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Murano Glass Artifacts: Venetian Glass Masks and Glass Candle Holders


Divided into nine islets and crossed by a large canal, Murano is known as the Island of Blown Glass: a tradition as ancient as it is current, which has seen entire generations of glassmakers involved in this fascinating process.

Venice in fact is also recognized worldwide to be The Capital of Glass, home of the most extraordinary works of art often displayed in luxurious palaces and art exhibitions.

As you may imagine, Venetian culture becomes a big source of inspiration for Murano’s artisans and designers who, working every day in ancient and traditional factories, bring to life spectacular glass creations.

However, Venice is also known all over the world for its Carnival, a one-of-a-kind event that has been held since the eleventh century and became extremely popular in the eighteenth century thanks to the aristocracy’s liking.

Even today, locals but also visitors, love to dress up in authentic Venetian costumes and take on different personas through a mask.

Masks are in fact the most famous symbol of this tradition. They represent the ability to transform into different characters which is the main objective of this kind of event; hiding your true identity while being someone else for ten days.

Our Glassmakers took on this concept and combined it with Murano’s glass-processing tradition.

This is how the most beautiful Venetian Glass Masks are created. Available at Yourmurano, these items are decorative works of art realized through a multicolored glass rod process which makes them colorful and original.

Our Glass Masks feature a simple and elegant design consisting of parallel vertical lines that resembles Venice’s Carnival costumes shades.

They are beautiful and symbolize a piece of our city’s unique culture, so what about taking home a piece of Venice? It will remind you of the great time you had here.

As expected Murano Glass is also an outstanding material used to realize Sculptures, Decorative Glassware, and even traditional Venetian Mirrors for the most voluptuous rooms.

Nonetheless, our Artisans enhance everyday items with Murano Glass, creating original artifacts that can completely transform the feel of your space.


Candle Holders for example are great items for your setting table, such simple but effective objects. What distinguishes these glass products is indisputable grace and refinement that only genuine Made in Italy goods can provide.

You can discover this vast selection of one-of-a-kind candleholders crafted of exquisite Murano glass on our website and tell us which one you like the most.

They come in different designs and forms, ranging from traditional elongated candleholders to vibrant flower-shaped ones.

Get one for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. It is going to certainly liven up your home into a romantic atmosphere.

If you like our products and want to know more about Murano and Venice’s culture, come get to know us through our website at Yourmurano.

You will be able to find every kind of Glass Item you could imagine. Vases, beautiful Centerpieces, and even Jewelry are here for you to check.

Elevate your home décor with Made in Italy handcrafted works of art and bring Venice’s atmosphere into your favorite room. You will be surprised by how much you are going to love it.


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