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How Top Real Estate Agents are Adapting to the Coronavirus Outbreak


Ever since the global coronavirus pandemic has broken out, a lot of people have been struggling to adapt to it. Many industries have shifted the way they conduct business, which isn’t surprising because the world has become a very different place. Suddenly, things aren’t as simple as they used to be. Real estate agents are among some of those affected, but they have been adapting and adjusting to changed circumstances.

At least 51% of top real estate agents have started working with inspectors to ensure stringent hygiene and safety standards in the homes they are showing. Speaking of shows, 55% of agents have started relying more on virtual home tours. Rather than take people through a physical space, they are promoting online tours which helps their clients practice social distancing. In the same vein, 84% of them have completely put an end to open houses, bringing down the tradition that would have been harmful to potential clients. If virtual tours weren’t enough, around 54% of top agents have replaced in-person meetings with digital ones. If you need to get in touch with an agent, you just have to click a link and you’re there! Speaking of meetings, at least 44% of agents have restricted or completely eliminated physical property showings and meetings.

And if you want to shake hands on a done deal, chances are you cannot. Around 68% of top real estate agents are diverting their resources to e-signatures and digital closing tools. This means you won’t have to drive over and sign papers. You can do it from the safety and comfort of your own home! Lastly, at least 33% of agents are using online or alternate appraisal methods to assess the condition of a property and prospective homeowners. You can see how all of the best real estate agents are working extra hard to adapt to changing environments. This global pandemic has required it, and their response has been impressive so far.

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