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Elongated vs Round Toilets: Which Shape is Ideal for Bathroom


When it comes to choosing a new toilet, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go with an elongated or round bowl shape. Both toilet shapes have their pros and cons in terms of comfort, space, and design. Read on as we compare elongated vs round toilets to help you choose the right shape for your bathroom.

Elongated Toilet Bowls Offer More Comfort But Take Up More Space

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Elongated toilet bowls are oval-shaped and extend out further than round toilet bowls. The elongated shape provides more surface area to sit on, making elongated toilets more comfortable than their round counterparts.

Key Benefits of Elongated Toilets:

  • More room to sit comfortably: The elongated shape gives your thighs and bottom more room, reducing the feeling of being cramped that round toilets can cause. This makes elongated toilets preferable for larger framed individuals.
  • Better support: With more surface area, elongated bowls provide better support as you sit down and stand up from the toilet. This added stability is especially helpful for seniors and those with mobility challenges.
  • Improved hygiene: The extra space makes it easier to thoroughly clean yourself after using the toilet. You don’t have to precariously lean forward as much to reach the front of the bowl.

However, the downside of elongated toilets is that they take up more space than round bowls. On average, elongated toilets protrude 2 inches further from the wall. This can make them unsuitable for smaller bathrooms where every inch counts.

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Round Bowl Toilets Are More Compact But Less Comfy

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Round bowl toilets have a circular shape and don’t extend out from the wall as far as elongated bowls. The compact circular design means they take up the least amount of space in your bathroom.

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Key Benefits of Round Toilets:

  • Space-saving design: Round bowls only protrude about 16-18 inches from the wall compared to 18-20 inches for elongated toilets. This compact shape allows round toilets to fit in tight bathrooms and powder rooms.
  • Easier fit: If you’re replacing an old round toilet, the footprint will be very similar with a new round bowl. This makes for an easier, less disruptive swap. Elongated bowls may not align with existing plumbing.
  • Cost savings: Round toilets tend to be more budget-friendly than elongated versions. This makes them ideal for secondary bathrooms and powder rooms that see less frequent use.

However, the downside is that round bowls offer less room to sit comfortably. The tight circular shape can feel cramped and force you into an awkward leaning position to clean yourself properly. This makes round toilets less ideal for primary bathrooms.

Elongated Toilets Are Better for Primary Bathrooms

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When it comes to your main bathroom that gets used frequently, elongated toilets tend to be the better choice for comfort. The extra room allows you to sit naturally without feeling cramped on the toilet, especially if you have wider hips or large thighs.

Elongated bowls also provide proper support as you sit down and stand up, reducing strain. And the additional surface area makes personal hygiene much easier after using the toilet.

While elongated bowls do take up more space, the comfort benefits usually outweigh the couple extra inches protruded from the wall in primary bathrooms. Just make sure you have sufficient space in the room before installing an elongated toilet.

Round Toilets Work Well for Smaller Secondary Bathrooms

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For secondary bathrooms like powder rooms that don’t get used as heavily, round bowl toilets can be a smart choice. The compact circular shape lets them fit into the tightest spaces where every inch matters.

Round bowls also tend to be more affordable, so they work well for these lesser-used bathrooms where you likely want to save money. And since guests won’t be using the room frequently, the cramped seating of a round toilet is less of an issue.

Just keep in mind that a round toilet may feel too tight if you plan to regularly use a secondary bathroom for more than quick visits. Elongated bowls provide more comfortable seating for daily use.

Elongated vs Round Toilets Design Factors to Consider

Beyond just the shape of the bowl, there are a few other key factors to think about when choosing a toilet:

Toilet Height

Standard toilets sit around 14-15 inches high, but elongated comfort height toilets range from 16-19 inches in height. The extra height makes it easier to sit down and stand up for those with mobility issues or bad knees.

Flush Performance

Pay attention to the flushing power and water usage of the toilet. Powerful flushes completely clear waste while efficient models conserve water. Look for toilets that meet the EPA WaterSense criteria.

Toilet Seat Design

From basic round seats to ergonomic elongated seats to bidet-style seats, you have lots of options for your throne. Make sure to choose a seat shape and design that matches your new toilet bowl.

Style Preferences

Toilets come in sleek modern styles as well as more traditional designs. Choose a look that fits with your bathroom’s decor, whether contemporary, transitional, or rustic.

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Final Words:

By taking all these factors into account, you can select the ideal toilet silhouette and design to suit the needs of your space and the people who use it. An elongated toilet is best for primary bathrooms while a round toilet works well for small secondary bathrooms. And don’t forget the power of the flush and the design of the seat too. With all the options available today, you can find a toilet perfect for both form and function.

FAQ: Elongated vs Round Toilets

1. Are elongated toilets better than round toilets?

Elongated toilets are often considered better than round toilets for primary bathrooms. The elongated shape provides more thigh and hip room for a comfortable seated position. The extra space also makes personal hygiene easier. However, round toilets work well for small secondary bathrooms where space is limited.

2. Do elongated toilets take up more space?

Yes, elongated toilet bowls protrude 2 inches further out from the wall on average compared to round toilet bowls. This extra length allows for more seating room but also consumes more floor space in a bathroom.

3. Are round toilets less comfortable?

Round toilets are generally less comfortable than elongated toilets because there is less room to sit. The circular shape can feel cramped and make cleaning difficult after use. But round bowls work fine for quick secondary bathrooms.

4. Do elongated toilets cost more?

Elongated toilets usually have a slightly higher price tag than round toilets. The extra materials, engineering, and comfort features of elongated toilets result in more expensive models overall. But prices can vary widely.

5. Should I get an elongated or round toilet?

For main, frequently-used bathrooms, an elongated toilet is recommended for the added comfort. For small secondary bathrooms that see occasional use, a space-saving round toilet is a fine option. Consider your space and needs.

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