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Why Staging Home is important?

One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is not prepping the house before buyers see it to give it that clean and minimal, but appealing, look. From big overhauls to small details, staging home is a strategy that will bring your Return on Investment of time and money. A well staged home will generate more interest and even 3-5% better offers. The Real Estate Staging Association studied sales and found that staged homes sold 79% faster.

What is Good Staging?

Some may worry that a staged house looks impersonal, like a waiting room, instead of home-like. Staging doesn’t have to be cold, but less is definitely more when you show a house.

Staging is important if you want to sell your house fast:

  • Staging illuminates the house’s features, not your style. Buyers want to see spaciousness, storage, light, and character.
  • Staging lets buyers imagine their life in the house, instead of seeing yours. That’s why effective staging presents an almost-blank canvas, with just the right amount of visual appeal and cues for the imagination.

Big Tips and Small Touches for Staging Home

Here are 5 projects that make a difference.

1.  Tackle Clutter and Scrub Your Home for a Great First Impression

No list of tips can overemphasize their importance. No matter what, these two are must-dos.

  • Declutter: All your stuff will distract buyers from seeing the house itself. No piles of magazines, no hundred family photos, no line-up of cereal boxes on the counter, no closets jammed to overflowing. You want the house, not you, in the foreground.
  • Clean: Really, really clean. Wash the walls and the blinds. Scrub grout with an old toothbrush. Dust, sweep, and mop everything. Polish windows, mirrors, and fixtures. Make everything sparkle. And don’t forget smells. You may love your cooking and pets, but their aromas need to be aired out.

2.  Give Your Curb Appeal Some TLC

lush lawn

Reseed and maintain your lawn to give “curb appeal” some boost. Let Heroes Lawn Care experts do the work and enjoy a guaranteed ROI.  It’s a big, beautiful part of your home’s first impression and suggests a house that’s been cared for. Also, trim bushes, plant some colorful native flowers, or place some pretty potted plants by the front door.

3.  Re-Paint Your Walls, and Stick to Neutrals

paint color

Go beige (or white). Walls in a fresh, neutral color are the foundation of good staging. It’s not the time to be trendy, and certainly not the time to leave that bedroom purple. Beige and white continue to be the go-to colors over time: neutral without being glum. No need to be boring! There are many subtly interesting shades out there.

4.  Use Staging as an Opportunity to Tell a Story

staging your home

Organize furniture and accent pieces to create vignettes. The right pops of color and personality are perfect final touches. In the kitchen, try glass jars of citrus or seasonal fruits/veggies. Leave a nice pot and cup of tea on the counter for that lived-in feeling, with charm and without Cap’n Crunch. A container of flowers adds fresh color anywhere. If you have blossoms or branches from the yard, you can remind buyers of the property’s landscaping. A few throw pillows also add colorful touches. Coffee table books, neatly arranged on a table or shelf, add personality, and also give you a chance to say something. Books on gardening or local history can emphasize special things about your house or location.

5.  Hire a Professional Stager

You can stage your home yourself, but throw a professional stager into the mix for added wealth of experience. Working within your budget, stagers can edit and arrange what you have or bring in just the right decor. They can handle one room or a whole house with the skill that makes buyers take notice. As Sacramento real estate agent Elizabeth Weintraub says, “Home staging is… the art of creating moods. Professional stagers are highly skilled artists.” Stagers cost about 1% of the list price and are well worth hiring if you’re feeling unsure or overwhelmed by your staging needs.

These Quick Tips Show Your House at Its Best

No one would think about attending a job interview or walking the red carpet at the Oscars without looking their absolute best. Do the same for your house through staging: this is your home’s chance to stand out from the competition and shine.

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