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Table Shower: History, Benefits, and Ultimate Guide


Our bodies undergo hours and hours of restlessness while we completely forget that we owe our bodies some relaxation. Unfortunately, we put very little effort into our bodies than what it actually deserves. What does it need? A totally natural, comforting therapy to make us feel alive – table shower!

Now you must be wondering what on earth table shower is and why did this term pop up while we talked about relaxation. Let us give you a little background of the table shower.

Imagine a hundred gallons of water pouring down over your body when you are resting your back comfortably over a shallow, soft wet bed. This is precisely what table shower massage feels like.

Does this sound appealing and relaxing enough to you? Some of you might find it appealing, while many don’t enjoy this therapy as per their comfort level. They prefer normal massage at beauty salons. Table shower massage is a lot different and intense than the rest of the normal massage types. However, before appointing a table shower for yourself, you must keep a few important notes in your head.

Is a table shower a good option to let your body loosen up a bit? Will table shower bring enough amusement to your burnt-out body and help you get rid of aching muscles? The answer may differ for a different audience. This is exactly why we have put together everything you should know about table showers. Read more.

What Exactly Is Table Shower Massage?

Table Shower
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Table shower is also popularly known as Vichy shower, Scotch hose, Swiss shower, or hydrotherapy. Just like the name sounds, a table shower is simply a portrayal of a situation where the subject lies down on a modified table and receives water pouring down their body. More than five showerheads are attached to the water pipe, so each corner of the client’s body gets thoroughly hydrated. During the table shower, your body is showered with 13 gallons of water per minute which is totally HUGE! The masseuses usually move the water bar and pour water as per the directions suggested by clients.

That’s not just it. A table shower is not only about drowning with liters and liters of water. Your hydro-therapist might go for a handheld shower and adjust the temperature and movements of the water pattern. Although an actual body massage is all about making each ounce of water reach all over the body via water jets.

Moreover, the ideal use of a table shower can be truly experienced after you had a nice body scrub/massage. Table shower seeps through your tired inner skin layers and drains out the tiredness of your body. So, what’s stopping you from getting one?

What Is The Interesting History Behind Table Shower?

One of the popular terms for table shower massage is Vichy Therapy which was named after the city “Vichy” in France. No one knows a 100% legitimate history behind the table shower concept, but some historians dug up some interesting facts to present a clear idea.

It dates back to ancient times when medieval French royalty Julius Caesar sought to conquer Gaul (a city now in France). Historians claim that one of the exhausted horses of Julius Caesar’s army drank from the water springs of Vichy city, and it seemed to immediately cure its fatigue. This incident inspired Julius Caesar that the waters of Vichy have impeccable healing properties, and they can loosen up tired and sore muscles with good therapy. The healing concept later made him build saps around the Vichy area.

So, Vichy therapy or table shower might be a popular kind of massage in Asia. But it has got its roots in Europe originally. Within a few decades, when the 19th century came, everyone around the world got aware of the healing properties of Vichy waters. Right now, after 1500 years, hundreds of thousands of people enjoy Vichy showers or table showers in the Vichy city of France. You’d find tons of spas offering their extensively relaxing table shower there. Ranging from mud therapy to hydrotherapy like table showers, Vichy is full of such valuable spas. Many people spend weeks and months there for ultimate spa enjoyment because why not?

What to Keep In Mind before Getting a Table Shower?

Table Shower
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Are you fascinated already about receiving a table shower? If yes, then you should know a few things in advance before you become impulsive to book a table shower.

Refer to the following tips before booking your hydrotherapy session.

Go for your comfort, not for the hype: A table shower is not something you would be eager to go for just for the sake of its increasing hype. Trust us; if you are not comfortable with having your skin even a bit exposed at some point or another, then we won’t recommend you get one. Why? Because going full naked or half-naked is one of the beginning requirements for a table shower. You can’t just get body hydrotherapy if the water isn’t reaching every corner of your raw skin. Many spas offer disposable undergarments or body towels to wrap around your body before you go for the table massage. Meaning you might get your body exposed a little.

However, if you are cool with that and are eager to get the pleasure of your life, then a table shower is a must-have experience for your long-awaited body.

Inquire about the Spa Policies in Advance:

Table Shower
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Even if you are okay with your body being a little exposed while receiving a table shower, you must have it done according to your own choice. For example, do you prefer a male or female therapist? Would you be comfortable in a towel or disposable undergarments are enough. More similar questions might also strike your mind. This is why it is better to inquire your spa about their policies, so, a table shower becomes the right therapy for your body and not some other headache of the day.

A Little research about the Spa you are Visiting won’t Hurt!

Of course, you can’t just give up your body to some shady beauty spa that doesn’t have a good number of visitors. A local boutique having no public reputation and social media presence is a red flag for your security. Even if you have the slightest doubt about the reputation of some spa, skip going there and trust your guts. Dodge shady, underrated spas that might have sexual offers for you. Find well-reputed spas in your city and relax your day with every ounce of comfort.

If you want a 100% valuable and stress-free table shower experience, you must take the above tips into consideration.

What Does Vichy Shower Or Table Shower Massage Include?

Table shower or Vichy shower has a series of body dynamics processes. Here is everything you get when you opt for a table shower.

Gentle Back Massage with Backwashing:

Once you become comfortable and wear those disposable undergarments, you are asked to lie down on the metal bar of a wet bed in which you will be facing down gently. After you feel at home, the masseuse will adjust the water temperature and intensity and set it up to your requirement. While your head will be down and your body will be relaxed, the table shower starts with a masseuse scrubbing your back with moisturizer using coarse mitts thoroughly. This step will keep going on until your back gets all moisturized and no corner is left dry. After all, that’s why we call it absolute hydrotherapy.

Front Body Wash:

Once your therapist is done backwashing and scrubbing, they will ask you to turn over, so the same process is done on your front body. Of course, your face and hair won’t face the wrath of scrubbing. But the rest of your body organs will be delighted to feel the gentle scrubs until every drop of exhaustion leaves your skin.

Chakras Treatment:

European states are not that much into the table shower like Asian countries are crazy about it. So, keeping that in consideration, Asian table showers religiously include the last super-luxurious step of “chakras”, where all the possible toxins and negativities are drained out of your system. Chakras step makes sure every toxin leaves before their further spread, and your energy field becomes crystal clear for better focus and control.

Now you know what those seven showerheads were for? As human possesses seven chakras, so each showerhead is supposed to function for each. They include crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra. Seven showerheads react upon each, and you get the best hydrotherapy leading to lasting relief and comfort.

Additional luxuries (optional/as per client’s requirements)

First things first, these additional luxuries do not come compulsory into the table shower process but are luxurious services that cost extra. These personal, stress-relieving luxuries include mud wraps, seaweed, exotic oils, chocolate, or sea salt kneading.

If you are willing to invest more into your stress-killing table shower sessions, these treatments are great to go with. You won’t regret the extra cost, and each penny will be worth the relief and comfort.

Fascinating Benefits of Table Shower:

That’s it about what is included in the table shower. By now, you must have a sufficient idea of how actually table shower works and what services come along with it. Now let’s take you to a list of irresistible benefits this hydrotherapy brings to the table. Read on.

Here are the reasons why a table shower is important. You must at least get it once.
Accelerates general healing process:

Imagine a hot splash of water on your hurt and aching muscles. Doesn’t it sound irrevocably comforting?

Existing therapies are unable to heal you as compared to absolute hydrotherapy – a table shower. When water runs onto your body with high pressure, the oxygen supply increases, and every soar joint and muscle suddenly gets kick-ass healing. That’s how fast your healing process becomes when the hurt muscles are directly exposed to fast-running water splashes.

Provides Unmatched Body Relaxation:

Besides efficient and fast healing, a table shower promotes full-body relaxation and rejuvenation. Imagine the relief your aching muscles would experience when a combination of hot and cold water is thrown over them—totally, relieving! Regular kneading coupled with hydrotherapy gives immaculate relaxation.
Absolute mind and body cleanse:

Best of all, it won’t be just your muscles getting all the comfort and cleanse. Your mind will be equally relaxed, and what matters more than mind and body cleansing? Pressurized water over your body has great effects on your mind as well. Just when the therapy ends, your brain will be alleviated from toxins and become free from them.

Detoxifies Bad Energy:

When you are burnt out of regular work, all the negative, tiring energies accumulate in the back of your head. At some point, they start to hurt you physically. Get the everlasting mind relief with a table shower, so every bad energy and toxin is successfully drained out of your system, and you start focusing with a neat mind again.

Promotes Blood Circulation:

The table shower begins with a hot water splash leading to a cold shower, followed by constant kneading. Hot water usually expands your blood vessels. Meaning, more oxygen will start circulating that later results in better heart conditions. What else could you ask for than a perfect, chilly day? Table shower is definitely a big yes for your mental and physical health.

Absolute No-Brainer Body Therapy:

From having your dead skin cells removed through thorough scrubbing to cold and hot water splashes, a table shower is the all-in-one treatment for your exhausted body.

In A Word – Table Shower:

When it comes to giving your worn-out body the relief it deserves, a table shower is a great option to go for. Make sure you go through each section of our blog to find out what comes along with the table shower.
For the best table shower experience, make an appointment with a reputable spa. Dodge the shady ones!

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