Who doesn’t love a sparkling toilet? But when the hard water stains in the toilet remain for longer and no proper cleaning is mainta Cleaning the toilet is the most exhaustive chore that many of you might escape. Kudos to you if you regularly clean it anyway. However,

Despite routine cleaning, your toilet might still develop an ugly, filthy yellow-colored layer around the toilet rings. It must have been truly frustrating, right?

Do you ask yourself “how to remove stubborn stains from toilet bowl” or simply “how to clean toilet tank enough to get rid of those stains permanently”? If you do, this article is your way to a sparkling toilet.

Why bother paying a hefty amount for expensive cleaners when you can do it all with ordinary household pantry items? We have a list of such GEM methods regarding cleaning a stained toilet to get rid of those stubborn toilet rings finally. They are as effective as or even more expensive cleaning products.

If you are interested in knowing how to clean a toilet bowl and get those toilet rings removed permanently, read on to this blog.

How Do Toilet Stains Look Like, Anyway?

ined, unpleasant rust appears around your toilet. The hard water stains, along with mineral deposits, make up your toilet look rusty and sometimes smelly as well. Later, when you leave the ugly rings on your toilet unclean, they become black.

Moreover, yellow urine-colored stains usually build up when you don’t correctly flush your toilet after every use. To cut it short, toilet rings look like rusty coloration on the sides of your toilet.

Now that you know your toilet has developed those ugly rings let’s look up what went wrong in the first place.

What Causes Rings In The Toilet?

An apparent reason for your toilet to go pale and rusty is an improper cleaning routine. But what if you clean your toilet thoroughly every day and still the next day,

those ugly rings appear? Well, the actual culprits are standing water paired with the hard water remains that later makeup toilet rings all around your toilet bowl. This is another reason you see toilet rings in the toilet bowls that you don’t even use frequently because they appear due to stagnant water and complex water deposition.

However, if you don’t leave water standing in your toilet and flush it every now and then, your toilet might not get any rings in the first place.

12 Ideal Ways To Deal With The How To Get Rid Of Toilet Rings Problem:

Now, how to clean toilet stains? There are numerous ways to get rid of those stubborn rings. All you need is to choose an ideal way to clean it all.

Bright side, you don’t have to purchase any expensive cleaning product. The products we suggest for cleaning are already sitting idle in your pantry. Just use them up and get a sparkling, shining toilet with minimal effort.

Here are the top methods regarding “how to clean a bowl” and finally solve the how to get rid of toilet rings problem. Read on without further ado!


We doubt there would be any household pantry without these two items; baking soda and vinegar. Both are harmless, non-toxic items that are usually sitting in the corner of your cabinet. The best thing about these two is that they have powerful cleaning abilities,

including the solution to your how to get rid of toilet rings problem. Once used strategically, baking soda and vinegar can clean any kind of hard water stain over the tiles or even in the toilet tank.
Here is how you can use baking soda and vinegar to deal with the how to get rid of toilet rings problem permanently.

  1.  Pour out a single cup of vinegar. Target the toilet rings and dump them over them.
  2. Swish a toilet brush around the ring.
  3. Leave the vinegar there for a minute or so.
  4. Now get an ordinary baking soda in a cup and sprinkle it over the toilet followed up by two additional cups of vinegar.
  5. Prepare yourself for a little frizzy reaction.
  6. Leave the toilet bowl for another 10 minutes.
  7. Get a toilet brush and start swishing again until the brush reaches the hard water stains and cleans away the ring. Make sure you don’t flush immediately.
  8. Be on the safe side and leave the solution there for another 30 minutes, followed by a brush swishing time and time again.
  9. Use a scrubby sponge to clean the remaining toilet stains until it’s all glowing.
  10. Now finally, flush down the solution.
  11. Rinse your toilet bowl to see if there is any stain leftover.


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Vinegar is no doubt an incredibly powerful cleaning item. This pantry item isn’t just for making your recipes perfect. You can efficiently clean the toilet with vinegar solution. The outcomes will be as impressive as with a baking soda reaction only if the toilet ring is not too stubborn

Here is how you can deal with the how to get rid of toilet rings problem using a mere vinegar solution.

  1. Pour a cup of an ordinary solution and strategically throw it, targeting the toilet rings.
  2. Swish the yellow stains with a toilet brush and move towards the colors.Leave it be for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Get a toilet brush and start swishing again, then pour additional cups of vinegar.
  4. Use a scrubby sponge to clean the hard water remains until the toilet rings are gone.
  5. Rinse your toilet thoroughly with clean water after flushing down the vinegar solution.
  6. Using baking soda with vinegar and both the items alone can be super helpful. However,

if the toilet rings on your toilet bowl have become awfully permanent, then you need to use some more tactics. Lookup for the upcoming methods. They might be helpful to you.


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Borax is a super-efficient cleaning agent. Not only is it found easily lying in your pantry area, but many supermarkets have borax in abundance in their cleaning or laundry aisles. If you don’t have this item, just buy it at a cheap price from your nearby laundry store.

When vinegar combines with borax, their cleaning capabilities become twice as effective. Let’s tell you a safe method to clean toilet rings with vinegar and borax.

  1. Get 1/4 cup of borax and sprinkle it carefully, targeting the toilet ring on your toilet bowl.
  2. Pick a toilet brush and start swishing, increase the pace gradually over time.
  3. Now add one cup of vinegar followed by occasional swishing.
  4. Leave the solution inside for 30 minutes for natural cleaning.
  5. Now start scrubbing with a toilet brush again after adding another cup of vinegar.
  6. Flush the solution to rinse your toilet finally.
  7. Look for any leftover stains and immediately scrub them with a sponge.

This is another effective method. However, if it doesn’t work, try the other ways. The solution to your how to get rid of toilet rings problem clearly lies within our methods.


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Pumice stone is a light yet a little abrasive stone that helps clean off the dirt, even hard water stains out of your toilet bowl. Another thing, pumice stone is easily found in your bathroom’s cabinet as many people use it to remove dead skin cells on their hands and feet.

Made with lava and water, pumice stone reacts wonderfully to hard water stains and wipe off the stubborn toilet rings without any additional product. Pumice stone usually comes with a manageable handle so you can hold it easily and swish your toilet bowl. It will quickly help put off the dirt, and later you can flush or rinse your toilet to see the final result.


Get Rid of Toilet Ring
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Even if the above solutions fail, how about you give bleach a shot? It reacts great on mold-infected and bacteria-induced stains rather than the hard water ones.

Here is how you can use bleach properly to clean toilet rings.

  1. Pour one cup of chlorine bleach carefully and dump it inside the toilet bowl.
  2. Leave it for a good 20 to 30 minutes to kill bacteria and molds.
  3. Make sure you don’t use cleaners containing bleach. Instead of cleaning the toilet rings, they might make the rings permanent.
  4. Get a toilet brush and scrub the whole area thoroughly with it.
  5. Go beyond the rim area, so no stain remains.
  6. Flush down the solution for thorough rinsing.


source: Pexels.com

If you already have toilet cleaners inside your washroom’s cabinet, bring them in use instantly. Toilet cleaners usually help clean almost all the stains, be they hard water, bacteria-induced or mold-effected. Just make sure you follow the manufacturers’ instructions to use it.


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Surprisingly, dryer sheets can do a lot more than just softening and making your clothes nice. They have amazing cleaning usages. Bright side, dryer sheets can be easily found in your pantry. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, grab a dryer sheet and start cleaning off the surface of the toilet bowl so that stubborn toilet rings finally come off the surface. Go a little hard until the stains are removed. Now flush down to rinse thoroughly.


Source: thespruce.com

You can also drop a denture tablet inside the toilet bowl as the porcelain fixtures have great cleaning capabilities. They are in abundance inside denture tablets. Leave the denture tablet for good 30 minutes, or you can also leave it overnight if the toilet rings are too stubborn. Finally, flush down the frizzy solution and rinse it properly.


Get Rid of Toilet Ring
Source: NYtimes.com

If you are looking for a permanent solution to your how to get rid of toilet rings problem, use a high-quality toilet tank cleaner.

One such product is Fabuloso. Once you pour Fabuloso into the toilet tank, it will stay there and will keep your toilet bowl forever clean. It is one of the great bowl-based toilet cleaners that has been helping people get rid of toilet rings since forever.


Get Rid of Toilet Ring
Source: techgearlab.com

Another method is dropping the dishwasher pod into the toilet bowl and leaving it for a good one hour. Scrub the stains away or swish them with a toilet brush, so no stain is left on the surface. This is one of the newly discovered methods to thoroughly clean toilet bowls and get rid of those rugged toilet rings. Dissolving a dishwasher pod might take a lot of time, but it will be worth the wait.


Get Rid of Toilet Ring
Source: didyouknowfacts.com

Luckily, hydrogen peroxide isn’t only used in treating scrapes and cuts. You can also use it against any minor toilet rings. It has great cleaning abilities to fight off hard water stains. Drop hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl and scrub it with a toilet brush for a while. Leave the solution for a few minutes and then rinse the toilet bowl thoroughly by flushing down the solution.


Get Rid of Toilet Ring
Source: businessinsider.com

Another common household item is citric acid which you can use easily to get rid of toilet stains. Get a cup of lemon juice for binding the mineral deposits inside toilet bowls. The dissolved minerals will successfully lead to a cleaner toilet bowl, and thus, zero toilet rings are left behind.

You may also collect citric juice inside a spraying bottle to spread it over the toilet rings for ease of use.

Final Thoughts:

Are you tired of jumping from one pricey product to another to get rid of those ugly yellow patchy rings around your toilet bowl? Well, reflect on our suggested ways to quickly clean the toilet rings and solve your how to get rid of toilet ring problem for good. The methods we have put together won’t require you to buy expensive cleaners.

A minimal effort paired with clever cleaning tactics is all that it takes for a glowing, pleasant toilet.
Comment below on which method worked the best for you!

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