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The Ultimate Showdown: Toto Drake vs Drake II Toilet


When it comes to high-end toilets, Toto is a brand that consistently rises to the top. Two of Toto’s most popular toilet models are the Drake and the Drake II. While both toilets share some similarities, there are also key differences that set them apart. This article will compare the Toto Drake vs Drake II across critical categories to help you determine which model is the better choice for your bathroom.

Overview of the Toto Drake Toilet

Toto Drake vs Drake II
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The Toto Drake is a two-piece toilet with a fully glazed, elongated bowl. It uses Toto’s powerful G-Max flushing system which produces a commercial-grade flush to clear waste in one try.
Some of the standout features of the Drake include:

Powerful Flush: The G-Max flushing system provides incredible flush power, moving water into the bowl at a high velocity.

Quiet Flush: The Drake toilet flushes quietly thanks to its 3″ wide flush valve and 2-1/8″ trapway. This reduces noise and provides optimal performance.

Elongated Bowl: The spacious, elongated bowl offers extra room and comfort.

ADA Compliant: The Drake meets the standards for ADA compliance, with a seat height of 16-1/2″.

WaterSense Certified: This model meets EPA WaterSense criteria for water efficiency, using only 1.6 gallons per flush.

Overview of the Toto Drake II Toilet

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The Toto Drake II toilet has the same high-quality construction as the original Drake but with some useful upgrades.
Improvements of the Drake II include:’

Tornado Flush System: This powerful siphon jet flushing system propels water into the bowl from two nozzles for a faster, more effective flush.

CEFIONTECT Glaze: The bowl features a special glaze to prevent debris, mold, and bacteria from sticking. This helps keep the bowl cleaner.

Quieter Flush: By optimizing water flow, the Drake II further reduces flush noise compared to the original Drake.
Map Rating: The Drake II scored over 800 grams on the Maximum Performance (MaP) test, earning it a high MaP rating for flush effectiveness.

Elongated Bowl and Tall Height: Like the original Drake, the Drake II offers an elongated bowl and ADA-compliant height.

Flushing Performance

Toto Drake vs Drake II
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One of the most important considerations when choosing a toilet is the flushing performance. Both the Toto Drake and Drake II excel in this category, but the Drake II does have a slight edge.

The original Drake’s G-Max flushing system produces a powerful, commercial-grade flush. However, the Drake II upgrades this to the Tornado Flush system. The Tornado Flush propels water into the bowl from two nozzles at an optimal angle for a faster, more forceful flush.

In independent MaP testing, the Drake scored over 600 grams while the Drake II earned an exceptional 800+ gram MaP score. This demonstrates the Drake II’s additional flushing power and effectiveness. While both flush well, the Drake II’s siphon jet Tornado Flush gives it better clearing power

Water Efficiency

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Conserving water is important for any eco-conscious homeowners. The Drake and Drake II both carry WaterSense certification, meaning they use a low 1.6 gallons per flush (1.28 gpf for Drake II dual flush).

While their base water usage is the same, the Drake II does offer the option of a light flush using only 1.1 gallons. The dual flush buttons let you limit water for light waste removal. This provides added water savings during light flushing.

Bowl Shape and Height

Toto Drake vs Drake II
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The Toto Drake and Drake II share an elegant, elongated bowl design that offers added room and comfort versus a round front bowl. For accessible seating height, both Drake models meet the ADA guidelines with a standard bowl height of 16-1/2″.

The elongated bowl and taller seating make both Drakes a great choice for comfort, accessibility, and improved ergonomics. There is no clear winner in terms of bowl specifications.

Construction and Durability

Toto is renowned for its high-quality porcelain fixtures that are built to last. Both the Drake and Drake II live up to this reputation with durable vitreous china construction and high-grade finishes.

The Drake II does gain an advantage with the addition of Toto’s CEFIONTECT bowl glaze. This specialized non-porous glaze prevents debris, bacteria, and mold from adhering to ceramic surfaces. The glaze helps keep the Drake II toilet cleaner with fewer chemicals required.

Style, Design, and Colors

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A toilet’s appearance is also an important factor, as it can blend or stand out in your bathroom’s decor. The Toto Drake and Drake II offer a transitional style suitable for a range of bathroom designs.

Both models are available in Toto’s classic Cotton White finish. Additionally, the Drake II expands the color options to include Sedona Beige, Bone, Colonial White, and Ebony. The wider color selection gives the Drake II a leg up in terms of style flexibility.

Price Considerations

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As high-end toilets with advanced engineering, both the Toto Drake and Drake II carry a higher price tag than basic builder-grade toilets. However, Toto toilets often save money over time through lower water bills, reduced clogs, and long-lasting construction.

The suggested retail price of the Toto Drake is typically $235 – $370, while the Drake II ranges from $340 – $540.

There is some pricing overlap, but the Drake II’s newer features do come at around a 30% price premium on average.

Key Differences Between the Drake Models

To recap the notable differences between these two Toto powerhouses:

  • The Drake II has the more powerful Tornado Flush while the Drake uses the G-Max system.
  • The Drake II offers dual flush options for added water savings.
  • The Drake II has the CEFIONTECT bowl glaze to inhibit sticking and growth of waste.
  • The Drake II provides more finish colors to choose from.
  • The Drake II costs approximately 30% more than the standard Drake toilet.

Toto Drake vs Drake II: Which is Better for You?

Toto Drake vs Drake II
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For most shoppers, the choice comes down to whether the Drake II’s upgrades are worth the higher price over the capable Toto Drake.

Those wanting the most effective siphon jet flushing performance and the cleanliness of a CEFIONTECT bowl may find the Drake II worth the investment. The addition of a light flush mode also boosts the Drake II’s eco-friendliness.

For shoppers on a tighter budget, the original Drake still provides robust flushing power, efficient water usage, and Toto’s signature quality construction. As a high-performing yet affordable option, the standard Drake gets the job done without all the bells and whistles.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either of these Toto heavyweights. Pick the high-end Toto Drake II if you want all the convenience, power, and aesthetic upgrades. But the classic Toto Drake remains a high-quality, complete toilet solution at a more budget-friendly price point. With smart engineering, rugged construction, and striking style, both models embody Toto’s reputation for excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Toto Drake vs Drake II Toilets:

What is the main difference between the Toto Drake and Drake II toilets?

The main difference is that the Drake II has Toto’s more powerful Tornado Flush system, while the Drake uses the G-Max flushing system. The Drake II also has a few extra features like a dual flush option and the CEFIONTECT bowl glaze.

Which toilet has the more powerful flush?

The Toto Drake II has the more powerful flush, thanks to the Tornado Flush system that uses two nozzles to siphon water into the bowl at an optimized angle.

Do both toilets have an elongated bowl?

Yes, both the Toto Drake and Drake II come with a spacious, comfortable elongated bowl design.

Is the Drake or Drake II toilet more water efficient?

Both are WaterSense certified to use only 1.6 gpf. However, the Drake II also has a dual flush feature allowing a light 1.1 gpf flush to save even more water.

Which toilet is more expensive, the Toto Drake or Drake II?

The Toto Drake II generally costs about 30% more than the standard Drake toilet. Prices range from $235-$370 for the Drake and $340-$540 for the Drake II.

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