For a pet lover, there’s nothing like coming home to a sloppy kiss or a friendly purr from a furry friend. It’s important to those who love pets that their animals are happy and healthy. Many don’t realize how easily some deadly hazards can be disguised as ordinary objects around the home. Discover some pesky items that should find a new home for a pet-friendly haven.

Pets that have the rule of the roost often have the opportunity to make their home indoors. It takes just a few weeks for dander, feathers, and hair to clog filters and cause a less-than-inviting odor. Clearing out HVAC air filters can make a significant change to indoor air quality. Both pets and their owners need clean air to stay happy and healthy.

Animals who have been given the garden as their domain are often faced with strange critters and creatures to contend with. But it’s not only the creepy crawlies that can affect a furry friend. Those who like to dig up their owners’ handiwork in the garden may be in for an uncomfortable surprise when they go near dangerous plants such as tulips and yew.

Feathery friends are not out of danger, either. It’s not only diet and clean water that keeps birds healthy but also complete avoidance of aerosols. Then there’s the surprising threat many bird owners may not be aware of: the self-cleaning oven, which can emit gases that can kill birds. But with all the hazards out there, pets and their owners still have much they can enjoy together.

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