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How to Improve Your Office’s Outside Space


Having an outside space can be a hugely beneficial addition to your work environment. It can provide an attractive welcome area for visitors to your office, positively influencing their view of your company. In addition to this, an outside space can provide you and your workforce with a haven to retreat to for a break and to recharge after a strenuous task. However, your office’s outside space might benefit from a refurb if it is less tranquil outside haven and more neglected jungle. Here are some tips for how to improve your office’s outside space.

Add Easy-to-Maintain Greenery

Nothing lifts the spirits quite like admiring a brightly coloured flowerbed. Although your company might not have the time and resources to maintain a pristine show garden, you can find easy-to-maintain plants that have the same aesthetic effects. Plants with air-cleaning properties, such as grasses, are particularly beneficial if your office is in the middle of a city, providing your guests and colleagues with a space to literally have a breath of fresh air. You could also go one step further by including plants with aromatherapy properties, such as relaxing lavender, to truly ensure that your outside space has an air of tranquility.

Insert a Water Feature

Water features such as ponds and fountains are another way of providing tranquility to your outside space; they are also an eye-catching feature for visitors to admire. However, it is essential that water features are properly maintained in order to ensure that the water does not become stagnant. A pond pump, such as those found on water-garden.co.uk, will filter and clean your pond and maintain the water flow, therefore ensuring that your office’s water feature will remain an attraction for both visiting wildlife and your colleagues during their lunch break.

Add a Sculpture

As another eye-catching feature for your office’s outside space, you might consider adding a sculpture. Including a piece of artwork is sure to impress both visitors and colleagues alike. Popular sculpture subjects include animals and figures, but you could commission one that specifically represents the ethos of your company. For instance, if your company manufactures a certain product or uses a certain piece of equipment, you could include that in your sculpture. Alternatively, you could keep it simple and wholly on-brand by inserting a sculpture of your company logo among a flowerbed.

Include Garden Furniture

It’s no good having an amazing water feature, a spectacular sculpture and beautifully manicured flowerbeds if there is nowhere for people to sit and admire your outside office space. Park benches hidden among grasses will provide the perfect hidden spot in which you can recharge in privacy after a stressful meeting, whereas a set of picnic benches will encourage your workforce to have a break from the office and socialise together during their lunch break. To help minimize your environmental impact, choose eco-friendly garden furniture made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic and sustainably sourced timber.


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