tiles on the white background of your fireplace. Not only will it leave a bold statement on your living room, but it will also add an elegant touch to your interior design.

16. Mediterranean Fireplace Tiles Design

Mediterranean Fireplace Tiles Design
source: pinterest.com

Instead of going overboard, bring Mediterranean vibes right to your fireplace. A Mediterranean tiles design would complement a beach-like living room. If you already have such a room, you shouldn’t be missing out on such a fireplace tile idea. The wooden door on each side will just add total elegance to the living room. So, what are you waiting for? Go for this design already!

17. Porcelain Tiles Fireplace Design

Porcelain Tiles Fireplace Design
source: porcelanosa.com

The tiles in porcelain are widely available in different shades and patterns, so finding them shouldn’t be an issue for you. Moreover, porcelain tiles add versatility and an element of elegance to the overall appearance of your fireplace.

Does your home have a contemporary look, and you want to keep it that way, then stack up the entire wall behind the fireplace with oversized porcelain tiles.

18. Install Modern Vibrant Tiles

Install Modern Vibrant Tiles
source: bobvila.com

The coziness and warmth that many avant-garde gas fireplaces bring to the table are unmatched by all other existing fireplaces. If you have a window on each side of the fireplace, then you must consider such a fireplace design. Not only will this fireplace appearance be easy to install, but it will also remain in decent shape over a good period of time.

19. Stone Tile Fireplace Design

Stone Tile Fireplace Design
source: pinterest.com

Want to escape the ordinary and cruise your way to something different yet elegant? The stone-type tiles are your way through it. Without needing much of your attention, stone-like tiles present an unpretentious contemporary look that would perfectly suit a corner of your living room. A stone-like fireplace is one of the finest fireplace tile ideas you must give a shot!

20. Glass Mosaic Fireplace Tiles Idea

Glass Mosaic Fireplace Tiles Idea
source: decorpad.com

Glass tiles aren’t just to stack up the walls of your bathroom. You may embellish the look of your fireplace wall with glass mosaic tiles to present a tranquil look of a room.

If you have an extensive fireplace tile ideas budget, then don’t waste your savings on anything else but glass mosaic fireplace tiles design. Transform your living room into a total chic and sleek modern scene.

21. Colorful Ceramic Tiles

Colorful Ceramic Tiles
source: realhome.com

Do all the colors mentioned above seem too monotonous and boring to you? Don’t worry. Go for something colorfully creative.

The ceramic relief color patterned tiles are good options to glamorize the entire look of the background of your fireplace. After all, a neutral-toned living room will be contrasted well with such poppy color fireplace tiles design.

22. Stamped And Concrete Tiles Design

Stamped And Concrete Tiles Design
source: pinterest.com

Concrete is no longer just a base material for your walls. It serves the purpose of decorating a space in your living room really well.

When it comes to crafting a fireplace, stamped concrete adds great authenticity to the overall look of your living room. Moreover, it stays maintained for longer periods and is easy to refurnish.

23. Brick Fireplace Tiles Design

Brick Fireplace Tiles Design
source: homebnc.com

Want to add warmth and tradition to your living room without making much effort? The brick fireplace tile idea should be the way to go. It will add a natural flair to your living room, and your fireplace would rather look real instead of artificial.

24. Slate Tiles Fireplace Design

Slate Tiles Fireplace Design
source: pinterest.com

Compliment your modern fireplace by embedding slate tiles to the background of a fireplace. It will automatically add the aura of prestige that will successfully charm your visitors.

25. Try Granite Tiles

Try Granite Tiles
source: pinterest.com

Granite tiles look more like stones, marbles, and even textiles. Once they are incorporated into your fireplace design, they create a natural essence around your fireplace. Want to uniquely decorate your fireplace, go for granite as one of the best fireplace tile ideas.

Wrapping It Up!

Have you finally made your mind to dwell in the heavens of your dreams with an elegant and majestic fireplace in your room? If you did, refer to our absolute list of 25 one-of-its-kind fireplace tile ideas. The ideas presented will help you glamorize your entire room with breathtaking designs, so go for them right away!

Let us know in the comments section which fireplace tile idea inspired you the most.

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