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8 DIY Garden Sheds That Are Easy To Build


DIY Garden Sheds

A garden shed is a useful space to build in any home. Admit it or not, we all are guilty of keeping unnecessary things in our homes and we often store them temporarily in the garage. A garden shed can add to the storage space. Given below are some of the most practical and inspiring DIY garden sheds to get started:

8)  Build a Shed from Scratch

DIY Garden Sheds

Image via The Self Sufficient Living

People looking for a DIY garden sheds plan must have the right tools. This particular garden shed requires equipment such as timber, drill driver, hot dipped galvanized nails and timber. Get around the tools to install and execute everything from blocks to roof in a proper way. The tools are easily available in the market.

7)  Affordable Storage Shed

Affordable Storage Shed

Image via The Self Sufficient Living

You do not need to spend heavy sums of money to build DIY garden sheds. The one you see above is affordable by all means. You can use materials such as plywood and solid wood panels instead of the siding panels to save the extra cost. Steel buildings also make good garden sheds that are easy to construct, durable, and affordable.

6)  Garage Turned- Workshop

Garage Turned- Workshop

Image via Hometalk

Garage Turned-Workshop is one of the most adorable DIY garden sheds. The idea came into existence when crafters in need of a workshop noticed neighbors disposing their small unattached garage. After questioning about the structure, they decided to move the entire structure to the backyard and gave it a complete makeover with the help of friends. The neighborly suggestions, group of friends and cute flowers all contributed to this wonderful garden shed idea. This can also add to the garden wedding decorations around your home.

5)  Garden Storage and Playroom Cottage

Garage Turned- Workshop

Image via Hometalk

This shed provides ample space for garden tools with a cottage for children. There is a space to work on art projects under the pinky fairy lights or to simply spend some time playing around alongside the company of parents.

4)  Backyard Storage Shed


Image via The Self Sufficient Living

One of the best DIY garden sheds, it provides an opportunity to store all the equipments at one place, which are otherwise scattered around the home. You need to follow the instructions carefully to build this one. Installation of windows and doors may cost $500-$1000 alone.

3)  Two-Story Shed

Two-Story Shed

Image via Hometalk

Two Story, as the name suggests, offers the maximum storage space to make for perfect DIY garden sheds. The purple flash with typical barn-like colors and the delicate mounds of blooms make this shed as an absolutely fairytale.

2)  Old Windows to Grand Greenhouse

Old Windows to Grand Greenhouse

Image via Hometalk

This grand greenhouse shed is constructed from old windows. Instead of throwing old stuff away, you can build a garden shed like this. You may not be able to use everything you have available at your arsenal, but imagine turning a trash into a wonderful gardening space like this with an outdoor patio of its own.

1)  Forest Garden Shed

Forest Garden Shed

Image via Hometalk

This forest garden shed with a relaxing patio, birdhouse and a cozy cover of the vibrant green foliage is an excellent garden shed theme to build around your home. Check out the antique water cans near the door to add to the beauty of the shed.

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