Winter Garden Wonderland

Who doesn’t want their garden to be as lively in winter as it was in summer? Surely, it can be tough to keep the garden green and colourful in a harsh weather, but with some effort and creativity, you can enjoy the winter garden wonderland.

Oeco Garden Rooms has some amazing tips to help you set up the best green heaven that would last the whole year, doesn’t matter what season it is. Oeco has been in the business for last 10 years dealing in customised green spaces.

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Conceal the Bare Patches

Winter comes with dried up trees, withered leaves and flowers and bare patches on the garden floor. You can avoid these uncovered spots by working on the layout of your garden. There are some simple hacks that involve wall gardens, raised flower beds and hedges. You can use these to give a new look to your garden in winter. Use voluminous plants with bigger leaves. Shifting around flower pots to cover the ugly exposed spots in your garden is another idea.

Colourise Your Garden

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Every season has its own colours. You can give wintery colour to your garden by using Hellebores. They are gorgeous red and white flowers ideal for the harsh season. You can also go for Christmas roses; they produce big leaves, which can help conceal any bare areas in your garden.

During the coldest months of December and January, Clematis Jingle Bells are the perfect flowers. Although, these white flowers are something to behold, you might have to prune this plant, because it can grow huge.

Fir trees are another option to add colour to your garden. Make sure you choose the smaller species if you don’t want giant trees in your green heaven.

Other options include Holly tree and Cotoneaster Horizontalis, both are good to give a lively feel to your garden.

The Winter Odour

Winter-OdourImage Source: Flickr

As you enter the house in winter, you usually smell cinnamon, spices and oranges reminding you the joyful season. But does your garden also give the sweet smell of winter?

Plant Witch Hazel in your garden. It is a beautiful yellow flowery plant that has this addictive liquorice aroma you cannot get enough of. Winter Honeysuckle with its yummy lemony smell is another good option.

Beautify Your Green Heaven

Winter nights are cold and lazy, but they don’t have to be dark and lifeless. You can put these magical fairy lights in your garden to decorate it. Warm lanterns lying around your garden’s walkway would give your garden a cosy feel. A garden adorned with ribbons, tinsels and baubles wouldn’t look bad either.

A Nice Fire Ditch

A-Nice-Fire-DitchImage Source: Flickr

People don’t like to sit in their gardens in winter. Why? Because it’s too cold! You can warm up the environment in your green space by digging down a nice fire ditch. If you have some extra money, get yourself one of those patio heaters and chimera.

Welcome Birds

Just because its winter, it doesn’t mean your garden shouldn’t have any life around. Robin Redbreasts are lovely creatures that can add happiness to your garden. Get pots for bird food and fill them every day with lots of sunflower seeds and seed balls. Birds will come by eventually. When that happens, robins will arrive too following their fellow birdies. If you really love robins, you can also give them a treat of crushed nuts sometimes.







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