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10 Elegant Dropping Curtain Designs to Match Any Interior


Elegant Dropping Curtain Designs

Curtains can lift the look of your living room, bedroom and even kitchen. In short, they are used to improve the temperament of the whole house. But before choosing a curtain, you have to make sure it compliments your interior and does not throw it off. To save you from choice complexities, this article will introduce you to 10 elegant dropping curtain designs that will go perfectly well with any interior set up.

Dropping curtains are usually made of drop cloth, which is a pretty affordable home improvement option. These curtains can block harsh sunlight to give you a mellow environment. They also insulate the heat to stabilize indoor temperature.

Mentioned below are the best dropping curtain designs that will add instant coziness and grandeur to any part of the home, regardless of your interior decor. So, whether your windows are large or tiny, dress up your space and make it look more charming and complete!

Soft-colored see through curtains

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Soft-colored and see through drop curtains let an ample amount of sunlight pass through them to make your home a little brighter. Light green and floral dropping curtain designs invite the nature inside your home. Whether fancy or sophisticated, they go well with any interior décor.


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Classic dropping curtain designs involving intricate fall layers give a very stylish and sleek look. Mild colors like fawn, beige, cream, light brown and off-white are preferable if you want to highlight the wood work in your home. Such curtains speak class for themselves.

Single-sided arrangement

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Single-sided arrangement of the drop cloth in its natural finish looks lovely. They usually have an oat-meal color with a linen texture. The simplicity of such designs looks super chic! The panels however, can be jazzed up a bit according to your wish.

light and dark curtains

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If you want to give your space a royal feel, the combination of dark shades like maroon, dark purple and royal blue with a frilly white curtain cloth is all you need. Although the length of your curtain is crucial with respect to the window size, letting your drapes puddle on the floor is a fancy statement. Get a luxurious feeling with this idea!

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Your kitchen windows could also use elegant dropping kitchen curtain designs. The deal is that the colors should remain on the neutral side (brown, cream, gray, off-white). This is because kitchens are mostly simpler than other parts of the home. Any decent printing on the curtain cloth would be great.

saturation hue curtains

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One of the best dropping curtain designs is the saturation hue. The colors in a single curtain cloth transitioning from warm to cool hues are sure to catch the eye of any visitor. They are also best for keeping the scorching sunlight out of the house during summers.


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Nautical patterns used for dropping curtain designs can give more grace to your interior. Patterns that depict the sea like layers, small boats and waves give off a cooling effect during summers.


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Anything dressed in pure white looks like an angel, no? So, why not dress up your windows with pure white dropping curtains to increase the serenity of your interior. Even though such curtains are hard to maintain as they get dirty soon, white lace curtains spread a calming vibe throughout the home.


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There is no doubt that printed curtains look beautiful and pragmatic. Dropping curtains with fancy printing not only bring color to your home, but also provide insulation and blockage from heat. Colorful printing is highly exquisite and makes the curtains look more chic and vivid.


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If you’re the one with an artistic taste, spice things up a bit with criss-cross dropping curtains. This design involves overlapping two contrasting or multi-colored curtain cloths to make your interior look like a masterpiece!


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