Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is often the most neglected room in the house, especially, if you are a renter, you may think that designing your kitchen to your preferences is worthless, because you eventually have to move. However, this article might just change your mind. Read on to learn about 13 temporary kitchen design ideas to brighten up your cooking space!

1.  Play with Colors


Image source: pixabay

Playing with colors does not necessarily mean to paint your walls with vibrant shades. You can make use of different colors for different items in the kitchen. The table cloth can be bold red, while the coasters can be cool blue. Adding colors to your kitchen can help liven up the space!

2.  Eclectic Crockery and Furniture

mismatched items

Image source: Pexels

An incredibly pocket friendly and aesthetically pleasing option is to purchase mismatched items and make a set. You can get great bargains from flea markets where you can get crockery of different sizes and colors to make a set. Moreover, you can purchase a dining table with different chairs to give your kitchen a fun vibe.

3.  Cover Cabinets with Patterned Paper


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If your rental lease does not allow for painting over your kitchen fixtures, consider pasting patterned wrapping paper on top of them. If you do not prefer patterns, you can go for solid colors or browse through the range of papers available. You can either shop online or go to your local crafts store to fully explore your options. This is one of those perfect temporary kitchen design ideas that does not leave a mark or something which could create an issue with the landlord.

4.  Add Posters and Pictures

pictures on kitchen's walls

Image source: flickr

Adding different posters and pictures to your kitchen’s walls is a great way to add your personality to the room. You can display your interests through these images. Not only do they brighten up the kitchen, but it is one of those great temporary kitchen design ideas, which can impress guests and improve your mood simultaneously.

5.  Add Bright Contact Paper Inside Drawers

Image source: flickr

Just because you are adding contact paper inside drawers or cabinets, does not mean it cannot be pretty. Opening your drawer or cabinet and seeing the bright colored paper which you chose yourself can definitely boost up your mood as well as keeping your utensils clean. It is one of the best temporary kitchen design ideas, since the contact paper can be changed by the new tenant easily.

6.  Add Hooks to Store Utensils

Image source: Wikimedia

Hooks are not just to hang clothes on, you can use ones having an adhesive back to add to your kitchen for one of our brilliant temporary kitchen design ideas. By adding three hooks in a semi circle on your wall, you can place your pan’s lid on them. This way you capitalize on the cabinet space and have a nice spot to rest your lids on, so they are not only easier to find, but also brighten up the kitchen.

7.  Add a Chalkboard


Image source: flickr

Adding a small chalkboard to your kitchen’s wall is one of the trendiest kitchen design ideas. Not only will the chalkboard look great, but it can also be very useful, as you can write reminders on it for yourself and other family members. You could write down the grocery items you need to buy and other reminders as well.

8.  Add Fairy Lights, Anywhere!

fairy lights in kitchen

Image source: flickr

One of the most popular decoration trends for homes these days is to hang a string of fairy lights somewhere in the room. So, why not do this in the kitchen as well? You can get a string of fairy lights in a fairly cheap rate. They are accessible in varied shapes, colors and lengths. You can hang them behind the stove or on the curtain rod,it is totally up to you.

9.  Add Shelves and Forgo Cabinets

shelves in kitchen

Image source: Wikimedia

If you are thinking to bring in your old cabinet where you keep the china to place in the kitchen, do not go through with it. Instead add shelves wherever you can. You can even paint the shelves in different colors. Built-in wall shelves not only look great, but are very practical as well in terms of saving the space.

10.  Label Everything

Label spices

Image source: flickr

One of the cutest kitchen design ideas is to get big jars from a thrift store or even from your local large scale retailer. Once you place them on shelves, you can store all your dry ingredients inside and label them. Not only will it be practical in terms of saving time, but will also give your kitchen an organized look.

11.  Capitalize on Natural Lighting

light colored curtains in kitchen

Image source: Pixabay

Natural lights should always be preferred over bulbs and other unnatural lighting. Thus, make sure that you have light colored curtains on the window in your kitchen. The curtain should allow for maximum light to enter even when it is closed. This is one of those kitchen design ideas which not only makes it fun to have breakfast in your kitchen, but also makes it appear bigger.

12.  Make Different Corners

Image source: Pixabay

This idea works best for people with a medium to big sized kitchen. You can assign different areas of the kitchen for different activities. A chopping station where you can cut vegetables and fruits; this area may house your cutting board and knives. A mixing station where you can keep your mixer, spatulas and bowls. An eating section where you can set up the dining table. This will not only give your kitchen an organized feel, but will also look great if executed well.

13.  Add Temporary Backsplash

Temporary Backsplash

Image source: flickr

One of the most popular among the temporary kitchen design ideas is the addition of a backsplash on the walls visible under the cabinets and behind the various fixtures. You can use patterned wrapping paper for this purpose or add cloth with Velcro on backsplashes. The great thing about doing this would be to express your sense of style, as you would be choosing your own color and pattern.

In the end, all these temporary kitchen design ideas will perk up your kitchen to the point where you would want to spend as much time as you can, finally making cooking a fun activity for you every time.
So, tell us, which one of our temporary kitchen design ideas is your favorite?



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