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The Benefits of UPVC Windows


UPVC windows have taken off in the past fifteen years. They now account for nearly ninety percent of new window installations. This is due to the many benefits of UPVC windows. But what are these benefits that made them so popular in the first place? The experts at Southcoast Home Improvement have laid our the top benefits below.

Overall Value

UPVC windows are significantly cheaper than traditional windows. For example, they’re cheaper than both wood and aluminum windows. More importantly, they’re a better overall value. UPVC windows last far longer than wood windows, and they’re less prone to damage than aluminum window frames.

Energy Efficiency

Simply opting for UPVC windows with the same number of panes is an energy efficient upgrade for your home. However, you can find UPVC windows with double and triple panes that dramatically reduce the heat loss through your windows. A side benefit of their tight fit in your window openings is that they’re less prone to tiny air leaks that cause cold spots around windows and let in outside noise, as well. If you ever do decide to replace the windows, the UPVC is recyclable. Roughly 300,000 tons of UPVC doors and windows were recycled in the European Union last year. That also means your UPVC windows might be made from recycled material. The UPVC could be recycled up to ten times before the material starts to degrade.


UPVC windows are more durable than traditional wood windows. They will always last ten years, and in some cases, they can last more than twenty years. They won’t rot. They won’t rust or oxidize. They’ll keep their shape better than other types of windows. This means they’re less likely to warp and leak.


UPVC windows are an investment in your home’s security. They typically have a steel core. This makes them much more difficult to break through. UPVC windows also have a frame with multiple locking points around the frame. This means it is much harder for someone to potentially remove the window to gain access to your home. For example, crowbars can’t be used to open them. A side benefit of the design is that your child’s fingers are less likely to get trapped by a closing window, too.

Low Maintenance

UPVC windows are low maintenance. They’re less likely to suffer air leaks that can fog up other windows. They don’t transfer as much heat, so you won’t see as much condensation in general, either. They don’t need to be repainted, though you can paint them another color if you want. For comparison, wood frames need to be treated or painted every two to three years even if you want to keep the same color.


UPVC windows don’t transfer noise the way metal frames do. The plastic actually helps mute noises, and the benefit is compounded when you opt for double and triple pane windows that insulate against noise and temperature changes. UPVC windows aren’t as affected by temperature changes, either, so they won’t creak and groan as they expand and contract at night.

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