Mariah Loeber


Are you starting to update your kitchen? Maybe you have nearly everything planned out, but you’re not sure about the finishing touches. You have to think about everything, and the outside appearance is the first priority when it comes to design. However, that doesn’t mean that other choices that go into the finishing touches of your kitchen should be ignored. In fact, it’s the little choices that might make or break the entire design of your kitchen.

Timber Decking

Timber decking is some of the most popular decking in the UK. However, this decking is, unfortunately, prone to wear and tear in the winter months. Because of the weather, your decking could offer from being discolouration, or down-right damaged in some cases. That being said, this is preventable as long as you take the right steps. Here are some tips from Arbordeck, specialists in non-slip timber decking boards.

Fertiliser Compost

Are you new to gardening? If so, you may not have known that there’s a difference between compost and fertiliser. There is a difference, and there are different and great benefits to both items. But what do fertilisers and composts do? And should you use both of them, or just one or the other? In this article, Compost Direct, a compost and topsoil specialist, will help you to understand these items and just how to use them correctly to benefit your garden the most.


Organize-Your-BookshelvesImage Source: Flickr

For all us book-lovers out there, sometimes we can have far too many books, and sometimes they can take over our lives a little bit. With just piles and piles of books everywhere, and we just don’t know how to organize them! It can become kind of a mess! Unfortunately, that will just not do, and we have to do something. But where do we even start? Here are four suggestions on how to organize your bookshelves so that you can find everything again.