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Class, comfort, intimacy…the ideal blend of features that any bedroom should possess. And yes, soothing colours and enough storage space for all your valuable pieces of clothing to be safely stored and organized. Since trends come and go, you need to stay true to what you love in a room. Your bedroom should tell the story of who you are while being a collection of what you love. The design scheme, the size of the bed, the choice of nightstands and the chest of drawers – make sure all of them are combined in a way to give your room that dose of personality you so long for.

Although some interior designers recommend mixing up different styles of furniture pieces in order to create an interesting atmosphere in the bedroom, there’s great comfort in knowing that all your elements match. So yes, buying bedroom suits for the sake of simplicity and peace of mind is the way to go.

What does a bedroom suite contain? Basically, everything you’d need in a room – a bed, a chest of drawers and two nightstands. Let’s go through all of them separately and see what’s preferable in each piece of furniture to help you design your oasis easier. If you’re on a limited budget, no worries, there are a variety of affordable bedroom suites online that can bring the ambiance in your room to a superior level.

The Majesty of the Bed

Purchasing a bed that looks quite modern and appealing to the eye will be in vain if it’s not functional and doesn’t offer you the needed support and level of comfort. I’m assuming you’d like for your room to be as individual as you are. For that reason, choose a bed that can serve as a beautiful centrepiece of the room, enabling you to have a good night’s sleep. Go for something with a durable bed frame that will withstand the test of time.

If you’re aiming for a more classic look, go for a four-post bed. A bed with a footboard and a headboard on the other hand, can look contemporary, rustic or anything in between. Plus, you also need to pay attention to the functional aspects such as the length, height, width as well as storage capacity. Here’s a great tip: identify your nice-to-haves and must-haves, and go for a bed that you can wake up in feeling fresh and well rested. Sleep tight in style.

Matching Nightstands

There is no interior design rule claiming that your nightstands have to match in colour and style. However, it’s always more appealing to the eye when they are the same, as that way they do not divert the attention from the bed you so carefully chose. As a matter of fact, they should complement it. For that reason, choose nightstands that are the same height as the mattress, or just a few centimetres higher. They won’t be practical if they’re lower than that. Keep your own personal needs in mind at all times. If you need a lot of stuff right next to you when you go to bed, look for bed side tables with drawers. These are quite functional pieces of furniture that can fit all your belongings right within arm’s reach.

The Much Needed Chest of Drawers

Store your loveys that you paid a fortune for in a high-quality and durable chest of drawers. Organization is the key to success, thus, having everything well organized and in place so that you don’t have to spend precious minutes in the morning looking for pieces of clothing you cannot seem to find anywhere. Choose a chest of drawers according to your needs. If you need more storage space, go for one with a couple of drawers, or, get two of them in the same style.

To sum up, designing your bedroom with high-quality pieces is crucial. After all, you deserve love in a room where you feel ultimately yourself. But besides looking for bedroom suites online to complement your room, never ever overlook the power of carefully chosen details. Subtle, small details such as lamps, frameworks, vases and rugs, can contribute to the soothing effect you’re after in the first place. Give your bedroom a stylish boost and enjoy the positive vibes.

The exterior of your house is the first thing any guest would notice. The best way to enhance the outer view of your house is to give your Porch or Patio a striking look. I believe you know that Porch and Patio are two different parts of your home. A porch is a part of the home that always has a door leading inside the house, whereas a patio is often designed next to the house structure and is usually made on a paved or a hard surface. Since everyone has their own taste when it comes to designing their houses, we are going to provide six unique Patio and Porch decorating ideas, which you can implement on your house to increase its value and make it standout among the other houses in the neighborhood.

Porch Decorating Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

Screened in Porch

A screened in Porch is covered by a glass to prevent bugs or insects entering your private cozy area. To give a distinct antique design to your house, paint your floor red or grey, add a stone fireplace and a similar stone colored rug, and top it off with a long cozy couch. A pair of wooden chairs and a table would also be nice to enjoy your evening coffee in a warm comfortable environment.

Porch Decorating Ideas

Old hickory two hoop chairs would look amazing too!

Image via: Country Living

Decorate with Flowers

Don’t have a huge budget? Not a problem! A simple open-style porch decorated with flowers would really make your evening sit outs relaxing. A combination of plants and flowers pots hanging from the roof or placed on the table or even on the railing is one of the cheapest porch decorating ideas. Make sure to use flowers of different colors for a vibrant look.

Decorate with Flowers

Paint the wall too with a bright color for a livelier atmosphere

Image Credit Flickr

House by the Beach

If you live near the beach and have a stunning view of the ocean from your house, then design your porch by painting it with natural colors. A sky blue roof with white pillars and a light grey floor will look absolutely stunning. The key is to use light colors on everything from chairs to windows and doors. Make sure not to install an extra shade and allow natural light to illuminate your exquisite porch.

House by the Beach

Co-ordinate colors with doors, windows and chairs for a distinct look

Image via: hgtv

Add a bar counter to your porch

For people who have friends visiting often, wouldn’t it be more convenient to have an opening from the kitchen to your porch? A trouble-free way to install a window is to use a glass garage door and install a granite countertop. Rest you can add chairs and a regular table to your porch and enjoy a sit out with your mates.

Porch Bar

One of the best porch decorating ideas to serve your guests conveniently

Image via: BHG

Keep it Simple!

By simple we mean elegant! It’s not necessary to buy a fancy showpiece or an expensive sofa set, even the right paint combination can give your porch a gorgeous look. A sober combination of wooden flooring with wooden roof and chairs would look fabulous. Add in a hanging couch for yours kids and they won’t feel like going back to their room again.

Keep it Simple

Experiment with other sober paint combinations to match your mood and style.

Image via: Pixabay

Transform Porch to a Dining Room

Save the space consumed by your dining room and move the furniture to the porch area to upscale your dining experience. No need to cover the porch with glass, just use solid colored curtains and install dim lighting to elevate the mood.

Dining Room Porch

Scandinavian furniture would look best with marble floor and white colored curtains

Image via:

Patio Decorating Ideas

Fireplace and Nature combination

A fireplace looks extravagant whether it’s inside the house, in the porch or in your patio. For a modish look, use wooden seats and a table and place flower pots and plants around the sides. Make sure to use dark colored furniture for a classic ambience. This is one of the most popular patio decorating ideas implemented around the world.


Use fancy flower pots and place them around the sides or on top of fireplace.

Image via: Door.kitchencandid

Sticking to One Color

Choosing a monochromatic theme gives a fresh and appealing look not only to the patio but to the whole house. Choose white colored seats and a round table, plus you can also add extras such as an umbrella for a more polished look. The floor and the door can be painted in grey to match the overall paint scheme. This is one of the best patio decorating ideas which can be accomplished in a low budget.

White Porch Design

White colored tables and chairs are easily available at a low price

Image via: Realsimple

Tropical Style Patio

Give your patio a tropical touch by opting for multi-colored furniture and retro styled hanging art pieces. Buy a red or yellow colored round table with green plastic chairs and add artificial hanging plants to give it final touches.

Tropical Style Patio

You can also place fruit basket on the table filled with cherries, bananas and different colored fruits

Image via: Realsimple

Outdoor Lunch Setup

What could be better than utilizing your outdoor space for dining purposes? If you have a garden in the house, this set-up is extremely straightforward, as it only requires a dining table and chairs. Make sure to buy dark solid colored table and chairs for a sophisticated look. You can even plan a family engagement ceremony in your garden and have an outdoor lunch or dinner at the patio.


Surround the table with flower pots and greenery for a finest dining experience ever

Image via: Safarimp

Chinese Inspired Setup

The markets are filled with Chinese lanterns and contemporary ming chairs and table, which can beautify your patio and provide a comfortable chilling spot. Experiment with various colors such as purple, red and orange for a more vibrant feel. The flooring can be either wooden or paved.

Chinese Inspired Setup

This is one of the easiest to setup patio decorating ideas and is also an inexpensive way to decorate your house.

Image via: Realsimple

Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Buy a huge couch with lots of comfortable pillows and place it in your patio; you won’t feel an urge to go indoors at all. The outdoor lounge design can be pulled off with just a couch and a table to keep your magazine or coffee cup. For final touches, you can also add flower pots or place a vase on the table. Dim lighting on the sides will also look wonderful during the night hours.

Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Use light colored sofas and tables for an elegant look

Image via: Safarimp

When done right, kitchen remodeling tips can help add style and flair to the best room in the house! Take a look at some of our kitchen remodeling tips and steal some of them to personalize your kitchen. These kitchen remodeling tips are perfect for any inexpensive home remodeling project.

14 Magnificent Kitchen Remodeling Tips

1. Create An Eye-Catching Dish Gallery

Kitchen Remodeling TipsImage via: Country Living

If you have a bare kitchen wall, use it as a dish display case. Just install the dowels, add some wood shelves and you have simple and inexpensive kitchen decor. Paint the wood shelves to match with your wall for some added pizzazz and display your best crockery.

2. Add Metal Shelves For More Space and Style

Kitchen Metal ShelvesImage via: BHG

Metal shelving is a regular feature of professional and industrial kitchens. But home kitchens looking for vertical storage can easily add a series of metal shelving units without extensively remodeling the kitchens. Adding metal shelves is considered to be one of the important kitchen remodeling tips.

3. Explore Different Storage Options

Storage OptionsImage via: This Old House

When it comes to kitchen remodeling and decorations, shelves aren’t your only choice. There are a variety of customizable storage options like the pullout organizer storage you see here.

4. Add New Lighting For Less

Add-As-Much-Light-As-PossibImage via Flickr

A good kitchen deserves some amazing lights. If you can’t afford to buy them, update your existing pendant lights with a bit of DIY magic. The light above has been decorated with clothespins to add a bit of character to the room.

5. Bring Cohesion with a color Theme

White Kitchen Color Scheme Blue Glass Tile Backsplash IdeasImage via

Here is a magnificent New York kitchen that looks like a million bucks despite the tiny space. A chic silvery-blue wallpaper adds a surprising excitement to the kitchen. The open window and natural light helps as well. Include it in your perfect kitchen remodeling tips.

6. Add As Much Light As Possible

Bright KithcenImage Credit Flickr

Overhead lighting, LED lights and natural light should be pouring into the kitchen. Just make sure that all of it falls in front of you. For this purpose, under-cabinet lighting is best, these are indeed useful and effective kitchen remodeling tips.

7. When All Else Fails Go Neutral

Grey KitchenImage: Flickr

This is one of our secret kitchen remodeling tips. A white kitchen is always en vogue. However, if it requires high-maintenance, then go for gray. The sleek and sophisticated color palette here is complemented by a pop of white. Grey kitchens do really well in sunny and hot climates.

8. Hidden Outlets

Hidden PlugImage Via:

Got all your recipes saved on the iPad? Read them and charge your tablet in the kitchen conveniently with these well-placed electrical outlets. Adding more outlets is an important part of any kitchen remodeling project and rightfully so.

9. Rethink Your Fridge

FridgeImage via U-Line

Customize your fridge and integrate it into the existing décor of your kitchen. Those huge, hulking units are soon to become a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can easily add cooling to your kitchen cabinets as and when you need them.

10. Diagonal Utensil Dividers

Kitcehn Spoon DrawVia

Spoon storage may not sound like much, but it is a huge issue for anyone who uses their kitchen as it’s meant to be used. This clever drawer design idea solves the problem. The strategically angled space lets you fit even the tallest and bulkiest of tools into the drawer easily.

11. Drop the Walls for A Bigger Space

Kitchen Living RoomImage via

For most small kitchen users, the problem isn’t the lack of storage space. To them, the kitchen feels suffocating and all the cabinets may be just too overpowered, giving a claustrophobic feel. To manage this issue, it is a good idea to bring the kitchen into the living room by adding a window where the wall was.

12. Add Some Retro Charm To Kitchen

Retro KitcehnImage via This Old House

This simple yet elegant kitchen got a stylish makeover by retaining the retro details such as the cabinet designs. The upgrade came in the form of surface updates, lending an air of 60s sophistication to the kitchen. The owners saved quite a lot of cash on kitchen remodeling without compromising on the design aesthetics.

13. Makeover The Floors For Less

Carpet FloorImage courtesy Pixabay

Here’s one of our best kitchen remodeling tips. Instead of retiling and re-flooring the entire home, it is easier and more affordable to just disguise old floors with carpet squares. These can not only be found cheap, but also save the trouble of tearing out and replacing old tiles. Carpet lined kitchen floors are also child friendly, as these add a cushion to the floor.

14. Line Your Cabinets With Fabric For A Gorgeous Focal Point

Cabinets With Fabric PaintImage via Pretty Handy Girl

This comes last to our kitchen remodeling tips. When giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paints, consider giving them a brand new design as well. Just buy a cheap fabric with a design that appeals to you, cover foam board pieces with said fabric and then just put it at the back of the cabinets. And voila… you have brand new, eye catching cabinets ready!

Dark interior and décor can add a great unique look to your home. The dark interior let the home owners to add their personal touch to the overall design instead of just painting walls with different colors. Some of the interior spaces displayed below have a mix of white and black wall combination. All the ideas showcase bold and effectively designed spaces. Given below are some ideas of dark themed homes to help you understand and implement a dark and stylish interior look to your home.

Dark Themed Homes Ideas

1. Compliment Black with Bold Colors

Dark Themed Homes

Image via

Black is a great choice for teenager’s room.  However, try and compliment it with an influx of bright colors, for instance a bright graphic pillow to avoid making your space too dark. Designer Windsor Smith turned her son’s interior black for a great look.

2. Experiment with Black Stripes


Image via

Addition of black and white stripes is a great way to mix up dark and bright space. Designer Mary McDonald has achieved an old Hollywood theme look by painting the walls white and black stripes, matching it with her furniture and draperies.

3. Give a Classic Look through Black & White

Black & White Kitchen Ideas_opt

Image via

Black & White adds a timeless look to a room, especially kitchens. Designer Stephen Shubel has given a classic and edgy steak in this kitchen to add her personal style. The black cabinets give an eternal look with silver swivel tools to add panache. White countertop, backsplash and accents are further adding an airy and spacy effect.

4. Create Open Space Look through Black

black carpets and walls in rooms

Image via

Adding black color to give a stretched look to a room. The black carpets and walls, has a limitless effect on everything placed inside a room.

5.Black for a Classy and Aggressive Look

Classy and Aggressive Look

Image via

Designer Carleton Varney has given a bold look to this Wisconsin lake cottage 1929. The walls of the foyer have black and white stripes complimented by a zebra print runner on stairs

6. Select a Plain Black Finish


Image via Houzz

Black kitchen cabinets give a simple yet sleek look. They are ideal for the display of an all-white collection.

7. Finish One Room Black

Black Room_opt

Image via Flat Interiors

Turn one space in your home black if it seems too audacious. This room in the Houston home is finished in black by Rob Southern, adding a strong style statement.

8. Black White Combo


Image via Decoist

The home uses a combo of black and white in addition to rich natural wood and clichéd leather. The vintage decors with the modern accessories are adding a unique personality to the entire space.

9. Innovative Clean Look

Innovative Clean Look_opt

Image via Behance

The home designed by Leqb Architecture gives an innovative, clean and neutral style look. Every house edge is placed to perfection for drawing attention to each element placed inside. Even though the dark colors are not adding a lively or fanciful look, but they exhibit a great sense of calmness in each room.

10. Neutral Look

Neutral LookImage via

This loft is softly done by Leqb Architecture compared to the space mentioned above. Concrete grey and light color upholstery in addition to light wood paneling adds a neutral look to a space. The bedroom is giving a warm and personal feeling for anyone choosing to sleep in it.

As you can see from the images posted above, turning the interior into dark themed homes exhibits a dramatic effect that is unparalleled and matched by another idea. Walls, doors, chalkboard walls and everything else in black or a bit in white can change the entire appearance of your interiors. Rooms with high ceilings and natural light are just perfect for black walls. However, small spaces look equally modern and elegant; if all the other elements are chosen in contrast to enhance the dark wall effects.