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Gray House Front Door Colors | 27 Ideas You’ll Love


Did you get your house exterior painted gray because the color was in trend? Or your goal from this color was to make it easy for you to develop a color scheme for your house exterior?

Either way, your gray color siding makes you succeed. It is trendy and also the easiest color to play with for exteriors.

Like most people, you may have an obsession with black or white front door colors especially when you are pairing them with sidings.

If that’s not you, you may have preferred wood shades for the entrance. Read this article to find some unconventional gray house front door colors for your entrance.

Basic Colors

If you don’t want to attract too much attention to your front door and want to keep it low-key, you should go with the conventional colors. Did I mean black or white? Of course!

1- White Front Door with Light Gray

White Front Door with Light Gray
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

One of the easiest combinations to maintain, this is also the most common one. On top of not attracting lots of attention, the paint also gives the perk of longevity. It attracts the mildest weather.

Effects and never goes out of style. Now, stop planning the next front door color you would get after it.

2- Black Front Door with Light Gray

Black Front Door with Light Gray
Source: gambrick.com

I would be honest, it’s not the most conventional color unless you are keeping its wooden texture and pairing it with the lightest gray exterior.

It’s sleek and modern and exudes an aura of sophistication without overdoing it. But you may have to be extra-vigilant of its wear and tear as this color attracts harsh weather conditions.

3- White Front Door with Dark Gray House

White Front Door with Dark Gray House
Source: loveremodeled.com

Nowadays, dark gray exteriors are becoming more common than they were in the past. They look beautiful!

Just like gray, white is a color that mixes well with any other color; which means it works well with dark gray as well. Pick pure white so it can glow against the dark gray backdrop. The ultimate look is modern and timeless.

Wooden Textures

If you are using wood for your front door, you may not want to lose its texture and beauty for an exotic color. In that case, choose wood wisely and make sure your door gets the right varnish to emphasize its elegance.

4- Stained Wood Front against Light Gray Siding

Stained Wood Front against Light Gray Siding
Source: farmfoodfamily.com

If the whole exterior of your house has used a light gray tone from siding to roof shingles, a dark stain will appreciate the mix with a contrast.

It gives a vintage look and is even more magnified when the roof shingles are selected thoughtfully with a rustic texture.

5- White Trim with Wood Doors

White Trim with Wood Doors
Source: instagram.com

It is not a wood color or stain for the door itself, I might admit. Yet, I would include it because of the popularity of the style. This classic mix uses light gray as the background and the wood color usually remains natural or mahogany.

6- Light Cherry-Stained Cherry Wood Front Door with Real Stone Veneer

Light Cherry-Stained Cherry Wood Front Door with Real Stone Veneer
Source: pinterest.com

You must be a fan of dark sidings if you want to go ahead with this combination. So, have you used dark real stone veneer for your siding? Go with a vibrant color to light it up. Get a cherry wood door and get it stained in a light cherry stain. Enjoy the striking contrast.

7- Light Cherry-Stained Door with Light Gray Exterior

Light Cherry-Stained Door with Light Gray Exterior
Source: homedecorbliss.com

The light cherry stain gives an energetic vibe. It would’ve been a shame if it was limited to the dark siding. Fortunately, you can use it with lighter tones just as beautifully. Get a more natural look with this blend.

8- Dark Cherry is Equally Beautiful

Source: adventuresofdandv.blogspot.com

Couple it with all gray siding from light to dark.

9- Dark Brown Door with Granite Gray Exterior

Source: gambrick.com

Get a classic look by combining these conventional colors. You aren’t overdoing anything and maintaining a mild ambiance.

The dark brown door will complement the moderately optimistic background of granite gray making the overall look inviting.

10- Black Stain Against Light Gray Siding

Black Stain against Light Gray Siding
Source: Pinterest.com

When you don’t get lots of colors in your yard and want to counter this lack of color with bright contrast, you take light shades like gray siding to pair with a black door.

You don’t have to paint your wood door to get this combo. Choose doors with darker wood and the right stain and you will have sturdy and exotic options.

11- Mahogany Front Door with Light Gray Exterior

Mahogany Front Door with Light Gray Exterior
Source: pinterest.com

You can choose to stick to one color for siding and roof shingles. Or choose a darker shade for the roof.

12- More with Mahogany

More with Mahogany
Source: homestratosphere.com

The reddish-brown color of Mahogany wood enables it to exude energy and passion. You can pair it with almost all the shades of gray with a taupe undertone.

It looks equally beautiful with darker gray with or without similar colored roof shingles.

13- Coffee Bean with Blue Gray

Coffee Bean Front Door with Blue Gray
Source: pinterest.com

If you are using gray with a blue undertone, you will have limited choices. Wood is one right color out of a few. But don’t choose any brown; go with the specific rich coffee bean brown.

14- The Classic Combo

Source: PInterest.com

So, you want to pair your house’s gray siding with real stone veneer. Adding another texture will limit the available options for your gray House front door colors.

If you have to stick to wood colors, your best bets are dark stains. Expresso can be an adequate choice if you don’t want to go with midnight black.

15- Natural Wood For Light Gray

Natural Wood doors

It’s a no-brainer that for lighter shades of gray, colors are easy to find. Natural wood stain is another color that goes well with these hues.

16- Or Use Early American Chestnut Brown

Early American Chestnut Brown
Source: media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com

This exquisite color is another option available to you if you choose light siding. Note that you can keep the roof shingles of the same hue or find a darker shade than siding to complete the look.

17- Light Chestnut Suits Light Gray

Source: Pinterest.com

If you want to keep the ambiance light and energetic, add bright colors to the mute gray hues. Light chestnut adds liveliness to the exterior without making it overly sophisticated.

Brighter Color Pallet

Don’t restrict yourself to using only wooden textures or black or white colors for your front doors. With gray color at your siding, you have lots of opportunities to explore and develop new themes.

18- Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow
Source: jennakateathome.com

Bring life to your house exterior with color as bright as yellow. And don’t stop here. Get a more exciting look by including blue, red, and half-white in your surroundings.

19- Just Gray

Gray front door
Source: withheart.com

Don’t think that just because you have used it in your exterior façade, it’s no more suitable for your front door now. You can create the whole look around gray shades. Or you can use a single gray shade for all the façades.

If you do that, make sure that the yard has plenty of colors to counter the dull effect.

20- Pink

Pink front door
Source: lollyjane.com

Not everyone can use this color boldly for their front door. It’s unique and daring. So, if you want to remain true to yourself and want your energy to revert to you, get your Gray House front door colors in pink.

21- Orange Against Gray with Green Undertone

Orange Against Gray with Green Undertone
Source: designonce.wordpress.com

Another bold color, orange, extends a feeling of warmth and passion. It will suit the light gray siding. Add a similar color–or brown–to the surroundings. If you want, you can mute it a little by using gray with a green undertone.


22- Blue with Light Gray

Blue with Light Gray
Source: bhg.com

You don’t have to worry a lot about integrating a modern blue front door within the light grey siding. You can choose to match it with true gray or with gray with a blue undertone. It usually looks great against light gray shades but it’s not a necessity and you can just as beautifully pair it with darker shades.

23- Teal Against Gray

Teal Against Gray
Source: hunker.com

Another color to give a relaxing vibe to your home is teal. Luckily, it can work with any background color. So, feel free to use it against light gray or dark gray. It will look cool against most gray shades regardless of the undertone they are using.

24- Purple With Light Gray Sliding

Source: Pinterest.com

Yes, purple is not the most common color when it comes to front doors. Its rarity makes it even more unique. Add more purple color to the surroundings using the right flora around the house to give this element more strength.


Cozy Red
Source: rughdesign.com

If you want to paint your siding gray with a taupe undertone, red is a color you can use to add even more warmth.

Use cozy red to make your door welcoming while not being too striking or pungent. It is also counted among the best front door colors for white houses.

26- Pastel Yellow

Pastel Yellow-Gray House Front Door Colors

You like the yellow color for your front door but don’t think that you are that bold. Or maybe you don’t want to add lots of other colors to compliment this color.

How about choosing a duller version of yellow? Pastel yellow may not look extravagant with light gray colors. But feel free to use it with darker tones.

27- Black Color With Dark Gray

Black Color with Dark Gray
Source: freckleschick.blogspot.com

By combining these dark shades, you are giving a look of uniformity. If this is what you want, feel free to use the combo and get a moody, yet bold appearance.

If you are using this style, you may also want to have more black doors in your house.

Take Away

Gray is an easy color when it comes to contrasting or matching it. It doesn’t clash with many colors. In fact, if you experiment thoroughly or research well, you will find quite a few gray house front door colors to go with your exterior. Start with the choices we have presented!


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