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Tips to Resurface Driveway

When driveways start to lose their luster or are nearing the end of their lifespan, a lot of owners will consider the option of having their driveway resurfaced to cut costs. There are some cases when a good resurfacing job will do the trick. But in some other cases, you’ll have no choice but to have the whole driveway redone. So, how do you know when it’s better to replace or resurface your driveway?

How Resurfacing Works

Before you make your decision, you have to first understand how driveway resurfacing works to know if it’s right for your driveway. When a contractor comes over to resurface your driveway, they will remove the top layer first, which will be replaced by a fresh new one. If your asphalt pavement foundation is still in good condition, you could delay replacement for a good number of years with resurfacing. However, this is all dependent on whether you’re working with a good contractor.

Divots, potholes, and cracks will need to be fixed before resurfacing. Your new asphalt surface will only be as good as the asphalt below and working on a poor surface will eventually show up on the surface.

Asphalt Replacement

In case the damage on your driveway has reached the point of no return, most contractors will advise that you have the asphalt replaced. Even if resurfacing may seem like an affordable quick fix for now, constantly resurfacing will eventually cost much more than having the whole thing replaced. If your driveway is nearing 20-years-old, you should also consider replacement since it has probably already exceeded its lifespan.

What is the Best Option for Me?

It really all depends on the level of damage the driveway has sustained. If less than 30% of the asphalt needs repair, then you might be able to get away with resurfacing. The foundation also has to be in great condition in order for resurfacing to work long term. If there are any cracks, you should make sure that they are shallow and no wider than a quarter inch. Pavements that are under 20-years-old and have all those characteristics will usually be able to be fixed with a resurfacing job.

On the other hand, if more than a third of your driveway is in dire need of repairs, then replacement is usually a sounder choice. This is also the case if the foundation is unstable. If there are many large cracks and deep potholes, resurfacing usually won’t be enough either. Don’t cut corners and try to buy time by resurfacing and patching. Having the asphalt replaced now will allow you to have peace of mind for decades if you take care of it carefully, so take that into consideration before making any choice.


Your driveway is an important investment and one of the first things people notice when they get to your house. Make sure that you make a sound decision that will not only fix immediate problems but reduce costs in the long run.

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Honestly, you don’t need advanced kitchen appliances to have a fully functioning kitchen. In fact, plenty of people get along just fine with only a microwave to heat up their frozen dinners. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t outfit your kitchen with the best tools and equipment you can find — it just means your kitchen probably doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that kitchen designers, appliance makers and others try to sell you.

Best Kitchen Appliances

But how do you know what you don’t need? It doesn’t hurt to review the best of the best Smart kitchen appliances out there — and it doesn’t hurt to buy a few of them if they truly will improve the functionality and appearance of your kitchen and home.

Bread Machine

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Your oven can make bread, so why would you need a dedicated bread machine? As it turns out, bread has multiple steps and can take hours of hands-on time to prepare — which is why many people outsource it to their bread machines.

The best bread machines on the market transform bread and yeast into masterpieces. Top models mix, knead, prove and bake the dough, and they have programmable settings for different types of bread. If you can’t go a day without a fresh loaf, you might need to invest in one of these best kitchen gadgets.

Rice Cooker

rice cooker applianceImage Source: Flickr

Rice can be the most infuriating part of any meal, mostly because it can be a mystery how it cooks. Some types of rice are ready in a few minutes while others need to stew for an hour or more to become more than al-dente. You’ll need to devote prime stovetop real estate to cook rice that long, and at the end you’ll need to scrub the rice pot.

However, you can avoid all the headaches and heartaches of cooking rice when you have a rice cooker. The rice cooker is one of the must have kitchen appliances because they have the exact right settings for different types of rice; they make getting whole grain into your meal incredibly easy.

Ice Maker

Ice MakerImage Source: Flickr

Americans go wild for ice; we put more of it in more of our beverages than any other nation — and that’s due to the long and profitable history of ice in North America. While most American households have a freezer that can produce ice, that ice typically isn’t the best quality or quantitative enough to sate Americans’ needs.

If you love ice and can’t get enough, you might want to invest in a dedicated ice maker. These top kitchen appliances come in many styles, from portable and countertop to undercounter to major commercial appliances, and the best are programmable, so you can achieve the exact size and texture of ice that you crave.

Wine Cooler

Wine CoolerImage Source: Flickr

Every educated wine drinker knows that their vintages need to be stored in a precise environment to retain the delicate flavors created by their vintners. The best wine coolers not only chill wine but also manage humidity, light, air purity. This is required to keep the bottles in pristine condition. If you enjoy wine for more than just the antibodies, you need a high-quality wine cooler to keep your flavors safe.

Beer Dispenser

Beer DispenserImage Source: Flickr

Finally, beer aficionados have the opportunity to sample high-quality brews, like wine lovers have done for centuries. While most craft beer comes in bottles, beer fans agree that the flavors are best straight from the draught. Fortunately, you don’t need to journey to your favorite brewery anymore. Especially, if you have a beer dispenser in your kitchen. Also called kegerators, they make it easy to tap a keg of beer — and keep it in good condition. The best beer dispensers chill kegs to the perfect drinking temp and allow for the perfect pour, which is what you might need if you only drink beer the right way.

Warming Drawer

warming drawerImage Source: Flickr

There is little more frustrating than preparing a meal and having different elements be ready at vastly different times. You don’t want to serve ice-cold mashed potatoes  — and for that reason, you need a warming drawer. Warming drawers keep food warm, so you don’t need to stress about coordinating your cooking schedule perfectly. Often, warming drawers are part of an advanced oven, so you might need to upgrade larger appliances to gain access.

There are so many things you don’t need in your kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them or won’t take advantage of them. Whether you are redoing your kitchen or looking for ways to upgrade cooking skills, these appliances might be for you.

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The new year is here and if you’re like many people, your lawn is just about the last thing on your mind. The weather is anywhere from nippy to downright freezing, and your landscaping may be covered in snow.

Seasonal Lawn Care Guide

You’re probably thinking that there’s nothing do about your yard but stay by the fire and look through catalogs of the flowers you can plant in spring. But if you’re looking forward to a lush garden and carpet of grass bursting forth after winter is gone, there are a few things you can do now to help it along. Here’s a guide to taking care of your lawn all through the year.


If you’re in a climate zone where winter brings bitter temperatures and snow, enjoy the respite from lawn care. You’ve got enough to do with shoveling paths and staying warm. But do stay off the lawn and certainly don’t drive or park on it on it because even heavy foot traffic on snow-covered grass is going to lead to compaction of soil and roots that will restrict grass from growing later.

In more moderate climate zones, cut down your watering schedule since there are fewer hours of daylight and usually some precipitation. If you don’t have “smart” irrigation controls, remember to adjust sprinkler timers and be aware of weather forecasts, so you’re not wasting water when it’s going to rain.

Whatever the weather, you can spend some time getting your tools ready for spring. Scrub off old dirt, remove rust, lubricate pivot points and sharpen blades on hand tools and your mower.


This is when your lawn needs the most care, and doing these jobs will help to guarantee a beautiful lawn through the summer.

  • Rake energetically to remove surface leaves, dead grass, thatch and debris.
  • Aerate the soil to open up your lawn to receive nutrients and adequate hydration.
  • Test and correct the pH. Grass does best in neutral pH, so adjust soil that’s too acidic or alkaline.
  • Pre-treat for weeds. You’ll be glad you stopped them before they started.
  • Fertilize to give your grass a vigorous root system and the energy for a long growing period.
  • Overseed if you’ve got a cool season grass like bluegrass or turf-type tall fescue, but then don’t pre-treat for crabgrass and weeds because the products that stop those seeds from germinating will stop the grass seed, too. You can read more about overseeding your lawn on the list for Fall.


When the weather is hot, the most important things are watering and some light maintenance.

  • Water in the morning after the dew has dried; having the lawn continuously wet can encourage certain fungal diseases. Water deeply rather than frequently, making sure your lawn gets an inch of water each week.
  • Mow regularly, cutting only one-third of the grass blade height each time. The higher the grass, the deeper the roots are, and the more moisture they retain. Leave the clippings as mulch and to shield the soil from sun that will dry it out.
  • Control weeds by hand-pulling annual, shallow-rooted weeds and doing spot treatments on hardier ones.


After summer weather subsides, these are the jobs that will prepare your lawn for winter and regrowth in spring.

  • Overseed in early fall after the stressful heat of summer has ebbed. This entails sowing the seed over your entire lawn, not just the areas that are bare or thinning. The process will improve the density of the lawn, revive its color and improve its overall health, making it stronger and more able to fend off weeds.
  • Fertilize again now if your turf is on a twice-a-year schedule and you fertilized in the spring. The grass will benefit from the extra nutrition as it gets ready to go dormant for the winter.
  • Pre-emergent weed control may also be a good idea, depending upon where you live. Weeds may not sprout until early spring, but perennial varieties will be actively growing roots and storing up energy for their reemergence.
  • Mow until the grass goes dormant, and then store your mower until spring.
  • Clean up by raking weeds and debris, and remove lawn furniture, so it doesn’t compress the ground and welcome pests and disease.

For more useful information, check The Lawn Institute for tips to keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

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Every modern house, or even some traditional houses, normally have a fully-functioning water heating system available for use in their bathrooms. Think of a life that you never have to worry about having heated water at your disposal, any time and any day. Having pre-heated water available for your shower is now part of our everyday lives, no question! It’s almost a no-brainer to have this staple device in your bathroom. Right now, there are two available water heating systems in the market: 1) Traditional Water Heating Systems and 2) Tankless Water Heating Systems.

Though these systems may differ in form and function, they still achieve the end goal of being able to use heated water for different uses, such as shower, laundry, and cleaning. They would obviously have different advantages and disadvantages concerning cost, space, utility, and lifespan. But, of course, these appliances would cost a bit of money, and they would be a major investment for your household, which is why it’s highly recommended that you acquire this water heater right away for your household. Since it does cost a bit, Maxlend bad credit installment loans would be able to help you.Every modern house, or even some traditional houses, normally have a fully-functioning water heating system available for use in their bathrooms. Think of a life that you never have to worry about having heated water at your disposal, any time and any day. Having pre-heated water available for your shower is now part of our everyday lives, no question! It’s almost a no-brainer to have this staple device in your bathroom. Right now, there are two available water heating systems in the market: 1) Traditional Water Heating Systems and 2) Tankless Water Heating Systems. Though these systems may differ in form and function, they still achieve the end goal of being able to use heated water for different uses, such as shower, laundry, and cleaning. They would obviously have different advantages and disadvantages concerning cost, space, utility and lifespan. But, of course, these appliances would cost a bit of money, and they would be a major investment for your household, which is why it’s highly recommended that you acquire this water heater right away for your household. Since it does cost a bit, Maxlend bad credit installment loans would be able to help you.

A traditional water heater pre-heats and stores the heated water in a tank – a regular tank would usually hold about thirty 30 to 50 gallons of water. This preheated water is available at your use and disposal for whatever use that you may desire, for showering, laundry, cleaning, etc. The tank then refills to be reheated once again for the next use. On the other hand, a tankless water heater which, by the name, uses no tank to hold the water, unlike the traditional water heater, uses a heat source, whether electric or gas, to heat up cool water on-demand, right when you need it. Think of it as water passing through a “hot filter” to produce heated water in an instant!

As the traditional water heater’s system differs from the system of the tankless water system, they also differ in their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Price / Initial Cost – A traditional water heater system installation can go as low as half of the price of the tankless water heater system installation.
  2. Utility Cost – A traditional water heater system heats and reheats at the pre-set temperature constantly, 24/7, unless turned off. During the cold season, the traditional water heater system spends more energy to maintain the pre-set temperature of the water. The tankless water heater systems are about 30% more energy efficient than the former. This is on the average household.
  3. Space – A traditional water heater system, with its tank that hold thirty to forty gallons of water, takes up a lot more space than the tankless water heater system.
  4. Available Supply for Disposal – Since the traditional water heater system has to pre-heat the water before it is available for disposal, when there are a number of consumers using the heated water from the tank, it is highly possible that the pre-heated water can run out, unlike the tankless water heater system that technically can’t run into this problem because it heats and delivers heated water on demand, in an instant.
  5. Life Span – On the average, the traditional water heater system lasts 10-15 years. This means that there would be more turnovers, and so they have to be replaced more often than a tankless water heater, whose lifespan on the average is 20 plus years. But almost certainly, it also depends on wear and tear and care of the appliance. Ultimately, it is how you care for your appliances that would define its lifespan.

In a modern home in this day and age, it is essential for the household to have a reliable water heater system. Not only is it an important asset, but it is also a price-point inflator for a house for sale. Certainly, there are a lot of different designs from different producers to cater to the aesthetic needs of the household. Celebrity homemaker, Martha Stewart, writes on the importance of saving household energy, that’s why an efficient water heater system in a household can be a selling point for the household as well.

It’s great to have an elegant, well designed home that will impress all who see it, but it’s even more important to have a secure home. Within your home are the possessions you’ve worked hard for, and the people you love, so it makes sense to install tough locking systems as well as other home security installations such as CCTV cameras and intruder alarms. With a rising crime rate, your garden is under threat too, and that can act as an initial gateway to the home itself. That’s why making your garden more secure can increase the safety of your property as a whole, and with these three easy steps it can be easy to achieve.

Durable Fencing

durable fencingImage Source: Pexels

An open garden environment allows people to not only see what’s within it, but also to get close to your home, and this can be turned to an advantage by criminals looking to ‘case’ your property and determine whether or not it’s worth breaking into. A tall and high-quality fence can make it much harder for thieves to access your garden, but for it to be effective it must be strong and durable. The good news is that modern technology has resulted in highly durable fencing that’s more affordable than ever before. Made of vinyl or metals including aluminum and iron, they won’t rot and require minimal maintenance, meaning that they’ll help to protect your property for year after year. They also come in a variety of styles and colors, so they can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden too.

Secure Garages

secure garagesImage Source: Flickr

A typical garage contains a lot of valuable items, from a family car to expensive tools and other electrical items. They are also typically less secure than homes, which is why they are a prime target for opportune thieves. For that reason, you should always invest in the most secure locking system for your garage that you can afford, rather than relying solely on the lock supplied by the manufacturer. A combined lock and padlock system can be especially effective, and a CCTV camera attached to the garage itself can also be an effective deterrent.

Garden Lighting

garden lightingImage Source: Maxpixel

Criminals and burglars love to operate under the cover of darkness, so installing automated garden lighting can see them turn away and look for an easier target in the neighborhood. Security lighting fitted with motion sensors will switch on whenever somebody walks by, and it can be set so that it only operates during night time hours. Security lighting is also a highly popular choice for commercial premises, but home and garden-based solutions can be less costly than you imagine.

Adding high quality fencing made of durable new materials, improving the security of your garage and installing garden lighting linked to sensors can make the outside of your home much more secure than it was before. That can save you the time, disruption, and costs associated with a garden burglary and vandalism and it can also provide that important commodity that money can’t buy: peace of mind. When you’re thinking about home security, remember to consider your garden and out buildings too.

While contemplating about constructing a new house or remodeling the existing one or even remodeling the kitchen, the design of the front door can be more important than what we rate it normally. The impressive design of the front door not only depicts the aesthetic taste of the owner but also leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors. This impression reminds them the house and, hence, improves the frequency of mutual interaction. Endless options regarding the main door designs are available and only your imagination can restrict or converge them to a single choice. Oak bifold doors, for example, are getting more and more popular nowadays. Here is given a brief description of five top ranking main wooden door designs to help you choose the best option for your home.

1. Usually, the modern front door ideas range from solid, decorative, flush, wpc doors, oak bifold doors to the latest glass paneled designs. This range helps you narrow down on the best one of your choice. Nowadays, a solid single-paneled wooden door with an extra glass panel along one side of it is getting an increasingly popular choice for installation at entryways. It has a lined pattern carved in solid brown wood and outframed by a white boarder which displays a very appealing look when combines with the immovable glass panel. This modern design makes the entryway look hospitable to your guests and confers a touch of artful attraction to your exteriors.

modern front doorImage Source: Wikimedia

2. Without any exuberant patterns or decorations, a flush door like this bears a simple yet elegant and refined design. It is made of natural materials and possesses a great flavour for a verdant entryway display. Its impressive simplicity captures your heart and makes your neighbour feel jealous of your front door whenever he catches its sight. The phenomenal cuttings, curves and patterns on the solid wood give a unique underlying charm to the serene beauty of this door. This very design is always most-welcome worldwide, for it complies with all sorts of human tastes.

3. Wooden doors with glass panels are replacing the existing double door design rapidly throughout the world. So, a standard sized wooden door with a glass side panel is the latest trend worldwide. It not only looks extraordinary appealing but also allows more light into the entryway. It also saves you money on having to buy a larger or double front door. Thanks to the glass fitted wooden panel, the entrance of the home appears more capacious. In such designs, frosted glass is used to diffuse the light that obscures what goes on outside and inside. Glassy side panels add privacy and convenience. The inmates can see out but those outside cannot see inside.

wooden doors with glass panels.pngImage Source: Pngimg

4. One of the most impressive and consolidated wooden double doors is that of solid wood like Diyar, Oak, etc. Though it is quite simple yet absolutely attractive and charming. Solid wood like Diyar or Oak is undoubtedly a matchless material which has kept its entity over the centuries no matter how many more modern stuffs have been introduced to the market. The designs carved in solid wood have their own clientage range and these customers never compromise with anything else. Main wooden double doors like oak bifold doors leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the guests and the passers-by.

5. Wooden main doors like this one may take either of the two options; these may be hinged or sliding as per taste or facility of the owner. This type of design always looks eye catching and facilitates an easy attractive transition between the two environments, indoor and outdoor. This design also paves a good way for comprehensive day light while adding a bit of rustic flavour and distinctive style due to its perfectly aligned vertical lines. In the end, it also reflects one’s superior personal taste.

Hence, these are the best available designs available in the market.

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