Honestly, you don’t need advanced kitchen appliances to have a fully functioning kitchen. In fact, plenty of people get along just fine with only a microwave to heat up their frozen dinners. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t outfit your kitchen with the best tools and equipment you can find — it just means your kitchen probably doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that kitchen designers, appliance makers and others try to sell you.

Best Kitchen Appliances

But how do you know what you don’t need? It doesn’t hurt to review the best of the best Smart kitchen appliances out there — and it doesn’t hurt to buy a few of them if they truly will improve the functionality and appearance of your kitchen and home.

Bread Machine

Bread MachineImage Source: Flickr

Your oven can make bread, so why would you need a dedicated bread machine? As it turns out, bread has multiple steps and can take hours of hands-on time to prepare — which is why many people outsource it to their bread machines.

The best bread machines on the market transform bread and yeast into masterpieces. Top models mix, knead, prove and bake the dough, and they have programmable settings for different types of bread. If you can’t go a day without a fresh loaf, you might need to invest in one of these best kitchen gadgets.

Rice Cooker

rice cooker applianceImage Source: Flickr

Rice can be the most infuriating part of any meal, mostly because it can be a mystery how it cooks. Some types of rice are ready in a few minutes while others need to stew for an hour or more to become more than al-dente. You’ll need to devote prime stovetop real estate to cook rice that long, and at the end you’ll need to scrub the rice pot.

However, you can avoid all the headaches and heartaches of cooking rice when you have a rice cooker. The rice cooker is one of the must have kitchen appliances because they have the exact right settings for different types of rice; they make getting whole grain into your meal incredibly easy.

Ice Maker

Ice MakerImage Source: Flickr

Americans go wild for ice; we put more of it in more of our beverages than any other nation — and that’s due to the long and profitable history of ice in North America. While most American households have a freezer that can produce ice, that ice typically isn’t the best quality or quantitative enough to sate Americans’ needs.

If you love ice and can’t get enough, you might want to invest in a dedicated ice maker. These top kitchen appliances come in many styles, from portable and countertop to undercounter to major commercial appliances, and the best are programmable, so you can achieve the exact size and texture of ice that you crave.

Wine Cooler

Wine CoolerImage Source: Flickr

Every educated wine drinker knows that their vintages need to be stored in a precise environment to retain the delicate flavors created by their vintners. The best wine coolers not only chill wine but also manage humidity, light, air purity. This is required to keep the bottles in pristine condition. If you enjoy wine for more than just the antibodies, you need a high-quality wine cooler to keep your flavors safe.

Beer Dispenser

Beer DispenserImage Source: Flickr

Finally, beer aficionados have the opportunity to sample high-quality brews, like wine lovers have done for centuries. While most craft beer comes in bottles, beer fans agree that the flavors are best straight from the draught. Fortunately, you don’t need to journey to your favorite brewery anymore. Especially, if you have a beer dispenser in your kitchen. Also called kegerators, they make it easy to tap a keg of beer — and keep it in good condition. The best beer dispensers chill kegs to the perfect drinking temp and allow for the perfect pour, which is what you might need if you only drink beer the right way.

Warming Drawer

warming drawerImage Source: Flickr

There is little more frustrating than preparing a meal and having different elements be ready at vastly different times. You don’t want to serve ice-cold mashed potatoes  — and for that reason, you need a warming drawer. Warming drawers keep food warm, so you don’t need to stress about coordinating your cooking schedule perfectly. Often, warming drawers are part of an advanced oven, so you might need to upgrade larger appliances to gain access.

There are so many things you don’t need in your kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them or won’t take advantage of them. Whether you are redoing your kitchen or looking for ways to upgrade cooking skills, these appliances might be for you.

Featured Image Source: Pxhere

New kitchen appliances are expensive, and as manufacturers add more bits and bobs to them — like fancy doors and smart connectivity — refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and other appliances are only getting higher in price. If you bought a house that has older appliances, you are probably champing at the bit to replace them with updated models, but if you can’t afford to buy them outright, you should probably wait.

Best Kitchen Appliance Tips

Until then, there are some things you can do to make your appliances look a bit better — and to help you afford replacements when the time comes. Here are the best kitchen appliance tips from experts:

An Appliance Warranty

First, before you do anything to your appliances, you should consider covering them with home appliance insurance — otherwise known as a home warranty. This protection will help you keep your appliances running while you save up to buy a new set. Even better, if one or more your appliances break down due to regular wear and tear, your warranty provider will help you replace them.

There are a few important caveats to this protection. First, you need to be diligent about maintaining your appliances. Though you might not like them much — and you might hope for them to break down sooner — your warranty won’t kick in if there is evidence of improper maintenance. Then, you need to contact your warranty provider to discuss your interest in updating your appliances in any of the following ways. Modifications to appliances might nullify your policy, so it is wise to check before you take any steps.

A Coat of Paint

Whenever you are dissatisfied with how something looks in your home, a fresh coat of paint should be your first idea for a fix. However, when it comes to appliances, not just any paint will do. You need a paint that will stick to the current finish of your appliances and will be able to resist the extreme temperatures your appliances often reach.

Fortunately, you have a few options, which include:

  • Appliance epoxy paint. You can brush or spray this on like normal paint, and you should find typical appliance colors (i.e. white, black, silver) available.
  • Typical spray paint covered with enamel gloss spray. This is a suitable solution if you want your appliances to be crazy colors that aren’t available in appliance paint. The top coat is mandatory to seal the paint.
  • Automotive paint. For just a bit more money, you can take your appliances to an automotive paint shop to have them pimp your kitchen set.

A Layer of Film

If paint will invalidate your warranty, there is another option available to you: film. Just as you might peel and stick tints on your car and home windows, you can apply a layer of vinyl to your appliances to give them an instant face-lift.

The most common film transforms your white or black appliances into stainless steel, but you can find more intriguing skins if you are willing to take a design risk. You can even replace the film on your appliances seasonally to refresh the look of your kitchen every few months. However, doing so might seriously cut into your savings for a brand-new set of appliances.

New Handles and Doors

Most appliances follow standards for their handles and door fronts, so it isn’t difficult to replace them with updated options. To accomplish this, you might start by contacting the appliance manufacturer, who can provide a list of panels that will fit your current models. If you are dissatisfied with these options, you can turn to companies that offer custom-order panels, which will provide you exactly what you want in style and color.

This is a good option if your appliances are only just outdated and unlikely to stop working within the next few years. It allows you to update the look of your appliances in a professional manner without affecting how they function.

Additional Features

If you don’t want to change your old, unwanted appliances that much, you can still do things to hide their appearance and add features you might need and use. For example, on any of your appliances that lack glass fronts (like your refrigerator or dishwasher) you might hang a whiteboard, a corkboard or even a pegboard, where you can make notes, post important documents or gain additional storage for kitchen utensils.

How your kitchen looks is only limited by your imagination. There are solutions for updating your appliances at every price point, so you should start thinking about how you want your kitchen to look and take steps to accomplish it today.

Kitchen is the central place of your home where you spend quality time of your day, so why not make it more modern, glamorous and inviting. Adding glass kitchen cabinets renders that wow factor to the cooking space you have always dreamed of. They allow you to display your expensive china, while saving you the hassle of searching every cabinet to find a crucial piece of tableware. They also make the room appear more spacious and artful. Adding glass cabinets does not mean you have to replace the old ones. Redesign your existing shelves into glamorous glass cabinets by inserting glass doors.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

When adding glass to your cabinets, take into account the following two things. First is the type of glass you need to use; each glass serves a different purpose. From clear and translucent to opaque, textured, grooved glass look, the market teems with all sorts of designs to complement your kitchen cabinet style. Clear glass kitchen cabinets show off items inside making them inappropriate for cereal boxes, canned products and other less attractive items you want to hide.

They are perfect for showcasing expensive and delicate china, wine glasses and champagne flutes etc. Frosted glass kitchen cabinets are suitable if you don’t want to highlight the items. They not conceal the stuff inside the cabinets to a large extent, but also give a glamorous look to the door. Textured glass cabinets paired with cool marble surfaces add visual texture to your kitchen and make every day dishes standout like display pieces. Second factor to be considered when introducing glass cabinets to your kitchen is the location. If you have kids in the house, it’s better not to add glass doors on lower cabinets.

Now let’s discover the various options that will assist you in choosing the right glass door cabinets for your kitchen.

1 – Textured Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Textured Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Image via BHG

There are different types of ornamental glasses available in the market. These include ribbed glass, glass with air pockets to create a textured look, frosted glass and etched glass etc. Decorative glass cabinets not only display all flatware and china, but also add visual texture to the kitchen.

2 – Frameless Glass-Front Cabinets

Frameless Glass-Front Cabinets

Image via Houzz

Frameless glass front cabinets have a whole front sheet of glass for the entire cabinet with decorative hinges. The lack of hardware gives an airy and light feel to the kitchen.

3 – Glass-Front Cabinets With Paint At The Back

Glass-Front Cabinets With Paint

Image via Houzz

For those who love a trace of color in their kitchen, these glass front cabinets with a hint of mint at the back are a perfect option. Adding a little color to your kitchen makes it appear more alive. You can also add other colors that go with your kitchen scheme.

4 – Sliding Glass Cabinet Doors

Sliding glass cabinet

Image via Decoist

Two sheets of sliding glass drilled in hardware or finger-pull cut through the glass slide back and forth on a recessed track. More popular in the 70’s, it is back in fashion again.

5 – Smart Glass Cabinets For Compact Kitchen

Smart glass cabinets

Image via Decoist

Glass cabinets are the perfect solution for a compact kitchen. While the wood makes the kitchen look solid and crowded, glass adds an entirely different feel by making it appear airy and spacious in addition to giving it a touch of sparkle.

6 – Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Image via Miserv

Stained glass cabinets provide a customized look to your kitchen. Use stained glass door cabinets with interior cabinet lighting to enhance the look of the glass. The warm glow of the light through the stained glass will add a hint of gloss to the kitchen.

7 – Glass Cabinets On The Kitchen Floor

Glass Cabinets On The Kitchen Floor

Image via Homesthetics

These are ideal for people who don’t have small kids or canines in their homes. Though not very practical, glass cabinets look beautiful on the floor giving your kitchen a distinctive appearance.

8 – Painted Glass Kitchen Cabinets


Image via Decoist

Painted glass cabinet doors are frameless with back-painted glass to offer a wonderful glossy look to the kitchen.

9 – Peninsula Glass Cabinets

Peninsula Glass Cabinets

Image via Homedit

Peninsula cabinets are found in areas that divide the cooking space and an adjacent space like the dining room. They are accessible on three sides and adding glass-front peninsula cabinets to the kitchen give it a more open feeling.

10 – Muntins On Glass Cabinets

Muntins On Glass Cabinets

Image via Traditional Home

Muntins are timber or metal moldings that hold individual frames of glass or serve for decorative purposes over an entire sheet of glass. They work well to enhance the look of your glass kitchen cabinets, thereby combining style with functionality.

11 – Lighting Options for Glass Kitchen Cabinets


Image via Interiordesign

Install interior cabinet lighting to highlight your collections of silverware and dinner sets of crystal and porcelain. The lights will not only augment everything on display, but would also add extra sparkle to the glass doors.

12 – Picture Window Glass Cabinets

Window Glass Cabinets

Image via Houzz

For kitchens with more windows and less wall space, picture window glass cabinets are ideal. You place the glass cabinet on top of the window with no rear panel for the cabinet. It not only brings more sunlight into the kitchen, but also beauty the backyard. Also, make sure the window geometry aligns with the cabinet design.

13 – Adding Glass Cabinets Above Upper Cabinets

Glass Cabinets Above Upper Cabinets

Image via Miserv

Adding glass cabinets above the upper kitchen cabinets allow you to exhibit your beloved items. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to utilize the usually wasted space of your kitchen.

14 – Combing Glass Cabinets With Wooden Cabinets

wooden and glass cabinets

Image via Pixabay

To break the heaviness of all the wooden cabinetry going all the way up to the ceiling, we can use a few glass cabinets. The glass will add glamour to the kitchen, break the monotony and give a feeling of openness.

To transform your kitchen into an exciting cooking space, here are some more kitchen design ideas.

Featured Image: Flickr

Dining out is not a new trend;in fact, the culture of eating out has grown tremendously in the last decade. No doubt, it is the thought of eating scrumptious food that pulls the diners in, but it’s not the only reason why top restaurants are brimming to the door with patrons. It’s the charm of dining in a beautiful designed restaurant as well as the quality food that lures people in.

Floor to ceiling windows, lighted ceilings, artistic walls, polished floors, soft music and squeaky clean furniture give restaurants an ethereal feel. Keeping that in mind interior designers and architectures come up with modern restaurant design ideas every year to keep their guests enchanted.

Trending Restaurant Design Ideas

Dining at a new place is always exciting. You don’t know what new trends you are going to find there and what kind of experience it will be; memorable or a disaster? The anticipation keeps building until you finally get to visit the place and see for yourself the creative restaurant design ideas that make it so popular. On the other hand, it’s better to be aware of latest restaurant trends than to go in blindly.

To keep you updated, here’s a list of modern restaurant design ideas that restaurateurs are dishing out in 2017:

1. Restaurants Based Around Themes

Conceptual restaurants are at the top of the trends these days. Theme based restaurants exude mysterious aura that patrons are itching to explore while enjoying their meals. Concepts add an exciting element to the restaurant and give it a distinctive edge that leaves a lasting impression. Theme designed restaurants standout and fascinate the crowd, beckoning them to step into a whole different realm, where customers leave with the promise of visiting again.


Image via Circus-London

Situated at the heart of London’s theatreland, Covent Garden, Circus restaurant is a trio of restaurant, a bar and a circus. The restaurant has an open kitchen, it’s when the show begins the metal shutters come down, concealing the kitchen from dining room. Quirky and fun, it’s pan Asian food, cocktails and acrobats, fire eaters, hula hoopers entertain patrons immensely. The ultra modern interior lit up with glowing strobe lights adds drama to the circus show and takes you to a magical place.

2. Rustic Industrial Design

One of the latest restaurant design ideas is the use of raw materials as a decorative element in the restaurant. Walls, ceilings and floors are designed in a way that exposes raw materials like bricks, metal pipes, woods and concrete in an artistic way. The rugged industrial looking interior oozes charm and adds theatrical element in the mix that diners love.

Image via Ciocodeica

Bogdan Ciocodeica is located in Bucharest, Romania. The ceiling is exposed, showing metal pipes twined together. The industrial interior filled with comfy sofas and plants gives joyful warmth to the restaurant. For lighting, unique glass lamps are used. The materials palette is mostly composed of organic materials, ceramic tiles for corners, polished concrete floors, marble countertops and wooden furnishing along with vibrant vegetation to make the patrons feel welcome.

3. Minimalistic Furniture

Modern restaurant design ideas for furniture have evolved in the last few decades. Heavy and ornate furniture seems to have gone out of style for quite a while. Simple and clean lined furniture is patron’s preference these days, as it makes it easier to move around busy restaurant. The Scandavian concept furniture designs will stay popular this year as well, as patrons love the trendy wooden benches and seats, low backed chairs and stools. This ultra modern furniture gives restaurant a sophisticated air and makes you feel more at home with its simplistic approach to dining furniture.

Minimalistic Furniture

Image via CanallaBistro

The most attractive element of Canalla bistro is its walls, which are covered with wooden shingles. Situated in Mexican city, this modern restaurant is designed by Francesc Rife Studio. The material used to cover the walls comes from recycled orange crates. Small tiles in natural stone are used to design the floor of the bistro. Its resemblance to cobble stoned street gives it an informal touch, while the simple yet modern minimalistic furniture is inviting to the customers.

4. Artistic Ambient Lighting and Ceiling Designs

Chandeliers and Vintage lamps are the things of the past. Fascinating ceiling designs adorned with ambient lighting add elegance to a restaurant interior. Pendant and recessed mood lighting radiates comfortable level of brightness, without glare, over the dining room. Artistic ceilings softly glowing with lighting are intriguing and pleasing to look at.

Ceiling Designs

Image via Shade Cafe

Shade Burger in Ukraine is modern and small yet intimate. The eye catching ceiling is its most unique element. Different shades of natural tree veneer hang beautifully down the ceiling and light the ceiling throughout. It is entirely constructed of concrete, but the wooden furniture gives a warm environment. The quirky writing on the wall “Let’s Meat Here” welcomes patrons to have a social gathering at this trendy place.

5. Kitchen in the Dining Room

Open kitchen restaurant design ideas are trending for some time. Who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite chefs creating culinary masterpiece that they are going to devour later? Exposed kitchens are like culinary live shows, patrons can watch chefs dicing, tossing and literally playing with fire, while a source of entertainment for diners it can be daunting to the kitchen staff. Restaurants with open kitchen have to focus more on their kitchen designs along with providing a comfortable cooking station to chefs.

Culinary TV shows has picked the curiosity of people about preparation and plating of the food and they love to be the part of the action, which explains the growing popularity of open kitchens designs.

Image via Vue de Monde

Shannon Bennett is a renowned chef of Australia, who owns the restaurant Vue De Monde. Situated in Melbourne, at 55th floor of Rialto, it is a symbol of sophistication. The floor to ceiling window displays breathtaking view of Melbourne. The open kitchen is a source of entertainment for patrons and the dark theme of restaurant contrasts beautifully with the black furnishings and ambient lighting designed on the walls

6. Indoor and Outdoor Space

Some of the highest-ranking restaurants are the ones that provide more than one dining space to customers. Restaurants with two dining spaces, indoor and outdoor, are always refreshing.

Restaurateurs are using patios, rooftops and terrace as open dining spaces, where you can enjoy your meal sitting under the sky and breathe in the beauty of nature. Sometime,s outdoor kitchens are brought in the open space, which amplifies the customer’s excitement. Moreover, if you opt to dine inside, floor to ceiling windows present the refreshing outdoor view.

Outdoor Space design

Image via LA.Eater

Cannibal restaurant, located in L.A., has two dining spaces, indoor and outdoor. The unique design of the wooden ceiling with florescent LED lighting is something to looks at. Spacious hall filled with long wooden tables and semi industrial interior is the perfect picture of modern restaurant design ideas. The outdoor space is equally charming, with wooden chairs and tables placed strategically and the metal fence covered by vibrant plants.

7. Green Toned Interior

According to The Pantone Color Institute, Green is predicted to be the color of the year 2017. The soothing and energizing shade will create a perfect atmosphere for conflicting social and political meetings, where patrons can rejuvenate and relax for a few hours surrounded by natural atmosphere. From furniture to walls to decor, you will find this cheerful color scheme in the restaurants this year.

Image via Interiorzine

Styled by Golucci International Design for one of the largest noodle house brands, Mr. Lee noodles, this minimalistic Asian restaurant is located in Beijing, China. Its interior design carries a new concept style, a refined combination of vintage and contemporary urban architecture. The green toned furnishings, exposed bricks and polished wooden surfaces create earthy and natural atmosphere. The contemporary design is a talking picture of traveling stories, as it is designed with a European lay out mixed with peaceful Chinese atmosphere.

8. Artwork

Artistic restaurant design ideas are a source of inspiration for people. Magical murals, famous quotes, beautiful sculptures, meaningful paintings, graffiti and digital gallery, there are no limits to the artwork. Artworks displayed on restaurant walls bring people together and give patrons a subject to discuss over dinner. The story telling designs also evoke emotional response that engages customers and makes their experience memorable. More so, it provides local artists a ground to exhibit their work, which is supported greatly by the community.


This alluring artwork is not displayed in some grand art gallery; this work of art covers the wall of a very famous restaurant in Houston Texas. The restaurant, 51fifteen Cuisine and cocktails, was renovated and reopened last year. The floral art is displayed in 51fifteen’s bar seating and semi lounge area. The color palette used to design the interior;and black, gray and white marbled floor combined with ultra modern furniture and blooming flower art are stunning. The comfortable lounge looks more like a grand art gallery than a bar area.


Image via 51fifteen

This photo of 51fifteen is taken from another angle showing artwork from the dining area. You can see the blooming flower lights on the ceiling toward the bar area and the blue colored furniture clashing beautifully with stark white and black. The credit of designing the ultra-sophisticated interior goes to Nina Magon of local firm Contour Interior Design.

Are you starting to update your kitchen? Maybe you have nearly everything planned out, but you’re not sure about the finishing touches. You have to think about everything, and the outside appearance is the first priority when it comes to design. However, that doesn’t mean that other choices that go into the finishing touches of your kitchen should be ignored. In fact, it’s the little choices that might make or break the entire design of your kitchen.