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15 Home Office Must Haves to Inspire Productivity


Home Office Must Haves

Working in the professional environment of an office is far different than working from your cozy home office. Although the comfort of your home may give you more time to relax, it can have a negative impact on the productivity. Don’t let a sloppy home office get the best of your profession! There are certain home office essentials that you can use to up your work-from-home game. I have enlisted 15 home office must haves that will inspire productivity and motivate you to work hard.

1. Sufficient Room Space

Executive Office

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Getting sufficient room area to set up a workplace is the first requisite of a home office. A spacious room prevents congestion and discomfort while working. Give breathing space to your office furniture and you’ll always have space to add more. A wide room will let you spread out your office utilities in a much sophisticated and neat manner.

2. Working Desk


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Among other home office essentials is a traditional working desk. You can stick to a decent working surface or get creative with a designer desk. Don’t hesitate to opt for an adjustable working desk. Such a desk can adjust to different heights, so you don’t get tired sitting around all day. Ideally, a working desk is placed near the picture window, but you can place it anywhere that suits you best.

3. Right Amount of Lighting

home office lighting

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Adequate lighting works as a mood booster. A dull, dark room will only make you lethargic and decrease your productivity. Natural or full spectrum lights are recommended when it comes to home office must haves. The warmth of natural light contributes to giving positive thoughts, which help generating innovative ideas. Guide the sun to your home office by using see-through dropping curtains that only let an adequate amount of light enter the room.

4. Efficient Computer

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No office is complete without computer systems? The same is true for a home office. A fast and efficient working personal computer can assist you in completing your tasks efficiently and quickly. You can also use a laptop, but it is better to own a desktop computer, because you have to sit for hours to perform your duties. Staring at a short screen of a laptop for long can cause neck pain. However, if you own at least 17” laptop, you might not need a desktop. All depends on the type of work you have to perform and your convenience.

5. High-speed Internet Access

Fast internet access

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In the modern-tech era, high-speed internet and WiFi are the most crucial home office essentials. Much of your work can be easily done if you have a good internet connection. Tutorials, forums guidelines, important emails and teleconferencing, all can be accessed with the blink of an eye. A mere internet connection won’t suffice. It needs to be speedy and reliable otherwise you will be scratching your head most of the time. No compromise here!

6. Multi-purpose Printers

multi-purpose printer

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If your work does not require you make printouts, you can skip this point from the list of home office must haves. Most of the businesses do call for a lot of paper work and documentation. When you need to buy a printer, a fax machine and a photocopier, why not buy a multi-purpose printer that can do all? This handy device can print, fax, scan and even make copies.

7. Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders

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For every document that is not confidential, keep a recycling bin in your home office. But will you throw a sensitive piece of paper just like that? Don’t ever make that mistake. Keep a paper shredder for every paper that need to be disposed, but contains confidential info. Just a single incident of data theft can discredit your work. These home office essentials are here to protect your privacy.

8. Surge Protectors


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Your home office is a place loaded with electrical equipment, many of which I mentioned. Now you should pay attention on protecting them. Surge protectors help to keep your electronic gadgets safe from high voltage spikes. Protect your expensive devices from electrical surges, so that your work would never stop. Surge protectors are totally worth your money.

9. Comfortable Seating Arrangement

seating arrangment

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Now many of you may ignore this, but a comfortable seating arrangement is yet another home office must have. Who likes working in discomfort? No one indeed! If you want to remain steadfast to your work, then you need all the easement you can get. It is also impressive for your clients. Relaxed seating will provide them a satisfying experience with you. Business discussions, project works and other dealings can be carried easily if you’re in a comfortable position.

10. Temperature Control System

Relaxed at work

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It is hard to pay attention to your work if you’re trembling with cold or sweating with heat. Therefore, your home office needs to remain on a moderate temperature. Maintain proper ventilation and use air-conditioning to keep an undistracted working environment.

11. Elegant Decorations


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A little decoration doesn’t hurt, does it? Feel free to customize your home office with elegant decorations. Lay out a beautiful carpet or light some candles to make your space a little brighter. Decorations will make you spend more time in your home office. Add lovely textures and colors to your wall that help in reducing your stress (light green or sky blue). Beautifying your workspace affects you psychologically by improving mood and releasing tension, which ultimately leads to enhanced productivity.

12. Pots and Plants

Pots and Plants

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Never miss out on greenery! Plants and pots are home office essentials that clean up the air around you. You will always find yourself with a clear mind and high spirit if you add a few plants in your working area. It is also a cost-effective way to decorate your home office. And not to mention the sweet scents of flowers that will fill up the entire room!

13. Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

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Important meetings, calls, clients or events can never be missed. Another vital part of your home office is a bulletin board. You can display all important things including calendar and crucial documents. Stay updated about all the upcoming events and stun people with your capabilities.

14. Coffee Maker

coffee maker

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Burning midnight oil calls for a cup of coffee, but who has the time to go to the kitchen. Don’t disrupt the flow of your work. Keep a coffee maker in your home office, so whenever you feel drained, you can easily enjoy a strong cup.

15. Backup Power Source

UPS System

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Finally, use back up power to protect your data. If your electricity goes off suddenly, you’ll always have some time to save your data and safely shut down your system. UPS is a useful backup power supplier.


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