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Cost-Efficient Ways to Make your Home an Eco-Friendly Paradise


Energy efficiency and eco-friendly housing is not only for those who want to save the environment – it can also have very positive impacts on your wallet. There are many ways to make your home more eco-friendly. Some of the changes can be a one-time investment, while others can become your everyday habit. What’s the most important is that you don’t have to break the bank to implement these solutions. Using cost-effective strategies, you can create a comfortable environment inside your humble abode that also facilitates in saving energy, money, and nature as well. So here are our tips on how to make your home an eco-friendly paradise.

Make your Home an Eco-Friendly Paradise

Use Water Cleverly

It’s no surprise that two-thirds of the earth’s population suffers from the lack of water supply. In these conditions, we can’t afford to waste any more water. The rational use of recourses within your house should include the following simple solutions. First of all, utilize such water-saving devices as low-flow shower heads and toilets. Of course you can cut back even more by spending less time in the shower, but no need for such extreme measures if you can simply fit a low-flow shower head that is capable of saving up to 10% of water used. Another recourses (and money) saving habit is using your dishwasher or washing machine only when they are fully loaded. This allows you to save almost 25 gallons of water with every washing cycle. If you do dishes yourself we recommend filling the sink for washing and then rinsing the dishes with a tab instead of letting the faucet run the entire time.

Water Can Be Free

Does this sound too good to be true? We’re happy to tell you this can be reality. How much will it cost to install a barrel for collecting rainwater at your backyard or on the roof of your garage? It’s not too expensive, actually. And how much is it to fill it with the rainwater? It’s absolutely for free! You can use this for watering your garden, lawn, or a little vegetable plot outside. Your houseplants will love it as well! You can also save the precious tap water by utilizing rainwater for washing your car or for house cleaning purposes. This can be especially critical for saving water in arid regions of the country, like Austin Texas, Phoenix Arizona, and Southern California.


Many people believe that house insulation is not that important due to the warm climate. However insulation not only saves us from the cold, but it also prevents our homes from overheating. An insulated home is like a thermos – it keeps the comfortable temperature inside and does not allow the hot air to penetrate through the walls and roof. This can mean turning your air conditioner on less often. It’s been proven that well insulated buildings can save you around $200-300 on electricity bills every year.

Energy Saving Solutions for Windows

Like most homeowners, you’re probably unaware of how much energy you’re losing through your home’s windows. Single-pane windows can seem more attractive and they have a lower price, but they are not cheaper in the long run. The fact is that they let the warm air leave the room almost unchecked. ZH Custom Homes states that, “Double or even triple-pane windows filled with argon gas prevent the climate controlled air from escaping the house. Argon gas acts as an extremely effective insulator. So if you’re looking for more eco-friendly solutions in your new home, this should be at the top of your list.”

Keep the Sun Outside

If you live somewhere with a hot climate, the issue is how to keep your home cooler without spending too much on electricity and cooling. Do you want to know how you can save your house from the burning hot sun? First of all, tint the window glass. You may think that the tinted windows on the facade of your house will not look very attractive, but you can always do this with windows overlooking the yard. It’s amazing how much unwanted heat and cold you can keep outside having tinted windows. The next step is to replace your blinds with heavier curtains. This can be a favorable solution for bedrooms, especially with south-oriented windows. Heavier fabric will softly disperse the light and in addition it acts as a barrier for the hot air.

Let the Nature Take Care of Your Comfort

Have you ever noticed that the temperature within a city is usually higher than that in the country? Part of the reason for this is our cities lack the trees necessary to create shade and keep in air cool. If you’re a city dweller, keep your home cool with lots of indoor plants. They’ll keep your home cool and are known to add a tranquil ambience to any space.

Of course it is not a complete list of tips that can help to create an eco-friendly environment within your house, but we are confident that these simple solutions will make your dwelling more comfortable and your money safe.


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