When it comes to high-end toilets, Toto and Kohler are two of the biggest names in the industry. Both brands produce stylish, innovative toilets packed with advanced features. However, toto vs Kohler toilets have notable differences that set them apart.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Toto vs Kohler Toilets

There are several key factors to weigh when deciding between Toto and Kohler for your next toilet purchase. Consider the following:

  • Flushing performance – Toto uses powerful double cyclone flushing systems, while Kohler relies on innovations like Class Five and Class Six flush technologies. The efficiency and effectiveness of the flush can impact everything from waste removal to water savings.
  • Bowl shape and design – Toto favors a universal height elongated bowl in many of its toilet lines, while Kohler offers more diversity in bowl shapes like elongated, round-front, and compact elongated. The bowl design affects comfort and accessibility.
  • Water efficiency – Both Toto and Kohler meet EPA WaterSense criteria, using 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) or less. However, some Toto models boast ultra-high efficiency at just 0.8 gpf. Kohler doesn’t currently have toilets using less than 1.0 gpf.
  • Comfort height – Chair height and comfort height bowls between 17-19 inches high are easier to use for most adults. Toto focuses more on comfort height across all its toilet models. With Kohler, comfort height is found mainly in its designer and upper-end collections.
  • Advanced features – From automated flush to heated seats, Toto and Kohler include technological enhancements in certain toilet models. Consider which high-tech additions are useful for your household.
  • Style options – With streamlined, contemporary designs, Toto excels at offering toilets that make a statement. Kohler provides more traditional and transitional styles along with contemporary.
  • Prices – Toto toilet prices start higher than Kohler models, though Kohler does have premium designer collections that can match Toto’s upper range costs. Shop sales and clearances for the best deals.

By weighing these factors against your own bathroom needs, you can zero in on whether Toto or Kohler is better for your particular toilet upgrade or replacement project.

Toto Toilet Benefits and Drawbacks

Kohler Toilet Advantages and Considerations
Source: toto.com

Japanese company Toto has built a reputation for high-performance toilets packed with innovative features. Here are some of the stand-out pros and potential cons of Toto toilets:

  • Powerful tornado flushing systems that efficiently clear waste with minimal clogs
  • Ultra water efficient models using as little as 0.8 gpf
  • Universal height elongated bowls offer comfort and accessibility
  • Soft-close seats prevent slamming lids
  • Automatic and touchless flushing functions available
  • Heated seats, air deodorizer, and other high-tech options
  • Sleek, modern designs that make a statement
  • Durable construction and quality materials
  • Self-cleaning wands with electrolyzed water on select models
  • Industry-leading warranties up to 3 years

Potential Drawbacks of Toto Toilets

  • Higher starting prices ranging $500-$5000+
  • Limited style selection focused on contemporary
  • Few round-front or compact elongated bowls
  • Not all models offer comfort height seats
  • Troubleshooting high-tech features can require service
  • Toto is one of the more expensive toilet brands, but the innovation and performance often justify the investment for many homeowners.

Kohler Toilet Advantages and Considerations

Kohler Toilet Advantages and Considerations
Source: homedit.com

Based in Wisconsin, Kohler is a well-known plumbing brand that offers a wide range of toilets. Here’s a look at some of Kohler’s notable upsides as well as factors to keep in mind:

Benefits of Kohler Toilets

  • Class Five and Class Six flush systems offer robust waste removal
  • Several models with high effectiveness using just 1.0 gpf
  • Traditional and transitional styles in addition to contemporary
  • More bowl shape options like round-front and compact elongated
  • Select models feature AquaPiston canister flush technology
  • Comfort height seats on designer collections
  • Soft-close seats on most new models
  • Range of prices from budget to luxury
  • Easy to find at home improvement stores
  • Strong warranties up to 10 years available

Considerations for Kohler Toilets

  • Flushing performance not as powerful as Toto tornado flushes
  • Limited ultra low-flow models under 1.0 gpf
  • Fewer high-tech features compared to Toto
  • Comfort height seats not standard on all models
  • Narrower range of contemporary designs
  • Pricing reaches high-end for designer collections

Kohler offers greater diversity in style and pricing than Toto. The flushing systems and bowl designs suit many bathroom needs, though fall short of Toto in a few areas like water efficiency and contemporary styling.

Detailed Toto vs Kohler Toilet Comparisons

Detailed Toto vs Kohler Toilet Comparisons

Digging deeper into specific Toto and Kohler toilet lines helps illustrate the key differences:

Toto Drake vs Kohler Wellworth

Toto Drake vs Kohler Wellworth
Source: homedesignkey.com

The Toto Drake and Kohler Wellworth both represent baseline models for each brand. Drake highlights include:

  • Elongated bowl with 12-inch rough-in
  • Powerful G-Max flushing system
  • 1.6 gpf water usage
  • ADA compliant comfort height on some models
  • Quiet, efficient flush performance

Meanwhile, the main Wellworth features include:

  • Round-front and elongated bowls
  • Class Five flushing
  • 1.6 gpf with dual flush option on select models
  • Standard height seating
  • Affordable price point

For a reasonably priced workhorse toilet, Kohler’s Wellworth excels. But the Toto Drake offers more efficiency and comfort in its base model for a little more investment.

Toto Aquia IV vs Kohler Highline

Toto Aquia IV vs Kohler Highline
Source: homedesignkey.com

Moving up to mid-range choices, the Aquia IV and Highline showcase more innovations from Toto and Kohler.

The Aquia IV is defined by:

  • Ultra-smooth Double Cyclone flushing
  • Just 1.0 or 1.28 gpf water usage
  • Elongated bowl with comfort height
  • Skirted trapway simplifies cleaning
  • Soft-close seat
  • Contemporary design

The Kohler Highline counterbalances with:

  • Class Five flushing system
  • 1.28 gpf efficiency
  • Range of bowl shapes and heights
  • Left-hand trip lever included
  • Traditional styling
  • Affordable mid-range price

For a balance of value, performance, and style, the Highline appeals to traditional tastes, while the Aquia IV leverages Toto’s innovations for contemporary needs.

Toto Neorest vs Kohler Veil

Toto Neorest vs Kohler Veil
Source: homedesignkey.com

On the highest end, the Toto Neorest and Kohler Veil showcase the cutting-edge advances each brand offers. The

Neorest wows with features like:

  • Ultra efficient 0.8 or 1.0 gpf flushing
  • Automated hands-free flushing
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Air deodorizer and purification
  • Emergency flush during power loss
  • Self-cleaning wand

The Kohler Veil competes with:

  • Innovative wall-hung integrated tank design
  • Class Six agua vortex flushing
  • Motion-activated hands-free opening and closing
  • LED nightlight and automatic deodorization
  • Heated seat and foot warmer
  • Minimalist style

With integrated design and luxury features, the Veil makes a statement. But the smart toilet functionality of Neorest still edges it out in technological innovation.

Which Brand is Right for Your Bathroom?

At the end of the day, choosing between industry leaders Toto and Kohler comes down to aligning with your own bathroom’s needs and style preferences.

If you favor powerful flushing performance, ultimate water efficiency, high-tech features, and contemporary styling, Toto is likely the better brand for you. Though pricier, Toto toilets excel at effective flushing, comfort, and innovation.

For those drawn to more traditional or transitional designs alongside reliable flushing systems, Kohler offers greater range and affordability. While not as equipped with the latest toilet tech, Kohler still produces quality toilets with strong warranties.

There’s no universally “best” option between these two toilet titans. Review the key differences, weigh the factors most important for your household, and select the Toto or Kohler toilet that brings the ideal blend of form, function, and flair to your bathroom needs and vision.

FAQs: Toto vs Kohler Toilets: Which Brand is Best for Your Bathroom

1. How do Toto and Kohler toilets differ?

Toto focuses on powerful flushes and contemporary design, while Kohler offers diverse styles and pricing.

2. Which brand has better flushing performance?

Toto’s double cyclone flush is powerful, while Kohler uses Class Five/Six technologies for efficient waste removal.

3. Are Toto and Kohler toilets water-efficient?

Both meet EPA WaterSense criteria (1.28 gpf), but Toto has models with ultra-high efficiency (0.8 gpf).

4. What about style options?

Toto excels in modern designs, while Kohler offers traditional and transitional styles too.

5. How do prices compare?

Toto starts higher, Kohler has diverse pricing, including premium designer collections. Consider deals for savings.

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