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Dark interior and décor can add a great unique look to your home. The dark interior let the home owners to add their personal touch to the overall design instead of just painting walls with different colors. Some of the interior spaces displayed below have a mix of white and black wall combination. All the ideas showcase bold and effectively designed spaces. Given below are some ideas of dark themed homes to help you understand and implement a dark and stylish interior look to your home.

Dark Themed Homes Ideas

1. Compliment Black with Bold Colors

Dark Themed Homes

Image via Decoist.com

Black is a great choice for teenager’s room.  However, try and compliment it with an influx of bright colors, for instance a bright graphic pillow to avoid making your space too dark. Designer Windsor Smith turned her son’s interior black for a great look.

2. Experiment with Black Stripes

Image via eastsidehomelink.com

Addition of black and white stripes is a great way to mix up dark and bright space. Designer Mary McDonald has achieved an old Hollywood theme look by painting the walls white and black stripes, matching it with her furniture and draperies.

3. Give a Classic Look through Black & White

Black & White Kitchen Ideas_opt

Image via hgtv.com

Black & White adds a timeless look to a room, especially kitchens. Designer Stephen Shubel has given a classic and edgy steak in this kitchen to add her personal style. The black cabinets give an eternal look with silver swivel tools to add panache. White countertop, backsplash and accents are further adding an airy and spacy effect.

4. Create Open Space Look through Black

black carpets and walls in rooms

Image via g3qdesigns.blogspot.com

Adding black color to give a stretched look to a room. The black carpets and walls, has a limitless effect on everything placed inside a room.

5.Black for a Classy and Aggressive Look

Classy and Aggressive Look

Image via houseandbeautiful.com

Designer Carleton Varney has given a bold look to this Wisconsin lake cottage 1929. The walls of the foyer have black and white stripes complimented by a zebra print runner on stairs

6. Select a Plain Black Finish


Image via Houzz

Black kitchen cabinets give a simple yet sleek look. They are ideal for the display of an all-white collection.

7. Finish One Room Black

Black Room_opt

Image via Flat Interiors

Turn one space in your home black if it seems too audacious. This room in the Houston home is finished in black by Rob Southern, adding a strong style statement.

8. Black White Combo


Image via Decoist

The home uses a combo of black and white in addition to rich natural wood and clichéd leather. The vintage decors with the modern accessories are adding a unique personality to the entire space.

9. Innovative Clean Look

Innovative Clean Look_opt

Image via Behance

The home designed by Leqb Architecture gives an innovative, clean and neutral style look. Every house edge is placed to perfection for drawing attention to each element placed inside. Even though the dark colors are not adding a lively or fanciful look, but they exhibit a great sense of calmness in each room.

10. Neutral Look

Neutral LookImage via le-qb.com

This loft is softly done by Leqb Architecture compared to the space mentioned above. Concrete grey and light color upholstery in addition to light wood paneling adds a neutral look to a space. The bedroom is giving a warm and personal feeling for anyone choosing to sleep in it.

As you can see from the images posted above, turning the interior into dark themed homes exhibits a dramatic effect that is unparalleled and matched by another idea. Walls, doors, chalkboard walls and everything else in black or a bit in white can change the entire appearance of your interiors. Rooms with high ceilings and natural light are just perfect for black walls. However, small spaces look equally modern and elegant; if all the other elements are chosen in contrast to enhance the dark wall effects.

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