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Dreaming of a home theater but lack the space in your home? You don’t need an extra room or basement to bring your luxe home theater dreams to life. Just look to your living room. With these tips and updates, you can transform your living space into an entertainment epicenter for the entire family.

Blackout Curtains

Custom drapes can make a fabulous first impression in any living space, but the right type of curtains and drapes can make all of the difference — especially when putting together a home theater. Practical and stylish, Roman shades complement a wide range of different home aesthetics. They can be customized with a variety of fabrics and can be paired with a blackout lining to give your living space the ultimate home theater feel, keeping light out when it is movie time.

Speaker Stands

Arguably one of the best things about going to the movies is the theater-quality surround sound. Bring that experience to your living room with a high-quality speaker system. To ensure that you have the best sounding movie experience at home, be sure to use speaker stands and speaker mounts for your speaker system. A properly installed speaker system will actually boost the sound of your favorite movie, television show or playlist.

Plush Pillows

No home theater is complete without a few oversized pillows to snuggle up to. Not only will these plush pillows come in handy during your next weekend Netflix binge, stylish, oversized pillows can amp up your interior decor from season to season. Toss a few pillows onto your sofa, loveseat or favorite chair, and keep a selection of extra pillows stored in a chic wire basket for when you have guests over and need a couple extra pillows to pass around.

Dimming Lights

Different lighting styles can set the tone and mood throughout your home. Today, there are more lighting options to choose from than ever before, many of which are easily customizable and easy to operate as well. Philips Hue, for example, offers a series of different lighting options, all of which can be customized and controlled directly from your favorite device. In fact, you can make your home theater experience an immersive one by linking up the Hue Entertainment lighting system to whatever you are watching on the big screen. Think of this high-tech lighting system as a special effect. The lighting in your home can match what is happening on the screen, seamlessly complementing the cinematography of whatever you and your family are watching together. Hue Entertainment is also compatible with audio and gaming content.

Dark Paint

Give your living room the ultimate theater vibe with a fresh coat of paint. Dark colors such as navy blue or burgundy are both great options. Dark colors are optional because the light won’t reflect back to the screen. Additionally, when choosing your living room paint colors, keep in mind that gloss, semi-gloss and satin-finish paints can create glares. Rather, opt for a flat, no-glare paint color for the living space. And when choosing your color for the living room walls and the living room ceiling, DIY experts recommend choosing a paint color that will not distract from the screen.

With these tips and tricks your living room will be movie-ready in no time. Pass the popcorn.

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It’s the time of the year to let your imagination run wild and design new ways to decorate your outdoors for Christmas. The 20 outdoor Christmas decorations ideas given below are affordable, fun, take a few hours to complete and are an excellent way to spend some fun time with the family and to keep children busy during the holidays. You can try as many as you like.

1.  Pine Cone Wreath

pine cone wreath christmasImage Source: Pixabay

A very simple yet beautiful DIY winter decorating ideas, a pine cone wreath is very easy to make. All you need is some pine cones, woolen string and white paint. Take out some white paint on a paper plate and dip the tips of the leaves of each pine cone. Wind some string around the bottom of each cone and tie the ends to make a pine cone wreath.

2.  Santa Porch Decoration

santa porch decorationImage Source: Flickr

Take three wooden logs of varying lengths and tie them together with red ribbon. Then, use red and white paint to create Santa faces on the top end of each log. This will make an excellent entry porch display outdoor Christmas decorations ideas.

3.  Hanging Basket

christmas decoration hangingImage Source: Pexels

This is one project where you can exercise your creativity. Take a plain wooden basket and drill three holes at equal distances on the mouth. Pull some jute string through the holes and tie the ends in a knot. Fill the basket with some evergreens and Christmas decorations or fairy lights to hang it on your porch.

4.  Porch Lanterns

porch lanternsImage Source: Pixabay

To make these simple DIY winter decorating ideas, all you need is a lantern fixed to your outside wall. Fill in the space between the wall with some red berries and evergreen leaves.

5.  Welcome Sign

welcome signImage Source: Pixabay

Welcome signs for Christmas make amazing outdoor Christmas decorations ideas for kids. Simply take an extra plank of wood and sand it nicely. Apply black paint as the background and paint WELCOME in large white letters. Add a snowman face to make it more fun.

6.  Decorative Bucket

christmas bucket decor

If you have an old bucket lying around, clean it up and fill it with some logs, pine cones, and evergreen leaves. You can even place a few candles and fairy lights for extra effect. Place these on your front porch to create a warm welcoming sight.

7.  Pellet Christmas Tree

pellet christmas treeImage Source: Pixabay

Take a spare wooden pellet if you have one. Cut the biggest triangle out of it for your Christmas tree. Paint it green and fix a big felt bow on the top. String some fairy lights around it and place it outside your house for simple outdoor Christmas decorations ideas.

8.  Wood Slice Snowman

wood slice snowmanImage Source: Pixabay

For this great family DIY winter decorating ideas, take four slices of logs of different diameters. Paint the surfaces white leaving out a narrow edge around the circumference. Fix these using nails one above the other to create a snowman. Paint some buttons and the face. Wrap a scarf and place a hat on your wood slice snowman.

9.  Birdcage Decoration

christmas birdcage Image Source: Pixabay

To make a DIY Christmas decoration, clean an old birdcage and spray paint it. When dry, fill it with some red and golden Christmas tree balls. Cover the top by tying some evergreen leaves and a bow.

10.  Train

christmas trainImage Source: Pixabay

You need 3-4 empty wooden crates for some nice outdoor Christmas decorations ideas. Paint them alternately in red and green and decorate them with some holly boughs. Make the wheels by cutting out wooden discs from logs and painting them. The train will look lovely on your front lawn.

11.  Hangings

christmas ornamentsImage Source: Pixabay

If you are left with some extra Christmas ornaments or a pair with a lost member, simply tie a ribbon at one end and hand them from the porch ceiling to make an interesting Christmas porch decoration.

12.  Sled

christmas sledImage Source: Flickr

You can take an old sled, clean it up and stand it on your front lawn. Kids will love this simple DIY winter decorating ideas. You can embellish it with a wreath or some lace.

13.  Hanging Stars

hanging starsImage Source: Pexels

Use coloured or glitter paper to make paper stars in different sizes. Tie them to one end of a string and hang them from the porch ceiling.

14.  Paper Garlands

paper garlandsImage Source: Pixabay

Paper garlands are fun outdoor Christmas decorations ideas that can be made to fill up any empty walls easily. Use strips of coloured paper to make chains. Embellish them with some lightweight ornaments and fairy lights. You hand these on walls, doorways and even around pillars.

15.  Christmas Cushions

christmas cushionsImage Source: Pexels

Instead of buying expensive Christmas cushions, simply cut off the sleeves of an old red or green T-shirt. Sew the bottom together and fill it with some stuffing. Now, sew together the open end and you have your own DIY Christmas cushions.

16.  Firewood Holder

christmas firewoodImage Source: Pexels

An excellent DIY winter decorating ideas to place outdoors, place an old wooden crate with its open mouth towards you and place firewood inside it. You can paint it any colour you like and decorate it with a lantern or candle holder.

17.  String Art

string artImage Source: Pexels

Make some funky outdoor Christmas decorations ideaswithstring art. Fix some nails on a blank fence or wooden wall to create a shape, such as a tree, Santa or reindeer. Wrap the string around the nails to create a unique art piece.

18.  Faux Christmas Presents

christmas presentsImage Source: Pixabay

This is an easy one. Take wooden blocks of different sizes and wrap then in Christmas-themed paper as if they were presents. Tie them up with gauze or jute ribbons and place them near your doorway.

19.  Bottle Decoration

bottle-decorationImage Source: Maxpixel

Use old bottles lying in your kitchen and paint them in a single colour. Wrap red or green ribbons around their neck and place some dried branches in them. You can leave them natural or paint them in some warm colours.

20.  Fairy Lights

fairy lightsImage Source: Pixabay

You can do a lot with fairy lights to perk up any dull part of your porch or front lawn. Simply drape them around your lawn furniture or shrubbery to create a warm feeling with some outdoor Christmas decorations ideas.

Creativity has no bounds, so feel free to adapt new ideas to these craft suggestions depending on your budget and the time available to you. Use the most of these ideas to spend some fun time with your family.

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3 Ways to Make DIY Brick Bookends By Karen Kavett

youtube DIYsImage Credit: Karenkavett

One of the most basic ways to hold up your collection of books would be to have a brick holding them up on each side. You can find bricks for relatively cheap, so this is a quick and affordable youtube DIYs. However, sometimes bricks can look a little boring, and they don’t add much color into your home!  How can you spruce them up to make them a little more exciting? Karen Kavett shows you three different ways to make these brick bookends more exciting. You can watch the video here.

DIY Cinnamon and Sandalwood Scented Wood Log Candle by Simple DIYs

traditional-candleholdersImage Credit: Houzz

Candles in the home make the wintertime so much more special. It makes the inside of your home cozier when you come in from the cold, and a scented one can make your home smell absolutely delicious. This craft allows you to make a candle yourself, in a short amount of time. And the wood around the candle makes your home feel even more cozy for the winter time. Winter is right around the corner! Why not prepare your home now? You can see how to make your own candle here.

How to Upholster a Dining Chair By HGTV Handmade

reupholster-dining-room-chairs-reupholstering-dining-room-chair-imageImage Credit: Thesocialmediastore

Did you know that HGTV had a YouTube channel? Well, they do. And they have a lot of great crafts and great home decorating ideas in their video archive. It’s absolutely amazing. This particular video shows you how you can take your old dining room chair and give it a simple update. This way you don’t have to get rid of your chair that may be a little beat up after years of use.  Instead, you can repurpose it and save time and money! You can check out the video here.

5 Fall Home Decor DIY Projects By Ann Lee

800px-pumpkinsImage Credit: Wikipedia

Fall might be just about over, but maybe you can keep this one for next year. Besides, this video is a 5-in-1! How cool is that? The creator, Ann Lee, goes into how to make a Pumpkin Planter, a Marble Pumpkin Painting, an Abstract Golden Wall Art, a Feather Banner, and even a Faux Fire Place. There’s a lot to discover there! You can check them all out in this seven minute video right here.

DIY Velvet Tufted Bench By Mr. Kate

cvr_7673 Image Credit: Classicvintagerentals

Did you know that you could make your own bench right at home? Apparently, there are YouTube videos just about that very thing so you can do it yourself if you so choose. You’d save so much money by doing this yourself, instead of going and spending hundreds of dollars on a bench from the store. You can see how to do it right here!

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Lovers of modern furniture and home decoration will be familiar with the increasingly-popular acrylic furniture, both for the home and the garden.

Acrylic, which is also known as Perspex and plexiglass, is a transparent plastic that is often used as an alternative to glass. This is because it is 17 times stronger, and therefore a much more durable and user-friendly alternative.


The transparent quality of acrylic also makes it an attractive option, as it creates a modern look, but can blend in well with other styles of home. Acrylic furniture is available in clear, transparent form, and in coloured and translucent variants. This means the type and colours of the furniture available in this range is very versatile.

Buying acrylic furniture from designers can be expensive, however, owning this contemporary type of furniture needn’t be. In fact, it’s something you can do yourself — with the right equipment and know-how, you can do it yourself with acrylic sheets.

The Plastic People is a company that specialises in providing plastics for all types of purposes. With over 40 years of experience, they are well-placed to advise on how to bend acrylic to make this furniture yourself. Why not give it a go and see what you can create?

What you’ll need

•    A design of what you would like to create. Either find one online, or create a simple one yourself. Be sure of the dimensions that are required, and keep it simple to start.
•    Sheets of acrylic, cut to the size you need.
•    Clamps to hold the acrylic in place.
•    Strip heater or heat gun.
•    Heat protection gloves.
•    Circular saw.
•    Tape measure.
•    A straight edge or wooden plank.

How to bend Acrylic into Furniture

1.  As your heat source and plastic will need to combine together effectively, test out how the heat source works on your acrylic with a spare test piece, if you have one available. It will help you to estimate how long you will need to apply your heating device for.

2.  Prepare the acrylic sheet you want to bend. You will need to remove the acrylic’s plastic covering before you begin work.

3.  Using your design as a guide, mark on where you want your bends to be. The next steps you follow will depend on how much of a bend you want; whether you want a sharp edge or soft bend.

4.  For a softer bend, you will simply need to bend the acrylic when it’s heated. If you want a sharper edge, you will need to prepare the acrylic further.

5.  For a sharp edge, you must saw a V-shaped groove along the outside edge of the line to be bent, before you apply any heat. Lightly score a cut along the line to be sawed as a guide using a straightedge, so that it is easier to work with the saw.

6.  Using your strip heater or heat gun, turn to the optimum temperature needed to bend acrylic at a thickness.

7.  Place the acrylic sheet over the strip heater, or apply your heat gun to the acrylic – both directly on the line you are wanting to bend.

8.  Make sure you’ve got your timings correct, and keep the heat in place on the acrylic.

9.  After the optimum time, remove the heat source. If you want a gentle right angled curve, try bending the acrylic over the wooden plank. If you want a sharper edge, bend it with the cut edge on the outside.

10.  When your angle is achieved, hold the acrylic in place and allow it to cool.

11.  Repeat on all the angles and bends of your chosen design.



The exterior of your house is the first thing any guest would notice. The best way to enhance the outer view of your house is to give your Porch or Patio a striking look. I believe you know that Porch and Patio are two different parts of your home. A porch is a part of the home that always has a door leading inside the house, whereas a patio is often designed next to the house structure and is usually made on a paved or a hard surface. Since everyone has their own taste when it comes to designing their houses, we are going to provide six unique Patio and Porch decorating ideas, which you can implement on your house to increase its value and make it standout among the other houses in the neighborhood.

Porch Decorating Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

Screened in Porch

A screened in Porch is covered by a glass to prevent bugs or insects entering your private cozy area. To give a distinct antique design to your house, paint your floor red or grey, add a stone fireplace and a similar stone colored rug, and top it off with a long cozy couch. A pair of wooden chairs and a table would also be nice to enjoy your evening coffee in a warm comfortable environment.

Porch Decorating Ideas

Old hickory two hoop chairs would look amazing too!

Image via: Country Living

Decorate with Flowers

Don’t have a huge budget? Not a problem! A simple open-style porch decorated with flowers would really make your evening sit outs relaxing. A combination of plants and flowers pots hanging from the roof or placed on the table or even on the railing is one of the cheapest porch decorating ideas. Make sure to use flowers of different colors for a vibrant look.

Decorate with Flowers

Paint the wall too with a bright color for a livelier atmosphere

Image Credit Flickr

House by the Beach

If you live near the beach and have a stunning view of the ocean from your house, then design your porch by painting it with natural colors. A sky blue roof with white pillars and a light grey floor will look absolutely stunning. The key is to use light colors on everything from chairs to windows and doors. Make sure not to install an extra shade and allow natural light to illuminate your exquisite porch.

House by the Beach

Co-ordinate colors with doors, windows and chairs for a distinct look

Image via: hgtv

Add a bar counter to your porch

For people who have friends visiting often, wouldn’t it be more convenient to have an opening from the kitchen to your porch? A trouble-free way to install a window is to use a glass garage door and install a granite countertop. Rest you can add chairs and a regular table to your porch and enjoy a sit out with your mates.

Porch Bar

One of the best porch decorating ideas to serve your guests conveniently

Image via: BHG

Keep it Simple!

By simple we mean elegant! It’s not necessary to buy a fancy showpiece or an expensive sofa set, even the right paint combination can give your porch a gorgeous look. A sober combination of wooden flooring with wooden roof and chairs would look fabulous. Add in a hanging couch for yours kids and they won’t feel like going back to their room again.

Keep it Simple

Experiment with other sober paint combinations to match your mood and style.

Image via: Pixabay

Transform Porch to a Dining Room

Save the space consumed by your dining room and move the furniture to the porch area to upscale your dining experience. No need to cover the porch with glass, just use solid colored curtains and install dim lighting to elevate the mood.

Dining Room Porch

Scandinavian furniture would look best with marble floor and white colored curtains

Image via:

Patio Decorating Ideas

Fireplace and Nature combination

A fireplace looks extravagant whether it’s inside the house, in the porch or in your patio. For a modish look, use wooden seats and a table and place flower pots and plants around the sides. Make sure to use dark colored furniture for a classic ambience. This is one of the most popular patio decorating ideas implemented around the world.


Use fancy flower pots and place them around the sides or on top of fireplace.

Image via: Door.kitchencandid

Sticking to One Color

Choosing a monochromatic theme gives a fresh and appealing look not only to the patio but to the whole house. Choose white colored seats and a round table, plus you can also add extras such as an umbrella for a more polished look. The floor and the door can be painted in grey to match the overall paint scheme. This is one of the best patio decorating ideas which can be accomplished in a low budget.

White Porch Design

White colored tables and chairs are easily available at a low price

Image via: Realsimple

Tropical Style Patio

Give your patio a tropical touch by opting for multi-colored furniture and retro styled hanging art pieces. Buy a red or yellow colored round table with green plastic chairs and add artificial hanging plants to give it final touches.

Tropical Style Patio

You can also place fruit basket on the table filled with cherries, bananas and different colored fruits

Image via: Realsimple

Outdoor Lunch Setup

What could be better than utilizing your outdoor space for dining purposes? If you have a garden in the house, this set-up is extremely straightforward, as it only requires a dining table and chairs. Make sure to buy dark solid colored table and chairs for a sophisticated look. You can even plan a family engagement ceremony in your garden and have an outdoor lunch or dinner at the patio.


Surround the table with flower pots and greenery for a finest dining experience ever

Image via: Safarimp

Chinese Inspired Setup

The markets are filled with Chinese lanterns and contemporary ming chairs and table, which can beautify your patio and provide a comfortable chilling spot. Experiment with various colors such as purple, red and orange for a more vibrant feel. The flooring can be either wooden or paved.

Chinese Inspired Setup

This is one of the easiest to setup patio decorating ideas and is also an inexpensive way to decorate your house.

Image via: Realsimple

Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Buy a huge couch with lots of comfortable pillows and place it in your patio; you won’t feel an urge to go indoors at all. The outdoor lounge design can be pulled off with just a couch and a table to keep your magazine or coffee cup. For final touches, you can also add flower pots or place a vase on the table. Dim lighting on the sides will also look wonderful during the night hours.

Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Use light colored sofas and tables for an elegant look

Image via: Safarimp

Kitchen storage can be a challenge if you have limited space or you don’t know how to maximize your cabinets, closets and wall space. For those who have beautiful dishes, collectibles or just an impressive cookbook collection, creative ideas for shelving is essential. Look at these 10 kitchen shelving ideas you’ll love to steal for your kitchen this season.

10 Kitchen Shelving Ideas to Display your Gorgeous Dishes

1. Simple Wall Shelving Ideas:

Who would of thought that taking a bare wall and installing dowels and wood shelves could lead to a beautiful “dish gallery”? We love how Country Living transformed this dining room with these simple shelves. Consider painting your wood shelves a contrasting color to match your decor.

kitchen shelving ideas
Take your favorite wall and turn it into a dish gallery.

Image via: Country Living

2. Bringing Home Storage into your Kitchen:

When decorating your kitchen remember shelving doesn’t have to be fancy nor expensive. Consider visiting your favorite home improvement or office supply store for creative home storage ideas. From rubber bins and pullout drawers to bakers racks that do double duty as plate storage, the sky is the limit.

3. Storage Shelves Variations:

The great part about designing your kitchen is the ability to use different materials for your storage. These shelves in this kitchen from Apartment Therapy show a variation of wood and painted wood shelves for displaying books, appliances, decor and dishes.

kitchen storage ideas
These kitchen storage ideas are made from different types of wood materials

Image via: Deozilla

4. Need Help with Pantry Organization?

Can’t seem to keep your pantry organized? Here’s a few tricks. Try using baskets to separate smaller items and tiered shelving for spices and condiments. Personalize baskets with chalkboard signs or with a label maker. This will help everyone in the family know where to get and put back kitchen items.

5. Pantry Shelving Can Add More Vertical Space:

If your kitchen includes a pantry, lucky you! Pantries are a great way to store food items, bake ware, dishes and more in a vertical fashion. Most pantries have a door to close off this area from the rest of your kitchen – while many homeowners opt to take off the door and display unique organization. This gorgeous pantry from Homebunch is surrounded by decorative shelving for unique cake stands and pretty white dishes.

Kitchen Pantry ideas
Kitchen pantries offer the opportunity to be organized or not!

Image via: Homebunch

6. Don’t Forget about Walk in Closet Organization:

If you have a spare closet or walk in pantry consider giving it a multi-functional use for storing kitchen items and for hanging up pots and pans on a pegboard or hang your favorite aprons on wall hooks. We often forget that walk in closet storage can do double duty to relieve an overcrowded cabinet out in the main kitchen.

7. Multifunctional Metal Shelving Ideas:

Who says metal shelving is only for the garage or for an industrial kitchen? Metal shelving is making its way into residential kitchens for open storage that is practical yet gives a professional culinary touch to any kitchen. Consider using a series of metal shelving units against a bare wall or inside of a large panty to gain more vertical storage.

metal shelving kitchen ideas
Metal shelving isn’t just for commercial kitchens and garages

Image via: BHG

8. Creative Kitchen Island Storage:

Don’t forget your kitchen island can store dishes, appliances, and decor just like your open shelves and cabinetry. Decide if you have decorative cookbooks, or heirloom dishes to display. Many kitchen cabinetry manufacturers can custom make display units along with storage areas

9. Give your Kitchen a Facelift with Open Storage Cabinets:

Does your kitchen cabinets need a facelift? Consider removing the doors to expose just the cabinetry boxes in your kitchen. Open storage cabinets have become popular and can be stained a different color or painted to match your kitchen’s color palette.  These cabinets from Apartment Therapy look like reclaimed wood to bring a rustic flair to the kitchen storage.

open shelving kitchen ideas
Ordinary cabinetry can get a facelift by removing the doors!

Image via: Apartment Therapy

10. Use a Variety of Storage Options:

While kitchen shelving is essential don’t forget creative storage options such as pullout cabinet organizers to make the most of your storage options. Kitchen designers can customize storage options for your home, or look to your favorite design blogs and magazines for inspiration!

Kitchen pullout shelving
Kitchen pullout shelving ideas can be customized in your kitchen

Image via: This Old House

Take these kitchen shelving tips into your home and see how much they improve your productivity as well as get you organized and ready for cooking. Whether you display your dishes as part of your decor or for functionality these 10 kitchen shelving tips will be essential.