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Should You Put Fabuloso In Toilet Tank? Why and Why Not!


Should you put Fabuloso in toilet tank to get a clean toilet after every flush? The short answer is it depends. The long answer is that you can put it in the tank only if you want a short-term solution.

Who doesn’t want a clean and refreshing toilet? We don’t want it to tell others how our business went in there. And those stubborn hard water stains – they are getting on your nerve.

You want to believe the viral TikTok video that tells you the easiest method to revive your bathroom. But should you believe it?

What caution do you need to exercise? Is Fabuloso is the right brand to use? Can we get a better method in terms of impacts and ease of use?

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These are the Questions that are Natural to Arise in your Head.

Whatever you do, don’t put Fabuloso in the toilet tank until you read this article. Take an informed decision.

Fabuloso TikTok Toilet Hack

Fabuloso TikTok Toilet Hack

The Fabuloso toilet cleaning hack took the TikTiok world by storm earlier this year. It quickly proved itself to be the hack that could actually give significant results.

Consequently, its simplicity and impact made it among the most trending hacks on the social media platform.

After all, who doesn’t want to automate the tedious task of cleaning the toilet every day? Not only that, but the hack also adds fragrance to the toilet bowl and bathroom as soon as you flush the tank.

It has essentially eliminated small but repeated after-toilet tasks as well as the tiresome ordeal of toilet cleaning.

All you have to do is to put the bottle of Fabuloso in the toilet tank with two holes in to allow cleaner’s diffusion. One bottle should suffice for a month.

How to Put Fabuloso in the Toilet Tank?

How to Put Fabuloso in the Toilet Tank?

Even the insertion of the bottle in the toilet tank is easy. All you have to do is to turn the bottle on its back.

At the bottom of the bottle on the front or back, make two small holes. These holes will allow the cleaner to leak into the water of the toilet tank.

Once you have punched the holes, you can place the bottle into the tank. Once you have secured the lid, you can use the toilet like before allowing the scented cleaner to clean the toilet every time you flush.

Why only Fabuloso?

The viral video that shows the use of Fabuloso uses Fabuloso all-purpose cleaner. Note that the success of this trick doesn’t dwell on the brand you are using.

The hack only calls for a scented cleaner. As long as the cleaner you are using can be used for bathrooms, you can use any brand of liquid cleaner.

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There is a reason this hack went viral and has become the go-to toilet cleaning strategy for many households. You get results with it!

The refreshing feel and scented air welcome you every time you flush the tank. Plus, your toilet cleanses itself and you have to exert little effort on the task when it’s time for daily or weekly cleaning.

When you embark on daily and/or weekly toilet cleaning, you will notice fewer and lighter hard water stains. This apparent cleanliness will translate into a significant reduction in scrubbing efforts.

Instead, a task will be added to your monthly to-do list around inserting a new bottle of scented cleaner into the toilet tank.

In addition to saving lots of effort, this process also helps you save money. You have to spend less on toilet cleaners because the work is already done for you by the all-purpose cleaner sitting in your toilet tank.


It may seem that the best way to use scented cleaners for cleaning toilet bowls is by adding their bottle into the toilet tank. But is it that simple? Or is there something hidden that you can’t grasp in one use?

Like any other method, the Fabuloso toilet hack has its own set of problems. Our concern is the balance between these problems against the benefits we would get from this hack.

Do problems overweigh the benefits or does the solution remain advantageous in our favor?

  • Here are a few issues that may arise with this Method:

Tank Damage

First off, this cleaning solution is offered for general-purpose cleaning. In other words, it’s not a go-to solution for toilet bowls.

Although the manufacturer has included bathroom surfaces in the list of surfaces that will benefit most from this solution, it has never claimed that toilet tanks are a great choice for this formula.

Most Cleaning Chemicals are Harmful to the Plastic and Rubber Components of Toilet Tanks.

Fabuloso – or any other general-purpose cleaner – is no exception. This trick doesn’t hurt the tank when used rarely or once in a while. But it can cause leaks when you use it continuously for months.

Flushing Fails

The primary purpose of a toilet tank is to store water until it’s needed for flushing. If we insert something other than water in it, its storage capacity decreases.

When it wouldn’t hold 1.6 gallons of water which is needed for flushing, it may not get enough water pressure and continuity which the bowl needs to push waste down the drain.

It will add the number of flushes you do after using the toilet leading to excessive unnecessary water consumption. Plus, you may end up with extra work of removing the bottle from the tank to make it efficient enough after every toilet visit.

If the bottle is severely undermining the tank’s capacity, you may experience that the amount of work you put into flushing far outweighs the time you save from minimizing scrubbing.

Hazardous for Pets

If you have pets, you may not want to add this solution to your toilet cleaning routine. Although the compound is not toxic for pets when they consume it in small amounts, it is still harmful to their health.

Its continued intake may severely harm your pet. So, if your pet has a habit of drinking from the toilet, you may not want to use this hack.

Or you may want to add a few layers of precautions around your bathroom to prevent your pets from drinking this water.

Manufacturer’s Response

The best strategy to know if Fabuloso cleaner is safe for toilet cleaning hack is to take guidance from the manufacturer.

We expected that the company would comment – validate or warn – on the effectiveness of this method.

Also, we anticipated that the company would respond to this market exposure and come up with a more toilet-friendly solution. But it never happened.

Until now, the company hasn’t acknowledged the hack that was created with its all-purpose cleaner. But we can still consider the long-term impact of this hack on the toilet by carefully analyzing instructions given on the cleaner’s package.

First, it defines the surfaces that can get help with Fabuloso. The package guidelines include bathrooms in this list.

However, being a surface cleaner, it will only be used on the outside of the toilet bowl – or tank if you want to use it there. The manufacturer gives no guarantee that it is safe to remain within the tank for long.

Secondly, when you are cleaning the tank or walls, you are supposed to use it with a sponge. It may become more effective when you use it in concentration but that doesn’t confirm the intended purpose of the cleaner and isn’t recommended by the manufacturer.

Does Fabuloso Disinfect?

This is the primary question for many people who want to replace their toilet cleaner with Fabuloso. The answer is, ‘no’. This all-purpose cleaner can only clean the surface without disinfecting it.


Fabuloso is a new method to maintain the toilet’s freshness and hygiene. For now, we are convinced of its effectiveness. But we are not sure about its long-term impacts on the toilet.

Plus, we are not sure if Fabuloso cleaner is the best option among the hundreds of all-purpose cleaners found in the market.

If Fabuloso doesn’t conform to your style, you may consider other scented cleaners based on their ingredients, fragrance, bottle size, and disinfection capacities.

You may also want to only check those products which are made specifically for placing in toilet tanks. One such product is In-Tank Toilet Cleaner Duo-Cubes. These cubes will help you keep the toilet clean for up to a month.

Vinegar Baking Soda Cleaning

Vinegar Baking Soda Cleaning

You may also use household products to hack the cleaning process. Among these products vinegar is a tried and tested ingredient that not only cleanses a surface but also disinfects it.

Baking soda is another such Ingredient.

Oftentimes, we use a mixture of these two ingredients believing that combining soda and vinegar will enhance cleaning efficiency.

When in truth, the cleaning potential of one ingredient cancels out that of the other ingredient and we are left with a bubbling mixture only that has mechanical power – from bubbling – to displace the dirt.

So if you are thinking of using natural ingredients go with either of these to get a cleaner bathroom.

Take Away

If you are expecting a difficult month or if you want a little automation with all the holiday preparations you have to do, you can put Fabuloso in the toilet tank to make toilet cleaning a little easier. It’s easier and faster.

But we advise you to not rely on it for long as the hack can damage your tank if used persistently.


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