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Easy Ways to Save Money on your Home Interior Design


If you’re like many homeowners trying to save money on home interior design can be a challenge. From choosing colors, and fabrics to picking the right decorative items to make every room look fabulous is an art.

However, there are some tried and true ways to keep your eye on the trends and to save money while making your home feel and look fabulous. Here are some easy ways to create interiors you love without breaking your budget!

Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Home Interior Design

Easy Ways to Save Money on your Home Interior Design
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One of the best ways to save money is to reuse or recycle old items into new uses throughout your home. From turning an old door into a coffee table. Or using a broken ladder leaned up against a bathroom wall to hang bath linen, there is no limit to where your recycling and reusing efforts can lead.

If you are a DIY’er and enjoy the challenge of making up new uses for items we invite you to peruse Pinterest or other crowdsourcing home decor image sites that give you ideas.

If you are an antiques-goer or enjoy yard/garage sales, these are other places to grab home decorating ideas that are cheap but can be turned into treasure with a little dusting off or a coat of paint!

Paint Your Home Interior Walls and Add Decals

Paint your home interior walls and add decals
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Believe it or not, there isn’t a less expensive way to transform your interiors and deliver a high level of visual impact than painting.

Whether you choose to just add an accent wall to a dining room or you decide to transform your child’s nursery with a burst of color a wall mural, painting, and wallpaper can transform any room within a few hours of your weekend.

If you aren’t handy with a paintbrush, find a handyperson or professional painter that will help you out with the job. Also, look to adding adhesive decals to your walls for gorgeous pictures and motifs that give your room depth and character. These wall ideas will help save money and can be changed seasonally or whenever you get tired of the decor theme.

Home Decorator Tools Available For You

Home decorator tools available for you
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While hiring a home interior designer or home decorator would be great, you may not have the budget right now. Fortunately, with the savviness of homeowners and designers, there are several tools designed for your smartphone, tablet, etc. to help you choose colors, designs, layout floor plans, and even place furniture.

Search the net for “home design apps” or “color picker apps” on the net and see tools from paint manufacturers; furniture companies and even some professional interior designers use apps to make their job easier!

One of our favorites is the Color911 app which enables you to take your favorite items in your home extract the exact colors to match and take them to your paint store!

Instead of thinking you can’t afford to decorate your home unless you have a large budget, think again! With these helpful tips from repurposing and recycling to painting and using smart tools, your home will look gorgeous without spending a fortune to make it look that way.

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